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News on The 700 Club: September 26, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," September 26: The battle of New York: a look ahead at the first presidential debate of 2016; Pressure mounts for Charlotte PD to release more video of fatal shooting, and more. Read Transcript

Hey, welcome folks.

We've got a lot of stuff going on today.

By the way, I'm saddened.

One of the great golfers, Arnold Palmer, who was just a legend.

He was so friendly and he brought golf to the masses,

Arnold Palmer died at 87.

I was sad to see that.

I watched Rory Mcilroy, he had a putt, one putt

that was worth $9 million.

The game has so grown over the years.

Well, he won the tour championship,

and that, in turn, put him in charge of wining the FedEx Cup.

So it's something.

So all right, I'm going to ask you a question, are you ready?

Well, probably not, but go for it.

What substance has been discovered

that is 5,000 more effective in dealing

with free radicals in vitamin C, do you know?

I don't know.

I asked our wonderful Lorie Johnson

if she would give us a report on it.

And if you stay tuned, you will learn what this magic stuff is.

And you can get it at a health food store.

It is simply amazing.

So I guess I'll stay here for a little bit.


That was a tease.

I didn't want you to tune in.

All right.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton finally

made face-to-face tonight in the first presidential debate.

And the stakes couldn't be higher.

Many voters will say they make up their minds based

on the debate.

A potential audience of 100 million people.


Well, tonight's debate comes just six weeks

before the election, with the race essentially tied

at this point.

One million people expected to watch.

We have two reports from "CBN News",

beginning with our political correspondent, David Brody.

DAVID BRODY: It's a presidential debate that could be summed up

in one familiar word: huge.

As the construction crews put the finishing touches

on the debate stage, Americans are expected to tune

in for likely historic TV ratings.

SPORTS ANNOUNCER 1: Brady took a shot.

SPORTS ANNOUNCER 2: Michael Bennett levels him.

DAVID BRODY: The 2015 Super Bowl clocks

in at number one with 115 million viewers.

The 1983 series finale of "MASH" brought in 106 million.

One poll estimates tonight's event

could rival those numbers, topping 100 million.

Regardless of the count, it will be must see TV.

Trump tells "CBN News" his simple goal

for tonight's epic encounter.

What do you want to accomplish in these debates, specifically

against her?


That's all I want to do.

I want to win.

DAVID BRODY: But for this outsider,

winning won't be the result of traditional textbook strategy

like not pouring through big briefing books.

Instead, he's expected to stick with what got him

here, instinct and boldness.

Trump, however, will need to pass the plausibility test.

That is, whether voters see him as a president.

Many are evangelical, still trying

to decide whether they pull the lever for Trump

or possibly sit this election out.

Evangelical leader David Barton calls that the wrong approach.

We have a very selfish view of what we do with voting.

And I say that in the sense of most Christians

think that voting is a right.

It's not.

It's a duty.

DAVID BRODY: And Trump's been rallying the troops in the days

leading up to this debate.

I'm running to be the voice of the forgotten men

and women of this country.

DAVID BRODY: It's appropriate that

this first attention-grabbing debate

will be in the New York area.

Both candidates feel right at home

in this familiar territory, Trump Tower located

in Manhattan.

Hillary Clinton's headquarters are 20 minutes away

in Brooklyn.

And the debate site at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New

York is only about an hour drive without traffic.

As he has proven before, Donald Trump likes

to get a bit feisty in these debates,

mix it up a little bit.

But remember, he typically doesn't throw the first punch.

He waits until he's attacked and then of course, analysts

say indeed, he is one of the best counter punchers out


So exactly how will Hillary Clinton respond on stage?

More on that as we head 20 minutes across town

to Jenna Browder, my colleague, standing

by with more on the Clinton campaign strategy.


Thanks, David.

Well, behind me, the Brooklyn Bridge.

Drive five minutes across this iconic landmark

and you land at Clinton headquarters,

where they are preparing for just about anything.

How do you prepare for a debate with Donald Trump?

I'm here to ask for your help.

