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Author Jonathan Cahn Opens “The Book of Mysteries"

Novelist and Messianic Rabbi, Jonathan Cahn, uncovers the deep mysteries of God’s Word in his latest book “The Book of Mysteries.” Read Transcript


NARRATOR: Messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn

is known for his bestselling novel "The Harbinger,"

He compared the United States to the destruction

of ancient Israel.

His teachings, which are known for revealing

the deep mysteries of God's word,

are broadcast around the world.

In his devotional, "The Book of Mysteries,"

Jonathan takes you on a one-year journey to mountain tops,

caverns and the oil-lit chambers of scrolls

to uncover secrets that he says will change your life.

Well he's got a new book out, "The Book of Mysteries."

And Jonathan Cahn is here live with us.

And what is going on?

I know you want to talk about this, the arch of Baal.

And so let's lead off with that.

What's that about and where is it?


Well, the harbinger of the [INAUDIBLE]

is that the nation that's warned by God, instead of coming back,

gets worse, becomes more defiant.

That happened with ancient Israel.

It's happening with America.

You were just alluding to it.

It's happening.

But in ancient Israel, when these things were happening,

and the harbingers and judgment, they

were worshipping Baal, or Ba'al.

And this is their anti-god.

This is the god of their apostasy.

Could therefore the sign of Baal manifest in America as the sign

of , well, you think how on earth would that happen?

But in the last month, Gordon, it happened.

In New York City, they erected the arch of Baal

that led the worshippers of Baal to worship

in the temple of Baal.

They put it up in city hall.

I was there.

I witnessed it.

The deputy mayor of New York said,

we are doing this as an act of defiance.

And in "The Harbinger," the people are saying,

we will rebuild what was destroyed by the Assyrians.

Well, this thing was destroyed by Isis, who are the Assyrians.

This literally Assyria.

And they're putting it in America, saying,

we will rebuild.

It's Baal, of all things.

So the sign of a nation that has known God but now turning away

from him has now manifested.

So this is an archaeological ruin

that was destroyed by Isis where, in Syria?

In Syria.

In Syria, from the Temple of Baal, yeah.

And so how did we get it?

Well, we reproduced it.

We said, we're going to rebuild and make

an exact copy, and that's what it is, in city hall.

The Temple of Bel, that's Baal.

The god of Israel's apostasy, of all things.

We are [INAUDIBLE]--

Lead me to the question, why?

Why would you do that?

They said because they destroyed this culture,

so we're going to show that we're defiant of this,

and we're going to preserve our culture.

But the culture is Baal.

This is where they offered up sacrifices of their children.

The culture of Baal has been dead for thousands of years.

There's nothing good about that.

Why aren't they talking about the Assyrian Christians,

the Chaldean Christians, ancient Christians communities

that are being massacred?

That's right.

That's right.

By ISIS, absolutely.

Why not honor them?

That's a current culture.


And that's like with all the harbingers,

it's not like people know what they're doing.

They just do it, and it manifests.

Why don't they know what they're doing?

Because it's like going to Caiaphas, when he said,

one man should die for the-- well,

he didn't know what he was saying.

But God uses it as a sign.

That happens throughout when the--

He was prophesying without even knowing it.

He was prophesying without knowing it.

And the same way that when in The Harbinger,

Tom Daschle says these words from Capitol

Hill, the same words of ancient Israel's defiance,

he doesn't know what he's doing, but it's manifesting.

I think that's the reason.

And even when ancient Israel said those words,

they didn't know what they were saying, but they said it.

This is God's sign.

One of the things that's always puzzled me about the exodus

is the hardening of pharaoh's heart.

Are we being hardened?

That's a good thing, a good question.

Well, when Israel had the warning and then rejected God,

it got harder.

Because when you turn away from God, you get harder.

And that's what it looks like's happening with America.

That we had the chance-- 15 years ago, we're saying,

God bless America.

People were flocking to churches after 9/11.

But now, we've grown much worse.

So yeah, I believe there is a hardening.

Because if you don't choose, God can give you over.

Now, we pray.

There's always hope with God.

But be watching America.

This is what's happening.

Should we be preparing to be the remnant, the 7,000 who

haven't vowed bowed their knee to Baal?

To Baal.

Well, I would say this.

If these are the days of Baal, then we

have to be the Elijahs of the day.


I believe that there's a polarization taking place.

And as the darkness gets darker, the lights that get brighter,

it may be a smaller group or smaller number,

but they'll be great.

Those who stand will be greater.

These are the times that produce greatness

for those who will stand.

And we have to be that people.

And it is a prophecy of the second coming that there

will be the days of Elijah.

That's right.


And most people think of that and go, yeah, let's do that.

These are the days of Elijah.

But they don't understand there's a lot of persecution

in the days of Elijah.


The day of Elijah were the days of apostasy,

days of persecution, but the days of Elijah.

So again, the dark gets darker but the brights,

the lights get brighter.

What do you see next for America?

Well, I believe if we don't turn back,

we're continuing-- if we follow this template,

it heads to greater shaking.

How that comes, I don't-- right now,

look at this election is crazy.

And if we go in one direction, it's

going to wipe out the Supreme Court for a generation for us.

