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Sid Roth's Messianic Vision

TV host Sid Roth discusses his spring trip to Israel and his recent acquisition of Middle East Television. Read Transcript

Well, Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish new year.

And the current here is 5777.

Well, the founder of Messianic Vision, Sid Roth,

says the three sevens are a sign from God.

Take a look.

NARRATOR: Sid Roth is the talk show host of "It;s

Supernatural" and the founder of Messianic Vision.

For the past 40 years, Sid has devoted his life

to helping Jews discover that Jesus is the Messiah.

When he speaks around the world to Jewish people,

he tells them about the power and promises of Jesus.

SID ROTH: All these people stood up like God Himself,

just had a magnet pulling them up to receive Jesus.

NARRATOR: This year, Sid acquired

Middle East Television, which broadcasts

in Arabic and English.

It was founded by CBN in 1982.

Well, we welcome back our dear friend, Sid Roth.

Sid, what is this 5777?

What's the significance?

Well, Israel has a different calendar

than the rest of the world.


And this is the year 5777.

I can just tell you a couple of things that I know.

All right.

Since I've been a young Jewish believer,

the number 777 always appears before good things are going

to happen for me personally.

For instance, I have dual citizenship in Israel.

If you look at my passport, it says 777.

Come on!


Now, we know from a Biblical viewpoint

that God rested on the seventh day.


And so it's like a completion of a former event coming

in to the new.

And when I think of the 5 from 5777,

I think of the five offices in the church.

I believe that, just as I became a brand new believer

at the beginning of the charismatic movement.


I remember.

And a lot of Jewish people that are actually leaders today

as believers came to know the Lord

in this move of God's spirit along with a lot

of other people.


Well, there's coming a new move of God's spirit.

And I believe that it's a prophetic sign

that, as Oral used to say, something good is

going to happen to you.

So you see-- you've been seeing extraordinary miracles

among Jewish people.

There is something-- I watch you on television,

and I see you move in not just words of knowledge,

but very specific.

I mean, sometimes I see you or your co-hosts

get so specific where you describe someone.

That's right.

And what I have found is I have friends

that have invested their life in reaching Jewish people.

And they are sold out to God.

And they love the Jew in Israel.

And they may reach one or two Jews in a lifetime.

I have found that if you go back to the Book

and you look at the pattern, what

is the pattern of new covenant Christianity?

You demonstrate the Kingdom and earn the right

to present the King.

It's so simple, you need help to get confused.

That's great.

And so what I have found is when I can--

God has given me amazing supernatural ways

of gathering Jewish people that do not know the Messiah.

And the way is-- actually Corinthians tells us the clue.

It says the Jew requires a sign.

And what I have found is-- you know, in Romans, Paul talks

about the spiritual scales?

The minute a Jewish person sees a miracle, the scale comes off.

I'll give you an example.

I start speaking, and I have a flow of words knowledge.

In their seat, a 1,000-- my last meeting,

there were 1,040 unsaved Jewish people.

And this, by the way, was in Israel.

And just about everyone, after they-- there were so many


I'm going to guess, as we didn't count it.

But there probably had be at least 100 people

stood up, unsaved Jewish people, I've just been healed.

And when that occurs, it's like the spiritual scales come off.

And people will reason.

And one someone will reason, once prejudice comes down,

it's easy to show.


I mean, who would not want to know pure love?

And that's who God is, pure, 100%, undefiled.

Most people have never experienced

the purity of God's love.

I have, and I want the world to.

Well, in Israel-- and that's sweeping like wildfire then,

isn't it?

It's the most amazing thing.

And by the way, the year 5777, I believe

that many of the Jewish people that I'm

leading to the Lord-- we've led, in the last two years, not just

Israel, in other places-- I believe

it's 5,000 Jewish people have made professions of faith.

This is un-- you know, this hasn't

happened since book of Acts.



It's beautiful.

It's a new move.

