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Bring It On-Line: Boxing - November 22, 2016

Is boxing okay for young kids in a Christian church? Pat, on the November 9th show, you remarked that after death, we go to be with the Lord immediately; however, before the Rapture, we know the "dead in Christ" shall rise first, i.e., ... Read Transcript

But how wonderful to move on and

continue to make such a powerful impact.



Time for some Bring It On.


Let's do it.

Let's do it.

This first one comes from Dolores, who says,

is boxing OK for young kids in a Christian church?

Is it Christian?

Well, um-- I boxed-- I boxed in the golden gloves.

Well, when you're a kid in high school,

I think they either use 14 or 16 ounce gloves.

They're like pillows, you know, but you

can get hit pretty hard.

But you do a tremendous amount of physical training.

You do wind sprints, you do long running,

you do all kinds of exercise, and it

develops your coordination, your quickness,

and it also gives you some confidence.

So, I think it's not a bad thing.

But at the same time, getting on the-- I

did a-- with one, a light heavyweight boxer who came in

to do a demonstration, and I was holding the heavy bag for him

to hit.

And he hit it so hard, you know, he almost tore my shoulder off.

I mean, these guys-- I mean, they have permanent damage,

so when you move up into that league, you know,

cauliflower ears, and your brains

are scrambled, that's a whole different thing.

But in high school, hey, it's kind of a nice sport.


This is Allen who says, Pat, on the November 9th show you

remarked that after death we go to be with the Lord


However, before the Rapture we know that the dead in Christ

shall rise first.

Example, they're still in their graves.

Doesn't that seem contradictory?

Well, we've got a spirit, and we would talk about

the spirit-- first of all, the spirit goes to be with

the Lord.

When you die, the spirit, you know, goes to be with the Lord,

or it goes into a waiting place, Hades.

The Rapture kind of thing is talking about a new spirit,

a new body joined to that spirit.

It's two different things.

All right?

This is a viewer who says, I have

the understanding that everyone has a sin debt,

and that all of mankind has done evil in the sight of God

because of the fall of Adam.

So I wonder, what is 2 Corinthians 5:10 talking

about where it says, for we must all

appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may

receive the things done in the body

according to what he's done, whether good or bad.

So, is Christ going to deal with us about our faults?

Well, there's the Great White Throne judgment.

That is the final judgment of Heaven and Hell,

when the books will be opened, and so forth.

Now, the Bible says that if you will hear my word,

and you believe in him that sent me, you have everlasting life,

and you shall not go into judgement,

but you'll pass from death into life.

So, when you come to the Lord, you

are freed from that great white throne, ultimate condemnation.

But that doesn't mean you can live the way you want to,

and the so-called-- the Greek word

was bema, the judgment seat of Christ,

to receive the things that you've done to your body.

And so if you've led men into the Lord,

you've lived a righteous life, God will give you some reward.

And if you've done some things that are wrong,

you may have to pay the price of that.

There may be some punishment.

So, the answer is you're not just going to go scot free.

There'll be some accountability, according

to what the Apostle Paul said.

But it's hard to understand one with the other,

so I'm not gonna-- I can't-- I can't reconcile it.

All I can do is say that's what the Bible says, all right?

This is Connie, who says, where

do you see the Book of Maccabees in the Bible?

Well, that has to do with the interregnum time

from the fall of Jerusalem, and so forth.

Maccabees is not in the accepted scripture

that we use, either the Catholic or the Protestant Bible,

to my knowledge.

It certainly isn't in the King James, or any of the Bibles

that we are familiar with.

They don't include it.

It's considered sort of a sacred book,

it's a historical book at the time

of the Maccabees in Israel.

OK, this is Vernon, who says, how

do the quote "just receive mercy laid up for the wicked?"

Well-- well-- these things are poetic, you know?

I mean, it's a poetic statement.

How do they-- the wicked are heaping up evil,

or they're heaping up good things,

and the righteous will receive, you know,

what the wicked have been laying up.

So, I think in secular terms, in temporal terms,

the wicked will heap up money, and heap up treasures,

but God says that's reserved for the righteous,

and ultimately the righteous will receive that,

and I think it will work out that way.

It may take a few generations, but it will work out

that way, that the wicked are gonna lose their money,

and the righteous are going to be blessed.

All right?

OK, this is a viewer who says, I'm not trying to condone sin,

but I want to know, did Jesus die for my lifetime of sins?

Well, sure.

He died for our sins.

You know, I really appreciate what

the pope had to say recently, that the mercy of God

extends to every sin, and especially abortion.

That there's no sin that the grace of God cannot cover.

That was a beautiful statement.

So, all sins and blasphemies will

be forgiven the sons of men, except the blasphemy

against the Holy Spirit, which is ultimately

refusing to accept Jesus.

But that's what the Bible tells us,

and it's a comforting thought.

He's not going to forgive just half your sin,

or a third of your sins.

I mean, Jesus died to cleanse you all,

so that you can be with him in Heaven forever.

And we're supposed to have our conscience cleansed

from dead works, that we might serve the living God.

He doesn't want us always living over and over again,

oh, I did that wrong, oh, it was so bad,

I did that terrible thing, and God's going to punish me.

He says, no, you're my child, you're accepted,

you're part of my family, and I've washed you,

and cleansed you in the blood of Christ.

Thank you.

Well, that's all the time we have

for today, but good questions.


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