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Bring It On-Line: - September 23, 2016

I have prayed and asked for my love language but still don't have mine. Am I doing something wrong or is there something I am missing? My sister has a two foot Buddha statue in their living room. What should I say? Read Transcript

Want to answer some questions?


OK, it's time to bring it on.

This first one comes from [INAUDIBLE], who says,

"I would like to know why everybody cannot speak

in tongues.

I just read a book on the Holy Spirit.

And it says that speaking in tongues

is our personal language to God.

I have prayed and asked for my love language,

but still don't have mine.

Am I doing something wrong?

Or is there something I'm missing?

I really want to speak to God in my own private language."

Gary, the Bible says, the apostle Paul wrote,

that not all speak in tongues.

And he put it in the context of what are you believing in

and do you believe you have a gift and are you acting.

There's a whole lesson I encourage people to get.

"Mr. Charisma," Harald Bredeson put it together,

"How To Speak in Tongues and Share it With Others."

I would encourage you to watch that.

And if you watch that, you'll get it.

Because he gives you the faith to believe.

He educates you for it.

And the whole dichotomy are gifts caught or are

they taught?

And salvation is taught, and then caught.

And I believe the gifts operate the same way.

You teach them, and then people get them.


This is Paula, who says, my sister and her husband

have a two-foot Buddha statue in their living room.

Although they believe in God and don't worship the statue,

I'm concerned my 7-year-old niece is living

in a house with a false God.

What should I say to my sister?

Paula, I don't have idols in my house.

They just are offensive to me.

But some people consider them art.

And I would let them have the peace of knowing

that you respect that decision.

I wouldn't be worried about a 7-year-old living with it.

Just ask God to reveal himself to her and live in peace,

live in peace with your family.

We leave you these words from Psalm 91, "for He shall

give His angels charge over you to keep you

and in all your ways."

God bless, we'll see you again.


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