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Single Mom Welcomes Operation Blessing Disaster Relief

Maria Gonzales was proud of her lovely home in Fayetteville, North Carolina until floodwaters from Hurricane Matthew ruined it. Operation Blessing mobilized a team of volunteers to help this single mom get back on her feet. Read Transcript

MAN: The flash flooding that struck this Fayetteville, North

Carolina neighborhood was like a nightmare.

My daughter and I were crying, and we were scared.

And we didn't know what-- what to expect,

what was going to happen next.

MAN: Maria and her daughter had to be rescued by boat.

The floodwater inside their home was more than a foot deep.

We had no idea that we were actually in a flood zone.

So we've lost everything.

As the cleanup continues here in Fayetteville,

it's hard to believe just how bad the flooding was.

A day like today, the street is dry.

The sun is shining.

But at the peak of the flooding, on this very street

cars like this were almost completely submerged.

Operation Blessing has been quick to help the flood

victims by partnering with local churches like Covenant Love.

Pastor Al Brice welcomed the assistance.

When Operation Blessing called us and said, can we come in?

Can we help?

I was like, yes.

Praise God, yes!


MAN: Church volunteer Darlene White

moved into action after seeing a social media post.

I saw the post on Facebook from Operation Blessing

with our Covenant Love.

And the Holy Spirit just said, there you go.

You've got to be there.

MAN: Operation Blessing and its volunteers

are making a difference that will stay with families

like Maria's for a lifetime.

I never expected so much-- people

reaching out to me and my daughter to assist us.

And it's very much appreciated.

And I'm-- I'm blessed by that.


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