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News on The 700 Club: October 20, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," October 20: Who closed the deal? Big moments from the final debate; Crippled by LGBT targeting, Christian bakers close shop, and more. Read Transcript

Well welcome, folks, to this edition of The 700 Club.

I am here to pronounce the winner

of the debate of last night, and it was the moderator Chris


He did a superb job.

He's good.

And he's got a clinic to Lester Holt and those other people

how to do it.

And so we're very proud of him.

But they talked about all kinds of things,

abortion, jobs, voter fraud, immigration, et cetera.

And I'm going to have some comments that I think

shocked me, I had a hard time sleeping

after watching that stuff.

But that was the last of the three debates

and we've got a couple more weeks before the election.

And Terry?

Yeah, well.

It's always fascinating to watch how these things come together.

Trump and Clinton talked about their differences

on the top subjects in the election.

We have two reports from our CBN News

from the debate in Las Vegas.

And we're going to begin with Jennifer Wishon.

JENNIFER WISHON: No hand shake set the tone

as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump met

for their final debate.

A reminder, if you needed one, of how personal

this race has been.

This exchange focused on a number

of moral issues, the national debt, immigration, abortion,

and the issue that is driving many Americans to the polls

next month.

The Supreme Court, it's what it's all about.

JENNIFER WISHON: Specifically, how the candidates would

handle expected vacancies.

It is important that we not reverse marriage equality.

That we not reverse Roe v. Wade.

JENNIFER WISHON: That constitutional right

to abortion is one issue that could be readdressed

if the court's dynamic changes.

I will defend Planned Parenthood.

JENNIFER WISHON: Trump says he'll

appoint pro-life justices.

It's some of the most direct language we've

heard from him on abortion.

If you go with what Hillary is saying, in the ninth month

you can take the baby and rip the baby out

of the womb of the mother.

Well, that is not what happens in these cases.

And using that kind of scare rhetoric

is just terribly unfortunate.

JENNIFER WISHON: The Republican doubled down

on his tough immigration policy.

We have some bad hombres here, and we're

going to get them out.

JENNIFER WISHON: Clinton says Trump's plan won't work.

Law enforcement officers would be going school to school,

home to home, business to business,

rounding up people who are undocumented.

JENNIFER WISHON: October's WikiLeaks surprise

has damaged Clinton, but she was prepared

to take on the subject.

The Russian government has engaged

in espionage against Americans.

Will Donald Trump admit and condemn

that the Russians are doing this?

And make it clear that he will not have the help of Putin

in this election?

I don't know Putin.

He said nice things about me.

If we got along well, that would be good.

JENNIFER WISHON: Trump again denied

claims of making unwanted sexual advances,

and defended his claims that the election is rigged.

Moderator Chris Wallace asked whether he would accept

the results of the election.

I will look at it at the time.

I'm not looking at anything now, I'll look at it at the time.

What I've seen-- what I've seen is so bad.

First of all, the media is so dishonest and so corrupt

and the pile on is so amazing.

That's horrifying.

Every time Donald thinks things are not

going in his direction he claims whatever it is it's

rigged against him.

Here in battleground Nevada Clinton

has a razor thin lead over Trump.

The stakes couldn't be higher for both candidates

coming out of this last debate because starting

Saturday Nevadans going to head to the polls early.

Early voting has already begun in other battleground states,

so the candidates will be working hard

to spin their performances coming out of this showdown.

CBNs Abigail Robertson has that part of the story.

Thanks Jennifer.

Well the two sides aren't agreeing on a lot.

But one story everyone's spinning

is the importance of voting in this election.

An estimated 93 million eligible voters did not vote in 2012.

I asked both sides why they think

Evangelical Christians should get out and vote

for their candidate.

Well, the Bible says a servant's worthy

of his or her hire.

She wants people who work to get paid so that women, infants,

and children can be taken care of.

She wants justice for all.

That's why Evangelicals should support her.


pointed to comments coming from Clinton's camp exposed

in the WikiLeaks emails.

For Christians to hear that a major party candidate who

may be our president is calling us

irredeemable goes against the crux of our faith.

And that's the most appalling thing,

is how little she thinks of all of us when we're not looking.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: Tony Perkins from the Family Research

Council says he understands why Evangelicals might

be unhappy with either option.

Character really does matter to conservative voters

like myself.

That's why I wasn't with Donald Trump in the beginning.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: He encourages Evangelicals to get involved

and make a difference.

