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For King and Country Takes a Stand Against Human Trafficking

Grammy-winning band For King and Country discusses their new movie and book Priceless, which reminds women of their worth and shines a light into the dark world of human trafficking. Read Transcript

They've been called Australia's answer to Coldplay,

the Grammy winning duo for KING and COUNTRY

have already made a name for themselves

in the world of music.

And now, brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone

have a new book out and a movie that opens in theaters October

the 14th.

The title is "Priceless", and it stars Joel Smallbone.

Take a look.

We're all on a journey, but it seems somewhere along the way,

I took a wrong turn.



And then it happened, and I never even saw it coming.

Did I fail them?


Did I do what needed to be done?

Hey, the girls, where are you taking them?

It's not your problem.

If you're hearing a little voice that's

telling you to stay, then you might

want to listen to that voice.

I want to shut this thing down.


How could you just leave us?

You have to trust me.

That word is broken for you.

I'm going to make this right.

Well, please welcome back to the 700

Club, for KING and COUNTRY, Joel and Luke Smallbone.

It's good to have you here with us.

It's good to see you again.

Third time.

That's right.

Third time is the charm as they say.


Third time, three projects, right?


Let's talk about some of that.

First of all, for people-- I can't imagine

who they might be-- but who haven't heard your music

or known of you at all, you come from a musical family.

I mean, this isn't like you just decided one day, hey, let's

start a band or something.

You really grew up with this.

I was actually talking earlier to some of the folks

behind the scenes.

I said, I was here with my sister

who goes by the name Rebecca St. James five years ago.

And so I was just there actually kind

of helping road managing her.

And we came, and that's when we kind of

built some of the friendships behind the scenes.

So to be able to come back and be with you guys,

but also to have that musical heritage is part of the reason

why and the way that we've been able to learn

so many different things, is because the way we were raised.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: And not just the musical heritage,

but working behind the scenes for and with Rebecca

really kind of taught you how this whole thing works.

How did you get into doing it yourself?

Well, we joke that dad who managed

Rebecca, manages us, he needed cheap labor and has five sons.

And so he looked around and he thought, well, OK.

Well, we'll put them all to work as the road crew.

And Luke did a lot of lighting.

We did background vocals, and that was really-- well,

there's two things, Terry.

We got to see-- just engineering-wise--

how a show is put on and how you construct a stage

and lighting and all the rest of it,

but probably most importantly, the impact of music,

that it has a way of bypassing the head

and going straight to the heart.

And that's what we hope with the film and the book as well.

And speaking of impact, working with Rebecca also

gave you an insight into women.

And I want you to talk about that because a lot of guys

your age wouldn't be in touch with that.

But what did you see when you were

working with her that really stirred you and brought you

to this place?

Well, she had always had a major message to young ladies

about chastity, young women and young men.

And as Luke and I began, it was actually

a very interesting moment in time

because he had just got married and I met my now wife

Moriah at his wedding.

She was kind of a wedding crasher.

That's well done.

Yes, it was.

I orchestrated it perfectly.

He orchestrated the whole thing.

And so right simultaneously to all of that happening,

we started traveling as a band for KING and COUNTRY.

So we had this simple message.

We'd stand on a stage, and we say,

hey, ladies, know that you deserve

to be treated with the utmost respect and honor, and that

to us men, that it's time for us to step up and stand out

that chivalry is alive and well.

And it's been alarming and exciting to see the response.

Exciting because people have responded.

Alarming because it's like folks are

starving to hear this message.

That is the message in "Priceless."

Where did that concept come from?

I mean, here you are, successful as musicians and vocalists,

but then a book and the movie.

Which came first?

You think we're crazy, don't you?

Just a little.

Crazy's good.

Well, movement started first, and then we

started to realize that there's kind of an epidemic going on


And people were really gravitating to that message.

And so our older brother Ben is a film director,

and we went to him.

And we said, hey.

What do you think about this whole concept

and we build a movie around it?

JOEL SMALLBONE: I don't I think we knew what we

were asking at the time, Terry.

No, but we were reckless and silly young men.

And that's how you get into the film world I guess.

Because it's complicated.

It's very difficult. But yet we felt

like we had to share this message,

and I'm so thankful that we're at this point now

where the film's coming out in just a few weeks

because it's been a lot of work, but it's been super thrilling.

And even just during the showings and the viewings

of the film, the responses that we're getting-- it's like oh!

This is why we did all that work.

JOEL SMALLBONE: It feels like the culmination

in some ways of the Priceless movement,

that it's illustrated in this book and in this film.

And the film really deals with trafficking

which is such an issue and a topic today

and not one that is just being surfacely looked at.

I mean, I think people are recognizing

that this is a huge problem, and not

just in other parts of the world,

but here in the United States as well.

JOEL SMALLBONE: One of the things

we asked ourselves with the Priceless movement inherently

is, what's the antithesis of this?

And it's that a life or that a woman can be bought,

that pleasure can be bought.

And so there is that real moment in the middle of the film that

drops into this world.

And what we hoped that-- there's two things in the film.

It's a gritty drama thriller love story for sure,

as you saw in the trailer.

But we hope that people walk away with two questions.

One, internally, what's my responsibility

as a man in this modern era to love well?

Who am I as a woman under God?

And who have I been designed to be?

And then secondly, what's my global responsibility?

And start a conversation.

We all have one, don't we?

We all have a responsibility.

It's not enough just to say, bad thing.

Bad thing.

We need to be doing something about it.

You're acting-- can we add that to the list?

What was that like?

LUKE SMALLBONE: I said, we're pretty silly.

We're not very bright.


Luke wanted to be involved, but we always did these short films

growing up as a family.

And for whatever reason, Luke was always the first one

to get killed off in the short films.

So he was like, I'm not doing it.

I'm out.

I'm out.


It was beautiful.

I was very fortunate to play one of the lead characters, James

Stevens, a very polarizing man to myself.

And he just has this sort of tragic story.

And what's beautiful about this sub-story, Terry, is he

in a lot of ways is really fighting

for these young ladies, to save them physically.

But on the other hand, this young lady, particularly

Antonia, her resolve and strength as a woman

is saving him kind of mentally and spiritually.

It's a beautiful sub-story.

And it's released on the--

October 14th.

October 14th, it'll be in theaters.

So sounds wonderful, and of course, book by the same name.

I always like to read the book first and then see the film.


You and me.

JOEL SMALLBONE: You're on it.

You've got a book right there, Terry.

So you can read that one.



Take that home with you.

Well, we all want to hear you sing today

because you have history of that here with us.

So I'm going to release you all let

you go over to the music set.

Great to have you here again by the way.

Thank you.

Want to mention for KING and COUNTRY's latest CD

is called "Run Wild, Live Free, Love Strong."

The new book that we've been talking

about that's become a movie is called "Priceless."

These are both available nationwide.

And let me remind you again-- the movie by the same name,

"Priceless," is coming to theaters on October 14th.

So watch for it at a theater near you.

And if you'd like to catch our web exclusive interview with

Joel and Luke, all you have to do is log on to our Facebook

page at


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