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Bring It On-Line: - September 21, 2016

Pat, do you think the recent Korean missile tests are a part of the End Times and a possible threat to the U.S.? What does it mean in Galatians 4:30 -- to "Cast out bondwoman and her son Read Transcript


WENDY GRIFFITH: Ready for Bring It On.

PAT ROBERTSON: Let's go for it.

All right.

Jerry says, Pat, do you think the recent Korean missile

tests are part of the end times and a possible threat

to the US?

PAT ROBERTSON: Well there's no question

it's a threat to the US.

I really believe-- I was in Korea.

I was in the Korean War.

I was with the 1st Marine Division.

We were in North Korea, a place called Heartbreak Ridge

in the Punchbowl.

It was cold up there.

But we stopped that engagement.

We could've put an end to it, but we

didn't because we didn't want to get the Chinese upset.

Well the time has come that we've got to do something.

This man's crazy, I mean this Kim Jong-un,

and this thing has gotten out of hand.

And they're a failed economy.

They're desperately poor.

They have a GDP that is less than probably

any one of the states in the United States.

But I think the time's going to come

that we're going to have to blast them out of there.

We've tried all kinds of negotiation.

We've given them all kinds of concessions.

And they take their money and then go back and export terror.

But you they ask is this part of the end times?

I don't know.

I mean, it's evidence that we're hurtling toward some kind

of a holocaust.

This would be a nuclear holocaust.

What is happening is the United States

and Russia have got enough weapons

to obliterate civilization.

I was watching a story about one of our nuclear submarines.

Holds 600 nuclear missiles, enough power

to obliterate most of civilization--

one of our submarines.

All right?


All right here's one from Janis.

What does it mean in Galatians 4:30

to cast out bondwoman and her son?

Well they're talking about Hagar.

I mean that doesn't mean your mother or your wife.

What they're talking about is Hagar and Ishmael.

And the idea was the son of the bondwoman

wouldn't inherit with the son of promise, who was Isaiah.

And so that's what he's talking about, OK?

WENDY GRIFFITH: Yeah, exactly.

All right.

Well Julie writes, I believe in God with all my heart and soul.

I'm a member of "The 700 Club" and a couple

of other ministries that I enjoy.

Is this considered tithing as well?

I just don't feel led to commit to a church.

I enjoy staying close to home and doing

a lot of reading and listening to the word by TV or CDs.

What do you think?

Well it's a debate as to what is God's storehouse

and so forth.

I think the worldwide church of God,

including the missionary work, the schools,

and all these things, they're all part of God's kingdom

and I think a tithe to a ministry that

is serving you and serving others is appropriate.

I don't think just because you've

signed a deal with the local church

that they have absolute claim on you also.

But a lot of preachers disagree because they want to say,

well, we, the church, is the storehouse

and we should get the money.

Well, I think the overall church of Jesus Christ

should receive the tithes and offerings from you.

I think where you're getting fed.

I mean, it kind of makes sense, kind of common sense, right?

Well that was the idea that Melchizedek came out

and he blessed Abraham, and Abraham gave him a tithe.

So the Old Testament model was that you give

a tithe where you're blessed.

That's what you just said.

OK, is that all right?

That works for me.

All right.

It works for me.

What's next?

All right, Naliyah-- hope I'm saying that right-- she says,

Pat, I've never spoken in tongues when I was awake,

but the other night I found out I was speaking

in tongues while I was asleep.

What does that mean?

Well, that means that you've been filled

with the Holy Spirit and that's an expression

of the Holy Spirit, so rejoice.

And it means that when you're awake,

you can do the same thing.

All right?

That's exciting.

Yeah, the brain gets in the way sometimes.

All right, Scott says, Pat, I have

a friend whom is married yet hangs out with this single lady

all the time, leaving some of us thinking that something

must be going on between them.

He's been coming to Bible study with me for years now

and is constantly asking me to pray for his wife's salvation.

This leaves me feeling awkward because if I

was his wife in this situation, I

don't think I would want to be a Christian either

if this is how Christian men can act toward their wives.

Well he probably thinks, I'm not committing adultery

because I'm not having any physical relations

with this woman.

But there's obviously a spiritual bond

that has developed, and in a sense

he is giving himself to her spiritually.

Maybe his wife is not sharing in his spiritual journey

or his spiritual experience, but that kind of thing

shouldn't be.

I mean, it's just really hard for married people

to be in the presence of single women, and this is the case.

She's looking for love and he's looking for love.

And they're getting together and you say, is that right?

No, it's not.

I'm sorry.

We leave you with today's Power Minute from Matthew.

And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing,

you will receive.


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