In many ways this choice that we're

faced with that is less than desirable

is a result of our own apathy and indifference.

It's time that we realize that we are responsible for this.

We pray, we inform, we get educated,

and we engage in the process.

We are just over two weeks away from election day,

and although the candidates won't face each other again,

there could be many more surprises between now and then.

Let's continue to pray for this election and our future leader.

And remember, get out and vote on November 8.

Reporting from Las Vegas, Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

Well it's very interesting.

You know, the thing that really surprised me, maybe I

shouldn't have been surprise, but Hillary Clinton did not

back down one iota on any of the left wing,

radical feminist agenda.

Not one iota.

Now, the thing that they had a little hassle on,

I think you need to understand.

They have a discussion of partial-birth abortion

and Hillary Clinton said, well you're just scaring

people that's the way you are.

But the truth is, partial-birth abortion

is a nice name for the murder of a living child.

Because the child is already going

through the birth canal and its head

has emerged from the mother's body.

And at that point-- now listen to this ladies and gentlemen,

it may shock you, but this is what

happens-- the doctor takes forceps jams it into the space

in the little baby's skull.

And then from that can put a suction on it

and suck out its brains.

Now that's what happens to partial-birth abortion.

There is absolutely no medical justification whatsoever.

Because what that would do would put

a woman much more in jeopardy when you got a baby trying

to be born, you're twisting it around

in the birth canal in order to kill it,

that's much more dangerous to a woman.

And there's absolutely no medical justification for it.

But Hillary Clinton defended it all the way up and down

the line.

Then she came out 100% in favor of Planned Parenthood, which

again, was caught selling body parts of aborted babies.

And the founder of that was Margaret Sanger

who wanted to breed the thoroughbred

and she wanted to sterilize black people, and so forth.

Hillary's on board for all of that.

And you just say what is it could we possibly

have a chief executive in the United States of America

who believes in the slaughter of unborn babies.

This is murder.

There is pure and simple.

And that's what it is.

And so don't say, well let's scare tactics, Donald.

No it's not.

That is what that procedure is involved in.

And the left, the radical feminists

want to preserve that because they don't want anything

to limit the slaughter of unborn children.

And we have killed 55 million, 60 million so

for since Roe v. Wade.

Maybe it's more than that.

But that's where we are.

And so what Donald said, I'm pro-life

and I want to have pro-life judges.

That was quite the thing.

But I'm simply astounded.

And David Brody is with us now.

And David, I say it again, Hillary

didn't back up on the feminist agenda one iota.

All the way up and down the line she

defended rather radical positions.

She really did, Pat.

There was plenty of defense for Planned Parenthood.

And I thought it was really interesting, Donald Trump

actually went ahead and defended the pro-life position pretty

well, especially for Donald Trump, since this

isn't his area, if you will.

But he did have pretty good job.

And you know, I think it's interesting to see what's going

to move forward from this.

Because I think that was a big moment for Evangelicals.

I think Donald Trump defending the pro-life position,

calling Hillary Clinton out on partial-birth abortion

I think will move the needle to a degree with Evangelicals.

I don't think there's any question about it.

And I have to say, Pat, looking at some of the coverage of this

this morning by the mainstream media, relatively appalling.

The New York Times with their debate news article calling

Donald Trump's position on abortion hard line

is what they called his position.

They never mentioned Hillary Clinton's view

on partial-birth abortion as controversial or radical

or anything like that.

But Donald Trump has got the hard line position on abortion.

It's fascinating.

Well David, the majority of the people

now, they may be supporting Roe v. Wade

or they may even be called pro-choice,

but when you get down to the nitty gritty and say,

do you favor punching a hole in the baby's skull

and sucking out his brains on the way out of the birth canal?

And people say, of course not.

That's horrible.

That's murder.

And so the vast majority of the American people

are against this kind of radical thing.

And I don't know-- The New York Times is going off the rail,

I think every semblance of objectivity

has been given up by that paper.

Well, absolutely.

As a matter of fact, I'm up with an article

this morning, narcissistically, on The Brody File, Pat,

and it's titled "All the Bias That's

Fit to Print: the Shameful New York Times."

And you can go to the website and read about it.

But you're right.

And I think this is what we're talking about,

and this is what Donald Trump and many of the Republicans

are going to have to deal with going forward.

What about this claim by Hillary

that the Clinton Foundation is a great charity

and that they are spending 90% of their income

on those social projects.

