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Happy Veterans Day

Ellery Sadler 7ci’s Social Media producer hit the street to ask people, what they would say to a veteran. Read Transcript

I would say thank you for your service for sacrificing

your time and how much I appreciate

you putting your life on the line for us

every day in this nation.

I'd probably just say thank you.

I think I would say thank you for all of your sacrifice

and thank you for the things that you do for this country.

We really appreciate it.

It's a hard job that I'm thankful is being done.

Thank you.

Thank you.

God bless you.

Take care of yourself and your family, and we love you.

REPORTER: What would you say to other veterans

as we are preparing for Veteran's Day?

To just stay safe and think about everybody else

that's served and try to have a good time.

Enjoy yourselves.

You earned it.

We always appreciate everything you guys do.

I'll always have a place for you in my heart.

Benefits, a warm welcome.

Thanks, gratitude, be appreciated

and well taken care of, especially

with their medical needs and any emotional needs that they have.

I feel like they need the opportunity to hear from people

that they're appreciated.



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