JENNA BROWDER: It's a good question.

You've got to be prepared for like wacky stuff that

comes at you.

And I am drawing on my experience

in elementary school.

JENNA BROWDER: And all kidding aside, one Hillary Clinton

takes very seriously.

The democratic nominee cut back campaigning last week.

Sources say she's going through briefing books,

rehearsing, and studying clips of Donald Trump

from the Republican primary debate,

taking notes of his style and what gets under his skin.

One advisor telling "CBN News", Clinton

isn't underestimating Trump.

I want to across people, partisans and nonpartisans

alike, who you know, they'll say,

you know, what are you so worried about?

Why are you all working so hard?

I mean, your girl's going to be the next president.

Which my comment is-- and I'm from Mississippi not France,

but my comment is-- au contraire.

You know, we have a very, very tough race ahead of us.

And we've got two candidates, and we

have two candidate's families that

know how to win at the rodeo.

And it's going to be a tough race for both sides,

and they're going to go at it.

JENNA BROWDER: Clinton has participated

in more debates than any presidential candidate

in recent history.

But it's hard to say how much that experience will

help with an unconventional outsider like Trump.

Clinton is preparing to face some uncomfortable subjects,

from her email scandal, to Bill Clinton's infidelity.

A campaign insider says her team hopes

to come up with a memorable one liner that

will knock Trump off its game and stick in voters' minds.

Of course, one of the things to watch for for Clinton

is how she reacts to Trump's attacks.

In the past, she's been known to get agitated quickly.

And so keeping a calm, cool demeanor

will be critical in this debate of the ages.

Reporting in New York, Jenna Browder, "CBN News".

Isn't is amazing?

That we settle the decision as to who

is going to be the leader of our nation on the fact

that they smirk, or they cough, or they drink water,

or they slouch a little bit, or they

forget what Aleppo is or some silly thing like that.

I mean, it's crazy what we decide

instead of doing an analysis of the capabilities,

the strengths, and the weaknesses.

And we think that we can look at them and on the basis

of a debate and live by a reporter for one

of the networks that this is going to determine.

But that's the way it is.

And what'd they say about the Al Gore?

He reminded you of your ex mother-in-law.

And I mean, all he's got to do is

smirk one time and your dead.

So anyhow, they're practicing all

that if they practice right, but Trump's not

practicing any of it.

He just said, look, I'm going to wing it

and it's going to be fine.

Well, I understand that the people

arrested in Charlotte, 70% have been from out of the city.

In other words, this was put up thing.

North Carolina is in play in terms of the presidential race.

Very tight.

Trump I think, is a little bit ahead now,

but Hillary was ahead.

But they're neck and neck.

So to set up this explosion in Charlotte

and bus all these people in from out of the city,

and then have a big riot in the city.

You've got a black police chief, you've got a black policeman,

you've got a black victim.

And they start talking about white and black.

They had nothing to do with white.

It had to do with good or bad law enforcement.

Well, race relations and the police

have become a top issue after the Tulsa and Charlotte


And John Jessup has that story.

Thanks, Pat.

The mayor of Charlotte has lifted a curfew

after days of violent protests.

And as George Thomas reports, even though the police

have put out some video of the shooting,

there are growing calls for the department

to release the rest of the videos as well.


JOHN JESSUP: With curfew lifted, the prayers and protests still

continue in Charlotte.

On Sunday, demonstrators and police peacefully

faced off before a Panthers/Vikings game

at the Bank of America stadium.

Yes, we support our team, but we support our lives as well.

JOHN JESSUP: After days of intense public pressure,

police released two videos showing

the deadly confrontation between 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott

and Charlotte police officers.

In this dash cam video, you see Scott get out of his car

slowly, taking steps backwards with his hands at this side.


Then four shots are fired.

A body camera video shows a different angle.

A police officer tries to break Scott's passenger window

with his baton.

When that fails, he comes around the vehicle.

That's when you see Scott visible for a brief second.

Moments later, the father of seven is lying on the ground.

Police rushed to him, guns drawn.

