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Bring It On-Line: - September 29, 2016

No matter how I've tried, she says she is not interested in a relationship with me. Should I put it all behind me? I was scared into answering an altar call at a Fire-and-Brimstone revival. It didn't "take". Read Transcript

Time to answer some questions.

Are you ready?

This first bring it on question comes

from Suzette who says, "Dear Pat, when my daughter was

a 20-year-old college student, she

dated a 30-year-old married man who lied about everything

concerning himself.

I gently voiced my concerns, and she severed all ties with me.

She is now 40, and her husband is serving a long prison


She has three children I've only seen three times in 17 years.

No matter how I've tried, she says

she's not interested in a relationship with me.

Should I put it all behind me?"

That kid is one of the most rebellious, stupid people I've

heard about in a long time.

It's unbelievable.

She brought all the problem on herself.

I mean, having an affair with a guy 10 years older than she is

and a mother who loves her.

To turn away from her, I don't know what to say.

You know, they use the term you made your bed

now you get to lie in it.

That daughter is doomed, doomed for a life of misery because

of her rebellious spirit.

"The way of the transgressor, " the Bible says, "is hard."

But what would you do?

I'd continue to pray for them.

You can send her a letter saying, I'll always love you.

You've made very bad choices in your life.

I've tried to love you and tell you what a better way.

But when things really get bad, just

know that Mother is here for you.

Write her a letter like that, and then pray for her.

Leave the rest of it in the hand of the Lord.

All right.

This is Janine who says, "I was brought up in the church

and was scared into answering an altar call at an old time fire

and brimstone revival.

It didn't 'take' and I continued in a lifestyle of sin

until much later.

I know when my heart changed and I surrendered to the Lord,

but this former revival date keeps coming up.

Since John states that no one who is a Christian

continues to sin, isn't it safe to say

that I became a true born-again Christian later in life?

Am I crazy to think that the church wants the right to judge

me for my sinful life earlier?"

Nobody is judging you.

I mean, who's keeping score?

I mean, you know, it's the Lord.

You have given your heart to the Lord

whether it was a revival meeting that you

said you were scared into, or whether it was later

on, whatever it didn't "take".

If anybody is in Christ, he is a new creation.

Old things are passed away but it will always become new.

When did you become a new creation

and what's the church got to do about beating you up about it?

It's nobody's business, you know?

It's between you and God.

So don't sweat it.

Live for the Lord and know that he's forgiven you

if you indeed have turned to Him as you said you have,

all right?

This is Barbara who says, "I have a Bible

app on my mobile phone and recently noticed

that in the King James Version, the name of Philistia

was changed to Palestina in Exodus 15:14, Isaiah

14:29, and Isaiah 14:31.

Who would change the name like this?

I thought the scriptures, especially in the King James

version, would be protected by law.

Also, would this be a sign that the 'famine' concerning

the word of God is starting?"

It's two names that are the same thing.

One was called-- named after the Philistines

and that other was called Palestine.

So big deal.

What's your problem?

Look, the King James was a translation

from the Textus Receptus, which was put together by Erasmus.

It did have some flaws in the Greek

and the later translations have cleaned it up

if I can use that term.

More recent documents we have discovered

is getting us closer to the originals.

So minor things like that do not affect your faith.

We leave you with our Power Minute from Numbers.

"The Lord bless you and keep you.

The Lord make His face shine upon you

and be gracious to you."


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