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Praying For Your Needs: November 24, 2016

Pat and Terry pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing. Read Transcript

But we have some thanks, praise reports

that we want to pray for you.

This is Linda, who lives in-- I think this is--

I'm saying this correctly, Mesquite, Nevada.

She had terrible shoulder pain for nearly a year,

couldn't lift her arm from her body.

Physical therapy didn't help.

Then one day she's watching this program,

and you said, "You have a problem with your shoulder.

It's like a frozen shoulder you're

going to be able to move it."

She claimed the word, heard a pop inside her shoulder

and instantly was healed with no pain since.


Well this is Donna.

She lives in Mount Airy, North Carolina.

She was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 1997,

and she's been having pain in her hips ever since.

One day, she was watching the 700 Club

and you, Terry, had a word of knowledge,

quote, "You have a problem in your hips.

You have constant swelling, and you've got arthritis there.

Donna said, "That's me.

I'll claim that word."

She stood up.

That pain of rheumatoid arthritis was completely gone.

Gone in Mount Airy, North Carolina.

You didn't know Donna in Mount Airy.

But I'm very happy for her.

I mean, God knew her.

God knows.

He knows who you are.

He knows your struggles.

He knows what you're suffering.

And once you come to Him you don't

have to talk God into doing something good for you.

He loves you.

So enter into his love.

Terry and I are going to join hands right now.

We're going to believe God right at this moment.

Father, I agree on this Thanksgiving

with my dear sister.

We agree together in Jesus' name for those in this audience who

are suffering.

Somebody has a bladder-- has bladder cancer

and God has just reached and you'll

feel a fire in that area of your--

it'll be like your abdomen and you are completely

healed in Jesus' name.

And there's someone else.

You have some kind of a vitamin deficiency

and it's in your nail beds of your hands

as well as your feet.

And it's so unsightly and unpleasant.

God's healing that and correcting the situation

in your body right now.

Just receive it in Jesus' name.

Charlie, you've got-- it looks like tonight you a ringing

in your ear, and it just drives you crazy right now.

That ringing is going to stop.

Your ears are going to completely open in Jesus' name.

Dutch, right now.

Yeah and someone else you've had a collarbone injury

from a fall and it's just been so difficult

getting it to heal correctly.

But right now, the hand of God has just touched you.

You're healed.

You'll feel the warmth to go through that part

of your body in Jesus' name.

Mary Lou, you're being healed of lupus.

That thing has really been-- you've

been crying out to the Lord.

Right now, your skin is going to be clear.

Just wipe your hand across your face.

Any lingering results of that lupus is taken away.

You are whole in Jesus' name.

Now, Lord, we thank you on this Thanksgiving.

We thank you for Jesus.

We thank you for your love.

And we thank you for your mercy.

Now, Lord, continue all over this audience

to answer the prayer of your people.

Hear them and bless them this day in Jesus' name.


And Amen.

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