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Natalie Grant Helps Women Find Their Voice

Singer Natalie Grant shares about her journey to finding her calling, and encourages women to live out their God-given passions in her new book, Finding Your Voice Read Transcript

[SINGING] You're a great God and we love you.

Award winning artist Natalie Grant

is one of the most recognized names

in contemporary Christian music.

But in 2004, she says she found a purpose that

goes beyond her music career.

The irony is, it has very little to do with singing.

Singing is what I do.

It's not who I am.

She says the journey to discovering her passion

started while watching the TV show Law and Order.

The episode was about human trafficking.

I just remember that TV show always saying

that they were ripped from the headlines, right?

And I was thinking, what headline is this?

They were literally depicting kids

being sold out of the back of a van in New York City.

Like, this is the most innocent among us.

I just remember thinking, if this is actually

happening somewhere in the world, I need to know about it,

and a lot of other people need to know about it too.

So she made plans to travel to India,

the area many consider to be the epicenter of human trafficking.

But two days before the trip, one of her vocal cords


They're like, you may never sing again.

You cannot speak, hum, whisper.

You can't utter a single sound for at least 30 days.

And I was leaving to India.

Voiceless, she went anyway.

I'll never forget meeting this girl who

was sold on her 12th birthday by her own parents,

rescued when she was 21.

So for nine years, she was trafficked.

She knew one thing that she did know in English

that she could say to me that I would understand.

She took my hands, and she just said, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,


She thought, OK, I can't go into all of my story in English,

but when I say this name, you're going

to know that everything's been made right.

I came here trying to learn how I could rescue them,

and these who have so much brokenness

showed me that Jesus does his best

work through our broken pieces.

When you can't make a sound, then all

you can do is just lean on God and listen.

It is amazing what happens.

In 2005, Natalie co-founded the nonprofit Hope For Justice,

whose mission is to bring an end to human trafficking

by rescuing victims, restoring lives, and reforming society.

Hope For Justice-- which hard to believe that just started

as a little dream off of meeting those girls in India--

is now on three different continents and four different

countries with six different offices.

So it's amazing when you use your voice

to do what God has placed inside of you.

[SINGING] We can be the change, be the hope, yes.

Now the artist, wife, mother and businesswoman

hopes to help other women find God's calling

in their own lives in her book "Finding Your Voice."

In it, she shares her own journey

through bulimia, infertility, self-doubt, and depression

to find her identity in Christ and God's purpose in her life.

And it starts with God's word.

And all throughout the book, from start to finish,

it's full of my story, yes, but more than that, it's

full of biblical examples.

Because the foundation to finding

your voice is the word of God.

Natalie says ultimately, a personal relationship with God

will give women the confidence to live their passion out loud.

And my prayer is that every person that reads the book,

when they put it down, their take-away would be finding

their identity in who Christ says that they are.

Discovering that personal relationship with Jesus Christ,

and that his view, what he sees, seeing ourselves

through the lens of Christ and his grace over our life

begins to change every aspect of our life.

It will strengthen our marriage.

It will strengthen our ability to parent.

It will strengthen our friendships.

It strengthens everything about our life.

And when you can find your voice in first understanding

his voice over your life, you know, I think that's my prayer,

is that every person who reads it

would have a greater understanding of who

they are in Christ.

And I think that understanding changes everything.


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