It's a new season.

And these Jewish people that are coming to the Lord

will be the five-fold ministers, prophet, evangelist, teacher,

pastor, because we're going to have--

people need to be discipled.

They need to learn about the invisible world.


And I have found miracles are the easy way to evangelize, not

just Jewish people, but Muslims.

I mean, so many Muslims in the Middle East,

they're coming to know Jesus now through dreams and visions.

That's supernatural.

Surely, it is.

Well, let me ask you of something

that we were involved in some years ago called Middle East


We built that up.

And it was on the border of Lebanon.

Then we had to move it to Cyprus.

And you have just acquired it.

What do you do with it?

Well, to be candid with you, it is

one of the most unbelievable things that

have ever happened in my life.

It started with a prophetic word.

A prophet called me and said, Sid, I just had a dream.

And this prophet, by the way, is 100% on his dreams.

And he said, and I within your life,

you've had a lot of prophetic things.

Oh, absolutely.

That have caused you to do things.

He said, I saw METV.

And I saw you.

I don't know what METV is.


And I said, I know what it is.

And then the people that you sold it to,

LeSEA broadcasting-- unfortunately,

the son of Lester Sumrall, suddenly died.

And I called.

And I said, maybe I can buy a block of time

on Middle East TV.

I mean, this is-- literally, I want you to understand this.

Every home that has a television set in Israel

must carry this broadcast, must carry.

And 25 nations of Muslim nations get it.

I mean, God really used you in the hard time, by the way.

That was-- you had it in the hard times.

There were tough times.

We got blown up.

They were attacked, Oh, I know about it-- absolutely.

So we have this network.

And what I want to do on television

is what I've been doing in person, Pat.

All right.

What I want to do on television is

I want to platform the supernatural.

Now, a lot of people say, Sid, why are you so meshugge?

That's the Hebrew word for crazy.

Why are so meshugge for the supernatural?

Because I am meshugge for everyone to know God,

for everyone to know the Messiah of God.

And I'll do anything possible to make Him known.

And I have found there's a hard way and the easy way.

All of us have done things the hard way and the easy way.

There is an easy way-- move in signs and wonders.

And when 50, 100 people stand up and they're not

faking anything.

These are unsaved Jewish people, Pat.


And they're saying, I've just been healed.

And then I say, sit down.

And we're going to have some more miracles.

They hang on you' word that I just say.

And if someone's closed, it doesn't matter

how supernatural you are.

But once someone is open and you share the gospel,

I get anywhere from 90% to 100% stand up

and make professions of faith.

And it's not that I'm so special.

It's the gospel is especially if you're listening.

And I know how to get a Muslim, a Hindu, a Jewish person,

atheist, to listen.

One miracle settles the argument.

Well, if they're doing that, they'll

be fixed to that television broadcast, you meshugge.

And they'll be there.

Well, Sid, I want to pray for you.

We did that.

And Sid wants us to pray for him as he,

with the anointing of God, as he takes over this very

important ministry.

But they have a must-carry.

Israel ordained that this thing would

be carried on all the TV across the [INAUDIBLE].

And you hadn't been faithful, I could not

be walking into your leg-- and it is your legacy.

I could not be walking into your legacy right now.

Let's pray.

Lord, I pray for my dear brother.

And I ask for all the people in this audience

that the anointing of the Holy Spirit

might come upon him in power.

Lord, give him wisdom and the anointing

and understanding and might as he undertakes

this tremendous ministry.

And make it flower beyond anything any of us

dare to believe possible.

Touch Israel.

Touch your people, Lord.

Touch the Jewish people that they might see their Messiah

and there might be a day of deliverance

for your people of Israel.

And Lord, bless Sid and his associates in this.

May your anointing rest upon him, in Jesus' name, amen.


And amen.

God bless you.


You're powerful man of God, Pat.


God bless you, man.

God bless you.

Sid Roth, ladies and gentlemen.

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