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News on The 700 Club: September 29, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," September 29: President, FBI chief on the hot seat: inside Capitol Hill showdowns; How Sadie Robertson is helping teens go from 'chained to changed,' and more. Read Transcript

Well, the head of the FBI was on the hot seat

yesterday in front of Congress.

An interesting-- the panel questioning him,

including a number of former district attorneys

or prosecuting attorneys who knew the game.

And they said, we don't understand it.

You've given immunity to five of Hillary Clinton's key people

and you haven't brought any charges.

There's no grand jury.

There's nobody's sworn in.

What are you doing?

And I think the body of the FBI'S is saying the same thing.

What are we doing?

Has this game been rigged?

And everybody seems to say, yes, it has been rigged.

But the charges keep coming down.

The emails keep floating through the air.

The revelations keep coming.

And people keep saying, is it ever going to end?

And the latest is, did she really wear an ear piece

during the debate?

And was there a little secret microphone in there?

It was during the time they were talking about foreign policy

before, but was it there this time?

Because she clearly won handily in the debate,

but whether that matters we don't know.

But while everybody has been watching the presidential race,

Congress said, we want to do something else.

We're going to override a presidential veto

the first time in his presidency.

The president tried to stop a bill that

will let 9/11 families sue foreign governments,

like Saudi Arabia.

Well, in my opinion, that law was followed-- I think,

John Bolton and Mukazi have also come in on that.

They said, this is not smart legislation.

And I agree.

We don't want to be sued around the world for things

that we do.

And I think we're opening Pandora's box.

But I guess there's so much anger

against Saudi Arabia for what they've done that-- well, it

was bipartisans.

Only one vote against it in the Senate and that

was the minority leader.

Everybody else was for it.

So Democrat, Republican and they overrode the veto handily.


Well, Pat mentioned the FBI and the emails scandals

of Hillary Clinton.

And now, we are going to take a look at that story with Heather



HEATHER SELLS (VOICEOVER): FBI director, James Comey,

took the hot seat Wednesday as Republican lawmakers grilled

him at issue-- his decision not to prosecute

Hillary Clinton for using a private email

server as Secretary of State for deleting tens of thousands

of emails.

Lawmakers also demanded to know why he granted immunity

to key witnesses.

Doesn't it concern you as an investigator

that your chiefs in the Justice Department

decided to become an immunity producing

machine for many people who would

have been very key witnesses should there

have been a prosecution?

I don't think of it that way.

During hours of questioning, Comey repeatedly

denied that his decision on Clinton

reflected a double-standard for major public figures.

He said his decision not to prosecute

Clinton was not a close call.

And he became emotional defending the honesty

of the investigation.

You can call us wrong.

You can call me a fool.

You cannot call us weasels.


That is just not fair.

And I hope we haven't gotten to a place

in American public life, where everything

has to be torn down on integrity basis just to disagree.

HEATHER SELLS (VOICEOVER): The dwindling influence

of the president was also on clear display on Capitol Hill



Both the House and the Senate voted overwhelmingly

to override the president's veto of the so-called 9/11 Bill.

It allows families of 9/11 victims

to sue Saudi Arabia for allegedly sponsoring terrorism.

Do we really want it established inflexibly

and precedent that foreign countries directly

responsible for financing terrorist acts on US soil

or beyond the reach of justice?

I don't think so.

HEATHER SELLS (VOICEOVER): The president shot back on CNN.

It's a dangerous precedent and it's

an example of why sometimes you have to do what's hard.

HEATHER SELLS (VOICEOVER): The president also called it

a political vote, saying no one wants

to be seen as voting against the 9/11 families

right before an election.

And although, both parties supported the override-- which

meant Democrats voting against the president--

even many conservatives agree with Obama on this one.

He says the measure could endanger

the US military and diplomats overseas,

setting them up for lawsuits.

Heather Sells, CBN News.

Thanks, Heather.

There's one thing that needs to be pointed out.

The FBI had big document drops on Friday afternoon.

Well, you do that while you're trying to slip things

through the news cycle.

Because they figure the news is going

to bed and Saturday and Sunday will be slow news days.

