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Your Career Roadmap Can Include Faith

Correspondent for Inside Edition, Megan Alexander shares how faith impacts and guides her career—and how you can thrive in your workplace while staying true to your convictions. Read Transcript

Well her dreams to be on air started

when she was just five years old on a school trip

to a radio station.

Megan Alexander walked up to the mic, introduced herself,

and a star was born.

Take a look.


from NFL sidelines, rides on elephants,

and hangs out with orangutans.

She's Inside Edition's Megan Alexander.

For the past 10 years she's built a career in an industry

that often times conflicts with Christian values.

In her book Faith in the Spotlight Megan

shares why she chose a job in television,

and gives examples of how and why believers

should lead in the workplace.

Welcome back to The 700 Club Megan Alexander

it's great to have you here.

Great to be here.

Talk a little bit about your childhood if you will,

because you really were drawn to lead roles and the spotlight

and all of that when you were really young.

What do you think contributed to that?


You know, I always loved to kind of entertain

and just be goofy and silly.

And I had parents that encouraged me to get involved

in a variety of activities.

That might have been it.

I know, right, thanks mom and dad.

But just get involved in a variety of activities.

You know, I got involved in sports,

I tried out for the school play and just tried my hand

at a bunch of different things.

And I encourage any parents that ask me,

what should my child be involved in?

Make it we'll rounded.

Try to be involved in a bunch of different things.

But I did sort of bite the bug in a couple different

situations where I said, hey, I love telling stories,

I love performing, I love communicating,

I think I'd like to try this TV thing.

At the same time you really came

to Christ of the young age, and even reiterated that commitment

again at a young age.

So how has your faith impacted your career?

Yeah, you know I had a really neat conversation

in high school.

I attended King's High School in Seattle, Washington.

Had a neat conversation with a friend of mine

whose father was a pastor.

And we were talking about our career goals and dreams.

And he was a pastor.

I sort of apologized when I said hey,

I'm thinking about going into television, secular television,

I'd really love to be a performer.

It's not a pastor, it's not a doctor,

but-- and that pastor said to me, Megan,

every job is a mission field.

That was an empowering moment for me.

And that's what I want to encourage other people

with this book about is every job

could be a way to live out your faith.

Sometimes, I mean the role you're in now, especially

with Inside Edition, you're with glamorous people

in glamorous settings, glamorous lifestyles.

Do you ever feel insecure yourself

in the midst of all of that?

Oh absolutely.

I mean, we're all human and it's hard not to.

When you're on the red carpet comparing

yourselves to these celebrities that they

have a hair and makeup team, that they

take 12 hours to get ready.

Arrive in a limo.


I want to kind of lift the veil a little bit with this book

and remind especially young women that, you know,

those photos are airbrushed.

We don't always see the real image.

That's so good to hear.

And there's a picture of Pia, Miss Universe,

I covered the Super Bowl with her.

Really got to know her as a person.

She has bad hair days like everybody else, Terry.

And I'll tell you, when they gave me that assignment

I had just had a baby.

And I thought, oh great, I'm going

to cover the Super Bowl with the most

beautiful woman in the world.

But you know what, God can use anybody.

And when you believe in yourself and have confidence

in yourself, it shines through.

And there have been times, Terry, when people said,

oh you're not going to get that gig,

you're not going to get that job, you don't have that look.

But then the casting director said to me,

oh I like you because you're different.

You have a different look.

So you are made exactly as you are supposed to be

and I want people to--

Don't disqualify yourself.


Get in there.

I want believers to get in the arena and try.

So when those moments come when you're feeling--

like I'm sure you felt when you'd just had the baby

and you're with this very trim, thin gal--


Where do you go in your head and in your heart?


You need to remember who you are.

Remember who you're living for.

And it can be as simple as writing out

a mission statement.

I had a wonderful leadership class in college

that said write out who you're living for,

what your absolutes are, what are

your black and whites in life, and what can you compromise on.

And that has been incredibly helpful

for me to take into my career.

Because it's not a one size fits all situation living out

your faith in the world.

You need to take it day by day.

This is also not an industry that's

known for conservative values, which, you know,

when you walk with the Lord pretty much conservatism is

part of your life.

How have you handled that?

Because I'm sure there have been situations

that you've been confronted with that have challenged your value



Well I gotta tell you I really enjoy

working with people from all different backgrounds,

all different viewpoints, I think that makes life so rich.

Really enjoy everybody that I work with in all my jobs.

So I encourage people to get in there

and make friends and build relationships.

That's so important.

First be known for excellent work too.

Do your job well.

But for example, for me in my life,

I mean, it will be times where just be proud of who

you are in conversations.

It's OK to disagree.

You know, it's not us versus them.

I want people to know that it is perfectly OK for you

to share your thoughts and they will share theirs.

And if they get to know you first a little bit

they're more likely to listen.


To what you have to say.

You've got a wonderful husband, beautiful children.

Thank you.

How do you balance it all?

Because it sounds like your life is a little crazy.

There is no such thing as balance in my life.

Some days it's all work, some days it's all family.

People need to find out what's right for them.

And especially this next generation.

My heart is really with the millennials

and the young people because there's

a lot of families and households like me

where both parents work.

I travel for work.

That's OK.

Do what is right for you young ladies

go for those goals and dreams in your career.

My passion is to really encourage everyone.

Forget that word balance, it doesn't exist.

Do the best you can and work it out yourself.

You know, one of the ways you've walked this out

in your life is in your stand for purity.

I mean, you really took a public stand for.

That and so, you know, I see you really putting your life

where your talk is.

What about the book Faith in the Spotlight.

When people read your book what do

you want them to take away with it.


Well this book came about from an email

I received from a pastor in Seattle.

He said, I have a church full of young, ambitious women.

They've got big career goals and dreams

but they're worried they're going

to need to compromise their faith to get ahead.

I don't know of many people working in the secular space,

but I know of you.

Will you come talk to them?

And I said, I'd love to come talk to them.

I'm going to take it a step further.

I'm going to write this book.

And in terms of your personal decisions,

for me with abstinence, you know,

Terry I never thought I'd speak about that publicly.

It's a personal choice but sometimes personal choices

affect our professional lives.

And wherever you are you have a platform.

I felt called to speak out about it

because I don't think we talk about it enough in society.

I want young people to know abstinence is still a choice.

It worked for me, it can work for you.

And my husband and I both said, if it encourages one person,

it's worth it.

It's not always a big audience sometimes.

It can be a one on one conversation with one person.

Well sometimes people just needed encouragement

to stand for the things they know in their heart are right.

Especially maybe not just because of, but especially

in a culture that has forgotten.


Where they've come from.

Just want to say that the book is a wonderful read.

It's greatly encouraging to people

who are wanting to get into various areas of business

and just want to be encouraged about your faith.

It's called Faith in the Spotlight.

It's available wherever books are sold.

In fact today on our Facebook page

you can watch a behind the scenes interview with Megan.

If you'd like to do that just log on to

This is the book.

Beautiful cover.

You want to get a hold of it and read it.

Great to see you again.

Just appreciate all you do.

Thank you so much.

Thank you.

Thank you.


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