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NFL Legend Randall Cunningham Coaches Football and Lives

He was a dynamic NFL quarterback and playmaker. After retiring, he returned to where he played college football - Las Vegas - where he now influences lives and the city as both a pastor and high school football coach. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: The NFL's distinct and legendary, Randall Cunningham,

still leaves lasting impressions.

TYRECE NEWSOME-JOHNSON: Randall, he's my pastor, he's my mentor,

he's my coach.

I'll talk to him and it will make

me want to change my whole life around.

NARRATOR: As one of the most dynamic quarterbacks to impact

how his position is played, Randall

now coaches high school football in Las Vegas.

No, man, drop back and fire that thing, man.

NARRATOR: The once dual-passing, rushing

play-maker also makes impact on Sundays as a senior pastor.

RANDALL CUNNINGHAM: "Deny yourself, pick up your cross,

and follow Him."

When we decide to take that leap of faith and that step,

you're going into the unknown to serve the known God.

NARRATOR: Randall was known for his unique elusive skills that

earned him two league MVPs during his 16 year career.

How was God preparing you for what you're doing now?

Through the NFL, I learned so many things about patience,

about morals, integrity.

About denying myself and really go

to the deeper things of the Spirit,

rather than just looking at everything

as a surface element of life.

And being the first quarterback drafted in the '85 draft,

the NFL said, you're the best quarterback.

And I remember walking down the street one day and saying,

God, I owe you something.

He said, yeah, you owe me your life.

And so that experience was a road through Las Vegas.

NARRATOR: A road, where two years into his NFL career

while visiting a friend, Randall made a life-altering decision.

INTERVIEWER: Jesus is titled our Savior.

What has He rescued you from?

He's rescued me from myself and He's rescued me

from destruction.

I couldn't do it myself.

He said, freely you have received, freely you give.

And I think, OK, I've received salvation

and I'm going to freely give you my life.

NARRATOR: It was a collegiate life

that first brought him to Las Vegas,

where Randall drove UNLV to new heights.

While both quarterbacking and punting the Rebels

to their first, and only, 11-win season in conference


It was there he caught the eye of scouts,

when the city and young player developed a lasting bond.


been taught, remember where you came from.

And I didn't understand that comment until I really

became successful.

But then, when I came back to Vegas, it was an open door.

What is Vegas as you know it?

Well, I think of Vegas as a melting pot,

a valley of great opportunity.

You see these lights and all the other stuff that goes on.

And then you find the people and you find out

there are great churches here.

This is a family-oriented place.

So Sin City is just the will to sin.

They look at getting here and hiding and doing things,

and we're the people who pick up the pieces, pieces

of broken lives.

That's important to us, that we are here for other people.

NARRATOR: Here is where Randall pastors, Remnant Ministries.

A growing, thriving congregation that initiates

support for the community.

RANDALL CUNNINGHAM: He came to redeem us.

And that's the heart we have, we want

to see people redeemed, restored,

reconciled to their families, reconciled to God.

It's the Great Commission, I'm leaving you

with the responsibility to imitate Me.

You are My disciples, Christ would say, now go

and do what I've done.

And we have to be the vessels that look like Christ.

NARRATOR: So Randall went.

Silverado High School is just three miles down the road.

They needed a head coach.

Coach Cunningham answered, bringing a football mind

and pastoral heart to a captive audience.

You got to lead these guys.

Watch this, if you're walking around like this,

that's how they're going to play.

But if you go, come on guys, let's go, let's go,

that's how they're going to play.

Why do you choose to go to a high school football field?

I know that there are kids who don't have fathers.

Christ was a father to the fatherless.

There are orphans, people in society who are left out,

kids who don't have anybody to study with them,

kids who people have given up on,

kids who are searching for answers.

Just a little love, that's all it takes sometimes.

NARRATOR: And mostly all they can

give because of public school laws, as their administrators

clarify the boundaries of prayer with students,

many from single-parent families.

STACY JULIAN: If the kids ask you to pray,

if they engage you, then you can do it.

And so often they will ask for that.

Or while we're walking off from practice and they're saying,

hey, my mom lost her job, can you pray for her?

NARRATOR: Youth pastor and assistant coach, Stacy Julian,

sees how unconditional love satisfies a deeper hunger.

STACY JULIAN: Randall will often take as many kids

as can fit in our cars and take them over

to have lunch after practice.

And that's the relationship that we try to establish, is, hey,

we're here for you.

JORDAN WALKER: He gives me opportunities

to think about things that I do and the decisions

that we make as a person.

Think about who we are and others before us.

RANDALL CUNNINGHAM: There was a kid, he didn't play a lot.

As he was leaving, he was like, all right, Coach,

I'll see you later.

And I said, come here, man.

I said, I'm sorry I didn't play you very much.

He said, that's all right, Coach.

Can I have some of that food back there in the room.

And I said, get whatever you want.

And as I'm leaving, he says, Coach, I love you.

And I'm thinking, wow.

NARRATOR: The play-making great, Randall Cunningham,

takes his turn to be wowed while calling

the greatest plays of his life.

RANDALL CUNNINGHAM: You know, being a coach

and being a pastor are two different things.

We have to become all things to all men

that we might save some.

These kids will mature and understand

it's not about shallow living, it's

about the deeper things of life.

It changes a person's heart.


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