I believe we're going to see this.

Except for the revival, except for God's

hand on this, that we'll see a darkening continue,

and an acceleration.

Because right now, we don't need another president

who is an activist president.

All you need is one who won't stop it now, because it's

already rolling down the hill.

It'll go even faster if we don't have that.

And I believe it's going to challenge every believer.

I think it's a process that has been going on for decades.

It is.

Exactly, but it's increasing.

It's accelerating.

I mean, you look back at the '60s, putting God out.

That's what happened with Israel.

Let's put this out.

Well, Baal comes in, other gods come in.

And now, we're racing.

Before, we were moving.

Now, we're racing.

But I believe God can do great things.

These last days are evil shall increase.

But I will pour my spirit out of all flesh.

Well, one of the judgments I was reading in Isaiah

last week, one of the judgments over Israel,

I think it's in chapter two, was that inexperienced people

will be your leader.

And then an increase of corruption in leadership.


And it really worries me, that as a judgment on our nation

I think when you look at this, Gordon,

I think when you don't have a good choice-- I mean, I'm not

[INAUDIBLE], but you don't have a clear godly choice--

that itself can be a sign of judgment.

The fact that many believers even

voted against some clear believers in clear things,

I wonder if that also isn't a judgment as well.

Leaders can be a sign of judgment.

Well, I go back in time to 2000.

And growing up in America, we're always

very proud of our democracy.

We're proud of our economy.

We're proud of our military.

We're proud of our democracy.

In 2000, we had a presidential election,

and we couldn't figure out who won.

That's right.

That's right.

And we needed the Supreme Court to tell us.

That's right, like by one vote.


I believe it's almost like we were hanging in the balance.

And we were so proud of our military, 9/11--

We were a box opener.

We were defenseless.

Which is a sign in the Bible.

The very pentagon got hit.

It says, "Unless the Lord guards the city,

the watchman watch in vain."

That's a sign, absolutely.

And then 2008, the economy.

The crash, total.

And we're still not out of that.

We have not.

That [INAUDIBLE] has paralyzed the economy to this day.

The growth has never been like it is now ever, ever.

So for me, it is the next one in effective leadership

I believe that's definitely a sign, ungodly leadership

and ineffective.

You can claim we've been ineffective for a while.


But is it going to get worse, and are there other judgments

that you see that we should be on the lookout for?

I believe there will be more shaking.

And one thing is that the removal of blessing.

And that can be prosperity, that can be security, as 9/11.

But I won't go into the detail.

But in The Harbinger, Donald Trump is The Harbinger.

And there's a quote there.

And the thing is that if you say,

it will be great again, that's great.

But you cannot be great again unless we return to the God who

made us great.

So otherwise, we're saying Isaiah 9:10.

"We'll be great on our own efforts."

That doesn't lead to it.

There's hope there.

We got to pray.

But that's not the answer either.

The next thing I worry about is a rise in lawlessness.

Oh, Yeah.

Were going to see if leaders aren't held accountable,

then why should I be?

That's right, yeah.

Then increasing violence in our cities.

Yeah, which we have seen.

We've seen the sparks of it.

We're seeing that.

We're seeing the persecution of believers coming.

We've never seen it like this before.

We're seeing blasphemies.

We're seeing immoral-- things we would never

dream of on our television set.

But these are what God said it would be.

This is our testing time.

You've come out with this book, The Book of Mysteries.

What are you trying to do?

It seems to be a wonderful devotional.

I was reading through it this morning, and going, wow.

This is stuff I didn't know.

Thanks, Gordon.

The whole tying of the Lord's Prayer to our need

to recognize He has everything.

We are breadless every day.


I believe it's going to be very, very challenging times

for believers.

So I want to do something to strengthen

the believers for this time.

And so there's so many mysteries.

The Harbinger's the opening of a mystery.

The Book of Mysteries is the opening up

of hundreds of mysteries, and it's about, how

am I going to do that?

There's so much.

So in the same way as The Harbinger,

you have a teacher who is going, so you have a narrative.

And a teacher is taking a man in a journey in the desert,

and on mountain tops.

And so you're taking on this journey for one year.

So you can read it write through,

but you can also read it as a devotional.

And so every day, there's an opening up of another mystery.

The mysteries of the age, mysteries of the rabbis,

mysteries of the end times, mysteries

of finding your destiny.

So every day, the biggest problem I had

is, how do I condense this?

One page.

But that's what I did, by God's grace.

So that's what it is.

So every day, there's another mystery of God to be revealed.

And ultimately, to find the mystery of your life,


So people are reading it right through.

People are saying, I can't read this right through.

There's so much there.

I'm doing it every day.

So it can be a devotional, but it's different

because it's literally a mystery of God

that you're getting every day.


I found it difficult to put it down getting

in a car to come here.

But anyway--


I encourage you to get it.

The book is called "The Book of Mysteries."

It's available everywhere that books are sold,

and it'll strengthen your faith.

And now more than ever, we need to have our faith strengthened.

We need to look to the rock, our Redeemer,

and realize this isn't a surprise to Him.

He still has everything under control

it's all proceeding as planned.

That's right.

Thank you, Gordon.

God bless you.

Always a blessing.

Thank you, man.


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