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Medium Seeks Control In Life of Chaos and Confusion

Maura was raised surrounded by the occult, and looked to spirits for wisdom and direction. Though she felt their power, she felt hopeless and empty. It wasn't until she reconnected with an old classmate that she realized another power was in ... ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: At 28 years old, Mara Lands

was a wife, a mother, and an account executive at a radio

station in Tampa, Florida.

She was also a medium for those seeking insight

from the spirits.

MARA: Well, different people that I

met I would see these spirits, and they looked

look like people, but they're transparent.

And they would talk to me and tell me about the person

and about their home life.

NARRATOR: Mara first heard spirits

speaking to her at 13 while using a Ouija

board with friends, but she believes

it started before she was even born.

MARA: In Cuba, my grandmother was a very renowned spiritist


When my mother was pregnant with me,

she prayed over my mother's stomach.

We would pray to the different saints.

At 15, the lady that was babysitting me

she was involved in the occult. The lady my mom took me at 18

was involved in Santeria.

I'm saying, OK, this is the way it is.

I guess, if you believe in God, this is what believing in God


NARRATOR: As she delved deeper into spiritism,

she was convinced her gift was from God.

MARA: I thought I was working for Jesus.

And I thought I was helping people.

NARRATOR: Even the altar she built when she was

an adult had Catholic symbols.

MARA: It was like a triangle.

I had a brandy snifter with water, a crucifix,

and the Bible opened to Psalms 23.

I had cauldrons, animal sacrifices were in the air.

And I felt a power, but it wasn't a good power.

It felt like something else was in control.

It wasn't me.

NARRATOR: Although Mara looked to the spirits

for wisdom and direction, her life

was in chaos and confusion.

By her late 20s, she had divorced, remarried,

and was without hope.

I was very fearful.

I was angry.

My husband and I were fighting all the time.

I always felt like there was an emptiness, a hole,

something missing in my life.

I even had thoughts of driving my car into a telephone pole

and committing suicide.

I'm like I'm not happy.

There's gotta be something better than this.

NARRATOR: One day, Mara was filling in

for the receptionist at the radio station

when an old classmate walked in.

He was now a pastor and was there

to record a weekly program.

He asked Mara if he could pray for.

At first, she gave it little thought.

And I said, sure, you could pray for me all you want.

And I'm just smoking my cigarette.

And then the following week, he would come and pray for me.

I started doubting what I was involved in.

Something was changing.

And I said, Jesus, if what I'm involved in is of you, show me.

NARRATOR: A few days later, Mara was with her family,

and the conversation turned towards the Bible.

And I said, I can read anything out of the Bible.

I can read a Psalm.

I can read any little verse, but I can never read anything out

of the Book of Revelations.

And my uncle looked me dead in the eye

and said that's because you're with the devil.

And he said you can't be with God and the Devil

at the same time.

And I got angry.

NARRATOR: Mara went home determined

to read through revelation.

MARA: I grabbed the Bible off the altar.

I was going to start to read.

The wall behind me started banging like papapapapapa.

And I got scared, and I started to close up the Bible.

But all of a sudden, it's like this presence entered this room

like a blanket of peace.

The noise stopped instantly.

NARRATOR: That night, she read the entire Book of revelation.

MARA: When I read the last word, which was Amen,

literally something flew off my eyes.

I had this knowledge, this knowing that Satan had used me,

and he had deceived me all of my life.

And I balled up my fist, and I said I renounce

you Satan and all your works.

The Lord said, now you're going to work for me.

The love that flooded my being was incredible.

That missing hole was gone.

NARRATOR: The next day, she called the pastor

that had prayed for her.

Together, they tore down the altar in her home.

The Holy Spirit just came in in such an awesome way

that I asked him to take that vision away.

So I didn't see spirits any more.

I asked the Lord, and he did.

He took it away.

NARRATOR: As Mara read the Bible,

prayed, and attended church, she learned

to give God control of her life, and her husband took notice.

MARA: He saw such a change in me that made him curious.

So he started to go to church with me.

He got saved eight months later.

NARRATOR: Today, Mara says she's found peace as she

looks to God for guidance.

I let Jesus take control of my life.

Jesus took my fear.

He set me free totally.

It was his love that brought me to salvation.

His love is everything to me.


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