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Bring It On-Line: - November 28, 2016

My mother has been in a five year relationship with a married man, should I say something? Should we be thanking the Holy Spirit himself? Is there a rapture or a separation of those who love God and the Wicked? Read Transcript

Let's bring it on.

Let's bring it on.

This is Rainee, who says, "My mother has been in a five year

relationship with a man who is still legally married

to his second wife.

I find it strange that she's still

in a relationship with him, because she is a Christian.

I don't think sleeping with a married man is right.

Should I say something?

Of course you should.

They call that adultery.

And that's one of the commandments, at number seven.

One of the big 10.

When you're married, you're married.

I mean, sex outside of marriage is what they call fornication,


And the Bible is pretty specific about it.

But adultery is something else.

And I don't know what's the matter with your mother.

I mean, this thing is a mess.

There's so many relationships in today's world

that are such a mess.

But people have allowed themselves

to get into these deals and they say, but I love him

and love is so strong.

Yeah, sure.

But you're breaking the law.

And God will not permit it.

All right?

This is Ed, who says, "I always

hear people ask questions, such as, will we see Jesus?

Will we see God?

Will we see our loved ones?

I never hear anyone ask, will we see the Holy Spirit?

We always thank God for the Holy Spirit,

but should we thanking the Holy Spirit himself?

What do you think seeing Him would be like?

I don't think there is a seeing.

He's a spirit.

And I don't think-- the love that God has for the Son

creates, in a sense, a spirit that comes forth

from father and son.

And it's the expression of the love between the two, father

and son.

So to say, I'm going to see a spirit, I don't think-- I mean,

you can spend your mind inquiring

about a whole lot of other things better than that one,

but I don't think that's realistic.

You will definitely see Jesus.

And I don't know if God will show His face to you,

but we will behold His glory.

And we will be like Him, for we will see Him

as He is, all right?

This is Daisey, Pat, who says, "I grew up in a church

where I was taught that in the end of times,

there's no rapture, but that the separation of those who

love God and the wicked witches going to occur on the last day.

Is this true?"

Well, I think that's close to being correct.

I think that there's going to be a, quote, "rapture."

The dead in Christ will rise and we who remain

will be caught up to be with them in the air.

That's what the Bible says.

But the idea of a secret rapture,

then seven more years afterward--

it's false eschatology.

And I don't agree with that.

But yes, at the end of time, He will send His angels

and gather His elect from the four corners of the earth.

Well, that's all the time we got.

I wish we had more to discuss.

These are the good questions.

Well, we leave you with today's Power Minute from the Psalms.

"God sets the solitary in families.

He brings up those who were bound into prosperity."

Families and prosperity.

That's a good son.


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