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Bring It On-Line: - October 31, 2016

My husband suffers from sex addiction. Is Divorce okay in this situation? Have I done too many horrible things to receive the grace of God? Has God forgotten about me? Satan is working to destroy our family, how can I pray against this? Read Transcript

OK, we've got some questions.

We do.

Let's bring it on.

This is Kaitlyn, Pat, who says, "My husband suffers

from sex addiction.

He's been unfaithful our entire marriage.

We are a week and a half away from our 12th anniversary.

I caught him with another one of his "partners," for lack

of a better word, two months ago.

He's never said he was sorry.

He's not a Christian.

Although I constantly pray for him, I'm afraid of what disease

he's going to bring home.

I don't believe in divorce, but I honestly

can't take it anymore.

Is divorce OK in this situation?"

Well, that's the one exception that Jesus gave,

except for the cause of adultery or infidelity.

It says fornication.

But your husband-- you don't need to be subjected to this,

and the answer is, yes, he'll bring home a disease.

I'm surprised he hasn't done it already.

I mean, take a walk.

And get a good lawyer.

And make sure that you get taken care of.

Don't just walk out the door.

Because there are a lot of consequences.

Divorce is terrible.

God hates divorce.

But in a case like yours, you have

an absolute spiritual, scriptural ground

to terminate that unfortunate union you've gotten yourself


OK, this is Nidiyah, who says, "I'm only 15 years old,

but I've done terrible things in my life.

I've lived, stolen, cheated, been mean,

and many other things.

Have I done too many horrible things

to receive the grace of God?

Is that too late?"

I think you're closer to the kingdom

than the whole lot of these righteous people who

think they're so good.

You remember the story Jesus told

about the man who beat his breast

and said, God be merciful to me, a sinner?

And the religious man says, God, I'm so glad

I'm not like these other people.

I give a tithe of all this stuff, and I go to church

and go to the synagogue and so forth.

And Jesus said, the sinner is going to go home justified.

Listen, if you turn your life over to the Lord, the fact

that you have such a tender conscience, let me tell you,

God will embrace you and love you and bring you and make

you part of his family.

But you need to come and get the forgiveness

that the Lord gives you.

So you need to come to Jesus Christ, all right?

This is Gail, who says, "It seems like all of my friends

have had their prayers answered, while I still wait.

I have asked God to send me a husband,

help me with bills, et cetera.

All my friends are married, have a family, and are thriving.

Has God forgotten about me?"

I imagine God has given you some stuff to do,

and you haven't listened to him.

You expect Him to do it, and you pray,

and you think God is going to send an angel

and kick you off the roof into a lap of luxury.

It doesn't work that way.

He will open up for you ways where

you can thrive and get ahead and do what you've got to do.

So listen to what He's telling you about the way out.

And then follow His direction.

OK, this is Kenneth, who says, "Who is running ISIS?

Is it being run by one man, or are

there more who are hiding and running it

secretly somewhere else?"

Well, there was a Syrian who was very dedicated.

He had been a pimp, actually, procuring women.

And then later on, he had this conversion experience ,

where he became a very righteous Muslim.

And he dreamed of a caliphate and the resumption

of the Ottoman Empire and all that stuff.

And he started this ISIS thing on the back of the fact

that we withdrew from Iraq.

So there was a vacuum in Syria and a vacuum in Iraq.

And he moved into that thing.

Well, I think he was killed in a drone strike.

And now there's a gentleman named Baghodi-- Baghdadi,

I guess it is, who's the man in charge.

But ISIS now has thousands and thousands of supporters.

But it's not near as powerful as we make it out to be, I mean,

maybe 5,000 troops.

We could send some troops in there

and wipe them out in a few days if we wanted to do it.

We just have been reluctant to sort of put boots

on the ground.

We'll need to do that.

But they could be wiped out and will be, as a matter of fact,

pretty soon, all right?

Now this is Patty, who says, "Can I pray alone

to tear down the strongholds and bondage of fear, unforgiveness,

and bitterness?

If so, how do I do it?

Satan is working desperately to destroy

our marriage and our family."

Well, are you and your husband or you and your wife together?

If the two of good agree on it, anything,

the Lord will be there in your midst.

But what you need to do is, by your mouth, bind Satan.

Satan, I bind you and the forces of evil,

and I command you to leave.

If you do it in faith, He will hear you.

If you want to get a pastor or godly people in

to join with you, then that's fine.

OK, well, we leave you with today's Power Minute

from 2 Thessalonians.

"The Lord is faithful, and He will strengthen you and protect

you from the evil one."


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