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Busy Mom Pushes Through The Pain

Terri suffered from chronic headaches and migraines for 10 years, but as a homeschool mom she had no choice but to endure the pain. Then one day she found a way to beat the headaches for good. Read Transcript

The pain would be behind my eyes,

and it would be just really severe like a clenching pain.

It would just be hard to concentrate and hard to just

do my normal, everyday thing.

For 10 years, Terri Vardamen suffered

from weekly headaches that lasted up to 12 hours

at a time.

Sometimes I would be nauseous and it just

affected everything.

At the time, I had three kids.

I was home schooling, and you just

have to get up and keep going.

Sometimes the headaches became debilitating migraines.

The migraines I would get, it's called like the classical aura.

I couldn't see.

I'd have little flashes of light.

And there'd be parts of my vision field I couldn't see.

Mine mimicked strokes, and so I couldn't communicate,

and I would have paralysis in part

of my body for a few minutes.

Terri's doctor wasn't unable to determine

the cause of her headaches.

Nobody ever found anything.

None of the medication really worked.

So I just gave up on that.

I just a lot of times felt like I was on the sidelines of life.

I would kind of go through the motions of things,

but it was just hard to be fully engaged.

Desperate for relief, Terri studied the Bible

to learn about healing.

I learned a lot more about the healing scriptures

and that Jesus paid for that also on the cross.

And I just learned a lot of God's word,

but also just to comfort and precedent

to God during the hard times.

Even though Terri's headaches persisted,

she kept praying and believing for a miracle.

One night, she and her husband turned on the television.

I had a headache at the time and it was really severe,

and probably one of the reasons I couldn't sleep.

And so we were in the bed watching the 700 Club.


Someone else, you have excruciating headaches.

I don't know if they'd be diagnosed as migraines,

but you'll know it's you.

The pain is like right behind your eyes.

And it just almost makes you feel like your eyes are

throbbing when you have this.

And it's recurring.

God is healing that right now.

The pain is gone and you'll not have them again.

I thought, OK, this is me.

Especially when she gave Dave the word about the migraines,


Because that was extra confirmation that it was me.

The next day it was hardly anything at all,

but still a little residual.

And then after that, I haven't had any pain sense.

It was almost like, wow, it's here finally

after all this time.

And it was just a blessing to not

have to worry am I going to get up tomorrow

with a headache-- no.

Terri's faith is stronger than ever.

And she encourages others to keep trusting

God in the midst of trial.

One of his names is Elroy, the god who see's me.

And that's what I kept thinking, was you see me, thank you

that you see me.

And he is faithful and he will do what he promises.

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