What I've heard is just the opposite.

I don't have the numbers in front of me.

Do you have any update on that?

Well there's no doubt some of that--

now, there's a lot of spin going on on both sides.

But we do know there seems to be clearly

a pay for play portion of this as it relates to the Clinton

Foundation and the State Department.

And there are ties between both of them.

But you mentioned at the top of the broadcast

that you thought the winner of this debate

was Chris Wallace the moderator.

And look what he did on that Clinton Foundation question.

Remember, when he brought it up Hillary Clinton

went into a soliloquy about the virtues

of the Clinton Foundation.

And Chris Wallace put his hands up about 30 seconds

in and said, Mrs. Clinton this isn't what we're talking about.

I want to specifically talk about some

of the concerns about the foundation.

So he was able to stop, in essence, stop

her filibuster on the issue.

And I thought that was an important moment for debate

moderators to take note of.

Well she had it all figured.

You remember when Gennifer Flowers, that scandal came out.

And Gennifer Flowers was clearly Bill Clinton's mistress.

What does Hillary's say?

Well it's the news of the great right wing conspiracy.

And she said it with a straight face.

So last night she said, well these hacks

are the result of the Russians.

The Russians do it because they want to put Trump in office.

I mean, that's so for fetched but she does it

with a straight face.

Well, you know, in basketball they

tell you to use your feet and pivot,

and we saw a lot of basketball moves by Hillary Clinton

last night.

Plenty of pivoting going on.

I mean, look, this is what John Podesta and Jennifer Palmieri

and the team Clinton has been trying

to do for a long time, which is basically

say, yeah we heard about these WikiLeaks things,

but, you know, let's talk about where they're coming from

and that's because of Russia.

And that's all they want to talk about.

And the media has been somewhat complicit in all of that.

So, you know, we'll see.

I have to tell you, as it relates to the debate

last night, Donald Trump-- look, here's

some good news for Donald Trump.

He was really did win that debate

on points, the problem is he stepped

on his own good fortune with the headline

that the media is talking about this morning,

which is about the election results

and whether or not he'll actually

support those going forward.

So it was unfortunate for him that he made news

in the wrong way for this 24 to 48 hour news cycle.

But I think overall, Pat, he actually surgically

dismantled her on stage.

And it's just unfortunate for him

that he won't get the news cycle spin coming out of this.


A couple more weeks to go [INAUDIBLE] the big day.

How do you read it now?

I've see some polls, Rasmussen tied, others tied,

he's down six in some other polls.

What do you think?

Well let me give you some anecdotal information here.

Jenna Browder, CBN News correspondent Jenna Browder

I were just in Florida this past week,

and we'll be showing some of that to you on The 700 Club.

And I can tell you anecdotally that there

is a lot of enthusiasm for the Trump campaign in Florida.

The polls show him down two to three points down there.

But you look at the Clinton campaign,

we were there with them, you look at the Trump campaign

and boy it is night and day difference.

And I spoke to Adam Smith, a very well-respected

political editor at The Tampa Bay Times down there,

one of the top 10 political writers in all of America,

who told me on camera that he believes

there are plenty of closet Trump supporters out there

that will show up on election day he says.

So Florida should not be written off,

along with a lot of other states around the country.

Stealth candidate.

Is there any possibility?

I mean the people that won't admit they're voting for Trump

and then at the last day they'll pull the lever when they're

behind the secret curtain?

Well I think there's some of that out there.

The question is, how much of it is out there.

So we're going to have to wait and see on that, Pat.

Well, David, thanks for the work you're doing.

Keep you up, brother.

God bless you.

You bet.

Ladies and gentlemen I may also add that Donald Trump,

the Trump people have requested a rally at Regent University

here in Virginia Beach on Saturday

this coming-- a couple days from now and at 3 o'clock

in the afternoon.

So they're looking for a big crowd.

It's a beautiful day.

It'll be an outdoor event.

And I'll look forward to that, too.

And then I will--


I'll interview Donald for this program

and that will be shown next Monday.

So I think we'll get some important news.

I'm going to go into some important things

that maybe you haven't heard yet.

And I'll have that.

But the rally is open.

I don't know-- the Secret Service is doing everything

they can to cut the crowd down and I thought we'd have a big

crowd and so--

Well I think there will be a lot of people in these last

days and last couple of weeks--

Well it'll be pretty-- I mean here

at Regent University on the campus.

It's going to be gorgeous.



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