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Bring It On-Line: - October 13, 2016

Why did God give Satan the power over the Earth? How can I give a 10% tithe away to strangers when I know my family needs it more? Will we have free will in Heaven? What can I do to find healing from this horrible thing that I endured? Read Transcript

Let's bring it on with the email questions

that some of you have sent in.

Pat, this first one comes from Lloyd

who says, "Why did God give Satan the power over the Earth?

Where did Satan gain the knowledge to rebel?

I'm currently in prison and have accepted the Lord as my Savior,

but I still have questions that I need answers to.

I know God is real.

Well, of course he's real.

Look, this Earth, if you look at the perspective,

we're part of a spiral nebulae, which

is part of this tiny parts of the galaxy we're in,

which is the ones around our solar system and so forth.

And well, actually the Milky Way galaxy is ours.

We're a tiny little fraction of that.


God is in charge of all of it.

So in all of it there was a rebellion.

And creatures that he had made, he made one.

He called him the anointed cherub.

He actually covered the very holiness of God.

He was right in the presence of God.

And what he did, he said I can do a better job of running

this universe than God can.

And we call that pride.

And that was the first sin.

And the next thing you know he's got a third of the angels

following him, and saying, you follow me,

and I'm going to take you out of this.

And, you know, it's always a lie.

Like you see it today, a lie.

I'll give you a better life.

I'll give you paradise.

I'll give you freedom.

I'll give you this, that, and the other.


But God says, OK, I'm going to confine you.

It wasn't that he gave him everything.

He confined him.

This is like a jail for Satan.

And he said now, we're going to go down to this little planet,

and we're going to have it out.

And I'm going to show the whole universe, all the angels,

principalities, and powers, that love will triumph over hate.

And when it's all finished I'm going to let you have it.

And I'm going to put you in chains.

And you ain't going to get free from it.

Now, that's the way it works.

But what we're seeing now is a global struggle

between good and evil.

It's a demonstration that the love of God

will triumph over the evil of Satan.

And that's what it's all about.

So if you want to expand your thought in that jail cell

where you are, open your mind and watch

what God will show you.

All right?

This is Marian who says, I have two adult daughters

who are both in dire financial situations.

How can I, in good conscience, give a 10% tithe

away to strangers when I know my family needs it more?

I can't afford to do both.

Well, you say give it away to strangers.

You're giving to the Lord.

When you tithe you're giving to God.

And he is not a stranger.

So by giving to him, he will supply and multiply you.

The prophet Elisha was faced with a widow who

was starving to death, and he didn't have any food or water.

And he says, give me a little piece of bread.

And she said, look, all I've got,

I've got this little barrel of meal,

and I got this cruse of oil.

And I'm going to make a couple little hoecakes

and feed my son.

Then we're going to die.

And the prophet said no, no.

Give me a little cake first.

And you think, what a selfish thing.

That little old lady is going to die.

But the Bible says that after she did that the barrel of meal

never ran dry, and the cruse of oil never ran dry.

And they had enough to eat until God sent rain on the Earth

and there was crops again.

So by giving to the prophet, he had a sustained life from then

on out.

So you talk about, quote, giving to strangers, no, no.

You're giving to God.

All right?

This is Paula who says, will we have free will in heaven?

Well, our will is going to be consumed into God.

We'll be spiritual beings will be in the presence of God.

And his thought will be our thought.

And we will flow with him like you flow with breathing.

It's not, well, I'm out here having my little free will.

No way in heaven.

We're going to be in the presence of God

and it will be all consuming.

All right?

This is Catherine who says, I was raped when I was younger.

It still haunts me to this day.

What can I do to find healing from this horrible thing

that I endured so I can move on and live a full life?

I think you got to stop talking about the horrible thing.

But the next thing you've got to do is forgive.

If you have ought against any, forgive.

You've got to forgive that person who raped you.

I know you hold a grudge.

But it's over.

And what you got to do is say, I forgive.

We had a story about that today.

You remember?

He finally forgave the person who molested him.

And the same thing in this case.

You were raped, but a lot of other people

have had things done to them.

And you have to forgive.

And till you forgive you're not going to get free.

But forgive, and watch what happens.

Well I appreciate everybody being with us today.

We leave you with today's Power Minute from Second Corinthians.

"Now the Lord is the spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord

is, there is freedom."


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