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Bring It On-Line: - October 21, 2016

I've been to rehab 3 times, foster care twice—and I'm there currently— and I've been in multiple placements and mental hospitals for behavioral issues and suicidal attempts. I need God back in my life. I pray, but I feel He never listens ... ... Read Transcript

We want to answer some of the questions

you sent in via email.

This first one, Gordon, comes Makenna who

says, "I'm almost 16 years old.

When I was younger, complete strangers

would walk up to my mom and tell her

that God had a special plan for me.

I used to be so close to Him, and I

would talk to Him all the time.

But when I was 11, I really started to become distant.

And I've lost my relationship with God.

I've been to rehab three times, foster care twice,

and I'm there currently.

And I've been in multiple placements in mental hospitals

for behavioral issues and suicidal attempts.

I need God back in my life.

I pray, but I feel He never listens or answers.

How can I redevelop a strong relationship with God

and, most importantly, find out what His plan for me is?"

Well, Makenna, my heart just goes out to you.

You know, when I'm hearing the question,

I go, well, what are you in rehab for?

What are the underlying issues?

Why are you in foster care?

And you had a mother.

And, you know, what were the underlying factors here?

But just in terms of your relationship with God,

you have to hold on to that and hold on to the promise.

And its a promise for you, "I will never leave you

nor forsake you."

It's a double promise that He's there.

He hasn't gone away.

And you can be in a relationship sometimes

where they're still there but they've forsaken you.

And, in their heart, they're far away from you.

And God's promised, I will never do that.

"I will never leave you nor forsake you."

That's a promise for you.

If you want to hear from God, the easiest way to do it

is to open the Bible and read it.

I would encourage you to do that daily, multiple times a day.

Let the world of God shape your thinking

so you no longer think a way that's contrary to scripture.

When you do that and you fill your life

with the words of the prophets-- with the inspired word of God--

then all these issues fade away.

And you'll start to hear His voice again.

Here's a prayer for you.

It's from the apostle Paul.

Ask God to open the eyes of your understanding.

Ask Him to open your ears that you could hear His word.

Ask Him to give you a heart that you

may comprehend the greatness of His power towards us

who believe.

Pray that, and He will answer.


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