Despite the videos, questions remain about

whether Scott had a weapon.

There is no single piece of evidence

that proves all the complexities involved

in this investigative process.

JOHN JESSUP: His family insists he didn't have a gun

and was in the car just reading a book.

It does not make sense to us how

it was possible that this incident resulted

in the loss of life.

JOHN JESSUP: Neither videos show Scott

pointing a gun at officers.

What I see on the video is the failure

of the police to use all of the resources

that they had at their disposal to avoid killing Keith.

JOHN JESSUP: Police also released this image

of a loaded gun that they say had Scott's blood

and fingerprints, along with an ankle holster

reportedly recovered at the scene.


Neither the pictures nor the videos

have done much to stop the protests.

In fact, pressure is now growing on police

to release the rest of the dash cam

and body cam videos of Scott's shooting.

George Thomas, "CBN News".

Thanks, George.

Pat, back to you.

I'm so tired of these genned up explosions that take place.

And by the way, there was no demonstration in Tulsa at all.

Why not?

Well, they don't have a presidential race

that they are concerned about in Oklahoma.

So you don't have to bus in a whole lot of people

from out of town to put up a riot.

But in Charlotte, North Carolina, they do.

I mean, it's just insane.

And there's a manipulative factor going on.

These radicals think they can manipulate.

But the police played right into that.

I mean, to shoot that guy was stupid.

They could have tasered him, they

could have been 100 different things

to immobilize him without taking a weapon and shooting him dead.

They didn't have to do that, but they did.

So people are mad.

They've got every right to be.

But we certainly don't need to be playing

into a group of radicals that want

to turn North Carolina into some kind of a war zone.

We don't need that.

Well, at the beginning of this program,

I told you about a revolutionary substance

that they claim is 5,000 times more

effective in getting rid of free radicals

than vitamin C. Amazing.

We asked our health reporter to check it out.

John, tell us about it.

That's right, Pat.

Turning to health news, researchers

have found that a new vitamin-like compound

can lead to improved memory and other brain functions.

Lorie Johnson tells us about the benefits

of something called PQQ.

LORIE JOHNSON: Parsley green peppers, kiwi, papaya, tofu,

and green tea.

They all contain small amounts of the vitamin-like compound

known as pyrroloquinoline quinone, or PQQ for short.

Scientists say it helps our cells carry out

their basic functions.

Based on the premise that small amounts of PQQ in food

promote overall health, scientists

discovered that even higher doses in supplement form

lead to even greater benefits.

Dr. Michael Murray says PQQ can be especially

helpful for people who are suffering

from some typical symptoms of aging, a drop off

in their memories and thinking skills.

There is sufficient evidence right now showing

efficacy and safety for a number of different applications,

particularly improving memory and mental functions.

And of course, this is a relatively new substance,

so there's going to be a growing body of scientific research.

LORIE JOHNSON: PQQ acts on the mitochondria in cells.

Those mitochondria are responsible for producing

energy that helps fuel the brain.

So if the mitochondria are not functioning up to par,

that brain is going to be a little bit dim.

So we want to turn that dimmer switch, which

is largely related to the activity of the mitochondria,

to full strength.

And that's what PQQ is able to do.

LORIE JOHNSON: Murray says PQQ is 5,000 times more

effective than vitamin C at fighting diseases

caused by free radicals.

People over 40 who took 20 milligrams of PQQ a day

found that their minds worked better, and even more so

when they combined it with 300 milligrams

of the nutrient CoQ10.

Lorie Johnson, "CBN News".

Thanks, Lorie.

Pat, those are some pretty amazing results.

They are.

I've read that stuff.

I said, you know, this can't be true, Lorie.

Will you check it out?

And she checked it out and came back with yes, it's true.

I'm on it.

I'm not on it yet, but I will be on it.

You can get it at the vitamin store.

Yes, isn't that wonderful?

Do I take it?

Of course.

Of course you do.

I could have told you that.

How can I possibly remember all the stuff

I have to remember here?

He doesn't forget a thing.


OK, what's next?


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