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Bring It On-Line: - October 17, 2016

I've heard that statin drugs can cause terrible health problems. Is this true? I really want to make our marriage work, but these things hurt me. Any advice? The Bible does not say anything bad about smoking weed. Is it okay to date a guy who ... Read Transcript

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Let's Bring It On.

This is from Kevin, Pat.

It says, "In recent months, I've heard that statin drugs can

cause terrible health problems.

Is this true?"

PAT: It's absolutely true.

It will make you have aches.

It will make you have pain.

You'll suffer like you couldn't believe.

It also kills the coQ10 which is essential for your heart.

TERRY: Attacks the liver too, right?


It may well.

But those things are deadly.

And the doctors prescribe them like they're candy.

Everybody's got to get statins.

Well, maybe.

You know, cholesterol isn't necessarily as bad

as everybody says.

You need cholesterol for your brain,

so having cholesterol per se isn't necessarily bad.

But they set these arbitrary limits,

and then they feed you these drugs.

Boy, they will make you have aches and pains

you wouldn't believe.

All right, what else?

This is Alyssa who says, "I'm really

struggling within my marriage.

My husband and I think that I could be

pregnant for the second time.

When we talk about my symptoms, he says I am exaggerating

and that he hopes I am not pregnant.

When I was pregnant with our son and had morning sickness,

he said I was faking.

He called me lazy and fat.

At times, he can be a great person,

but he has a short fuse.

I really want to make our marriage work,

but these things hurt me.

Any advice?"

Well, that good man needs counseling badly.

He is brutal.

Anybody that would talk to a pregnant woman that way

and say they're faking, I mean, this is awful.

TERRY: It's ridiculous.

I mean, a pregnant woman is so vulnerable.

Her emotions are keyed up, her hormones are raging.

She didn't quite know what was going on, and she's suffering.

And to have a guy saying you're faking,

you're fat and sloppy, man.

That's verbal abuse of the first order.

But say, look, we've got to straighten this thing out.

You can't live with a-- anybody who would do it,

there's something terribly wrong with them.

So get counseling.

All right, what else?


OK, this is Jennifer who says, "The Bible does not

say anything about smoking weed, anything bad about smoking it.

Is it OK to date a guy who smokes weed?

I'm currently in a four-year relationship,

and my boyfriend just recently got into smoking weed.

What should I do?"

I think you ought to get a new boyfriend.

TERRY: Amen, brother.

It's the gateway drug into heavier stuff.

It's the gateway drug into heroin and cocaine,

and before long you're addicted.

And also studies have clearly shown

that people who smoke marijuana have mental problems.

Their brains are disturbed.

This is a very highly potent substance.

Maybe somebody with cancer needs to smoke marijuana

to alleviate cancer, but I think it's bad.

So to get involved in that is a mistake.

Well, we leave you today.

And my thanks for you being with us, but Terry and all of us

will see you tomorrow.



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