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Construction Worker Steamrolled by 25-Ton Machine

Crushed under a 25-ton rubber tire roller, Chris is given little to no chance of survival. Nothing short of a miracle could save him. Read Transcript

CHRIS FULLER: All of a sudden, it started coming.

It trapped my left foot under the wheel.

It started coming up my leg and it dropped me to the ground,

and it made it all the way up to my chest.

And I started spitting up a bunch of blood.

I couldn't breathe.

REPORTER: Chris Fuller was laying asphalt

at a construction site.

In the blink of an eye, he was fighting for his life

when he was run over by a 25-ton rubber tire roller.

His father, Jason, who co-owned the company, drove to the scene

as soon as he got the call.

JASON: When I arrived, Christopher was on the ground

and he was surrounded by firefighters.

I approached the firefighters and started

calling out Chris's name.

Are you OK?

Are you OK?

REPORTER: EMTs rushed Chris to the ER in Amarillo, Texas.

Chris's mother, Nicole, was already there

when Jason arrived with the ambulance.

We were alone in there.

We were the first two, and we hug, we pray,

and we're waiting.

And at that point, family started coming.

And that was really helpful.

And that's when I think it set in that this is serious.

REPORTER: After a few minutes, the trauma doctor came out

to speak to Jason and Nicole.

And he shook his head and he says,

I will be honest with you.

It doesn't look good.

I don't think he's going to make it.

He said that we can't handle this at this hospital.

He's going to have to go to Dallas or Lubbock.

And at that moment, there was a crushing weight

that just settles over you.

There was a moment of panic immediately whenever

you hear the news, and then prayer immediately,

and honest, calmness.

It was Christ through us, and I mean that with all sincerity.

It wasn't anything I did extraordinarily but allow

the Holy Spirit to work through us.

REPORTER: Chris was flown to University Medical

Center in Lubbock.

Meanwhile, their prayers that began in the ER

continued on the long two hour drive to the hospital.

On the drive to Lubbock, we prayed together as a family.

It was a very quiet drive, just a reflection

and preparing for whatever it is that was going to happen.

REPORTER: Orthopedic surgeon Mark Jenkins and his team

were ready when Chris arrived.

He was very-- critical condition.

On one side, his pelvis was completely torn loose

and sort of almost torn loose and caught

and kind of pivoted up and was caught on the anterior

part of his sacrum.

The amount of energy required to cause that injury usually

leads to internal bleeding.

We just don't see those injuries,

because most people literally bleed to death before they ever

get to the hospital.

REPORTER: During surgery, doctors

discovered Chris had six broken ribs, several severed arteries

and ligaments, and serious damage to his liver.

He also went through 30 units of blood.

We just keep giving him blood, because they're losing it.

So, we replace all the blood in his body times two

to keep him alive.

It was a lot easier to give it over to God

than I thought it would be.

We don't imagine ourselves being in this situation.

And if we do, we think, oh, how bad it must be

or this is-- it was actually very

easy to say, God, this is yours, because we

are completely powerless.

REPORTER: In the meantime, Chris's family

had set up a pray for Chris Facebook page.

Be able to use that as a tool to get information out

to so many people and to have it shared, and shared again,

and shared again.

Thousands and thousands and thousands of people

were praying for a man they didn't even know.

REPORTER: After six hours in surgery,

Dr. Jenkins spoke with the family.

He came out and he said it couldn't have gone better.

And from what I understand and what was told to me,

Dr. Jenkins went in there and performed

perform that surgery of stabilizing those pelvis bones

in record time.

It was almost perfect.

But as we reflect on that, it was God's hand the whole way.

To see the X-rays of before and after is amazing.

It's amazing feeling, and just a sigh of relief.

So then we knew now it's the rehab part, but he lived.

He's alive.

He's put together.

REPORTER: The doctors expected Chris to be

in rehab for three months.

He cooperated.

He worked.

He did the exercises he was told to do,

and fought through a lot of pain.

The pain was pretty intense and constant.

But, nevertheless, it was-- we started

seeing results from his physical therapy within just a few days.

REPORTER: In two months, he was ready to go home.

Everyone that knows Chris says his recovery was a miracle.

NICOLE: I absolutely believe that there was a modern day


I mean, there's not anyone-- I know they happen every day.

Just in my life, in my scope, I felt it.

I saw it.

I mean, the presence of God was all around it.

It was amazing.

God put all of the things in place

almost perfectly for Chris to have

a 100% chance of surviving.

Hey, keep your shoulder up.

That's how coaches cheer.

There is no other way to explain it.

You know I've thought about it and what

I've heard from doctors, and they

thought I was going to be in hospital for months.

And I got out in two and started walking.

I can't explain it.

It's a miracle.

REPORTER: Thanksgiving of 2014, less than three months

after the accident, Chris was walking with a cane.

Now, the cane is long gone, and he's thankful for all those

who prayed for him.

Thank you so much.

I mean, there's no words.

I love you all and you helped save my life.

For me, the miracle is seeing these patients come back

to the clinic walking.

When you see a patient they say is not going to survive,

the miracle is that patient going on and further impacting

other people around him.

The miracle is that patient gets to continue

to interact with his family, and friends,

and go on and have an impact on other people's lives.

To me that's the bigger-- not living or dying,

but the impact on other people's lives.

I'd say the things I'm thankful for most is just

the time I get to spend here with my family.

And the more time we spend together,

the more I realize how lucky I am to have them in my life.

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