So they were playing the game that people play when they're

trying to avoid publicity.

And it just isn't a good chapter in the FBI story of life.

This doesn't look good for them.

We're just 39 days left until the election

and the race for the White House is still up for grabs.

Many people say Donald Trump has to be more

prepared for his next debate.

John Jessup has that story.

That's right, Pat.

Donald Trump's campaign advisors are

planning to prepare him more rigorously for his next debate

with Hillary Clinton.

"The New York Times" reporting "they

intend to drill the Republican nominee

on crucial answers, facts, and counter attacks, and coach him

on ways to whack Mrs. Clinton on issues

even if he is not asked about them."

But some on his team are concerned

that he may not be open to practicing as meticulously

as he should.

Meanwhile, some analysts say Trump

needs to make the case that he's the agent of change

in this election.

And CBN's David Brody reports that Trump

is planning to unveil a new Pro-life Advisory

Council today.

You can read that story on


Well, what he's got to do and he

hadn't done it very well in that last debate-- he's got to say,


I'm for lowering taxes, she's for raising taxes.

I'm against the Obamacare, because I

think it ought to be handled in the private sector.

She's for more government and the failed policy of Obamacare,

which is a disaster.

It's a train wreck waiting to happen.

She thinks that we should pay for the tuition and the debts

of all these students, we can't afford it.

She wants to diminish the military.

I want to build up the military.

And so forth and so on.

And it should be clear cut.

And not all this but back and forth about what

happened to Miss Piggy or whatever that was.

You can't get into that stuff.

And as long as he's thin skinned then

she can stick a needle in and make him react, he will lose

and she knows that.

So I hope that the debate prep guys are saying, look.

You're the leader of the free world

or you're running for that office and if you act that way,

you've got to be presidential.

So the presidents do not react to little slights

that come along the way, because you'll get plenty of them.

But you have to remain steadfast.

Well, people are praying.

But there's a lot at stake for this.

And let me tell you, if you are not registered to vote,

please register to vote.

Because I don't care what your views are,

you can fulminate and curse at the television

or throw pins at it or whatever.

But it won't it make any difference

unless you are registered to vote.

And your vote does count.

So register.

Wherever you live, make sure that you are on the roll.

So when election day comes-- and it's just so close to us

now-- your vote will count.


Pat, the US will send 615 more troops to Iraq

to help in the battle to retake the city of Mosul.

Now, it has been the main stronghold for ISIS

for more than two years.

And the offensive to take back the city

could start as soon as next month.

CBN's Chris Mitchell will have an in-depth look

at the upcoming battle for Mosul on next week's 700 Club.

Well, pastors would have more freedom

to express their political views from the pulpit without fear

of punishment from the IRS if Republicans in Washington

are successful trying to limit a law from the '50s called

the Johnson Amendment.

Essentially, it limits what pastors can say in churches.

They risk losing their tax exempt status

if they comment on certain political issues.

So Republicans are pushing the Free Speech Fairness

Act to change that.

It's time that we eliminate the targeting of the IRS.

Enough is enough.

And this has been going on for too long.

It is absolutely unconscionable that our government

would force individuals to choose

between their constitutionally protected rights

or their faith.

House Republicans hope the bill will restore freedom

of speech and religion to churches

if it gets through the Senate and is signed by a president

into law.

And, Pat, I know this is something you've

been advocating for years.

Decades, brother.


I remember when Jim Wright was Speaker of the House,

I went to see him.

Talked to him.

I had him pretty well persuaded that he

would go against this thing-- what

were the Johnson amendments.

When Lyndon Johnson was majority leader of the Senate

there was somebody who ran against him.

And the man who was involved in a nonprofit.

It wasn't a religious organization, but a nonprofit.

And he came against Johnson.

And Johnson got so mad that he said,

these guys shouldn't use tax exempt status

to run against people like me.

So he went onto the floor of the Senate--

and this is a true story the way he did it.

There was no committee hearing.

There was no debate.

He just came in, put the thing on the floor--

the Johnson Amendment.

501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code says that

you're not supposed to do certain things if you are tax


He added that you cannot speak in behalf of or in opposition

to a candidate for public office.



That was it.

That's the Johnson Amendment.

And as a result, what's happened is this

has been used by the IRS as a club

to keep evangelicals and conservatives from speaking out

on public issues.

Because they say, if you do this,

we'll pull your tax exempt status.

And that could be devastating to organizations

that depend on contributions.

But in the black churches on the other hand,

they take up offerings for candidates, like Jesse Jackson.

They pass the hat.

They have these guys speak.

They come into the pulpit and they speak.

And the pastor comes and says, this is our guy.

Let's vote for him.

Nobody has done anything to them.

So it's a uneven field that's been played.

And the IRS has been delighted to use this as a club.

And it's amazing for the first time in 20 or 30 years--

because I've been working on it this long.

Somebody in Congress is starting to get exercised on it.

I know Donald Trump in his speech at his convention

came out and said, I'm going to deal against the Johnson


I said, I can't believe it.

How does he learn this?

Well, somebody has briefed him on it.

And he said, I want to do away with it.

That's those little words, in support

of or in opposition to a candidate of public office.

Take that out, everybody's fine.

Well, let's go back and see what else is there.

Pat, "Duck Dynasty's" Sadie Robertson

is hitting the road with a show called "Live Original."

And as Angela Zatopek reports, she

has a message for teenagers of what real confidence is all


Star of the hit "Duck Dynasty," runner-up

on "Dancind With The Stars," and best selling author, Sadie

Robertson is now traveling the country

with quite the squad on her "Live Original" tour.

I'm here backstage catching all the action right here

in Dallas, Texas.

So tell me about "Live Original."

So "Live Original" is something that my dad actually called me.

He called me "the original" when I was 5-years-old

and it just kind of stuck.

And that became a message.

I wanted to preach confidence into the lives

of teens around America, around the world.

And it's just crazy.

It's our first tour and it's finally here.

It's definitely a really proud mom moment here

tonight to just see it all come together.


will hit 16 cities across the US.

Their mission?

To help this generation go from chained to changed.

Bringing in open discussion on what should ultimately

define confidence for teens.

I always tell people right after "Dancing With The Stars"

I was probably in the shape of my life and probably the best

shape I'll ever be in my life.

And looking in the mirror, I could still pick out the flaws.

And I could still be insecure.

And that was when I was in the best of my life.

But it's because my heart wasn't pure

and my heart wasn't looking for the right things.

So when you work on your heart and not always work out

your body, then you become more confident

and you don't have to compare yourself.


says even the lives of big stars aren't perfect.

They have their flaws and weaknesses like everyone else.

You can look at our kids and think, oh,

they got it all made.

They got everything they would ever want.

Their family's famous or whatever.

But everyone is chained to something.

Chained to things in our own heart and mind.

And we can always change through Christ.

And so, that's really part of the message.

What's it like to travel with your family

and be able to just talk about Jesus?

How awesome.

It's amazing.

It's truly like the biggest blessing.

I think the journey from where we were prior to the dynasty,

and the fame, and everything, we like

to say that it was different, but we were still us.

And we tried to really stay the same people

throughout the whole thing.


that face our generation today, the stage is

set as a casual living room to get deep

on navigating through those different obstacles.

KORIE ROBERTSON: It's going to be

awesome to see these kids really be vulnerable and tell

the hard times in their life.

But also, to just challenge the young people out

there and be like, we can make a difference in this generation.

ANGELA ZATOPEK (VOICEOVER): Musical artists, Love

& The Outcome and Family Force 5 also add

entertainment for the night-- and maybe

a few other surprises.

I saw some sumo wrestlers.

Are you going to be getting into a costume back there?

Well, there may be some surprise.

Some surprises.


I'm Angela Zatopek for CBN News.

Thanks, Angela.

You can find a schedule of where the "Live Original" shows

will be playing across the country on

Pat, looks like a lot of fun.

It sure is.

Angela did a great on that.

Interesting, isn't it?


The Robertsons are doing a great job

of using the position they've been given to really discuss

family values.

I don't think we're cousins.

We have the same name.

Your beards are a little different.

Yeah, they are.



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