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NBA MVP Stephen Curry Maintains Disciplined Focus On Life

He’s a household name around the world for basketball fans, but Stephen Curry doesn’t let the glitz and glamour of sports superstardom distract him from his firm foundation in Jesus Christ. Read Transcript

You can get lost in the daily routines and the hype of what

we do on the floor and forget why we're here.

NARRATOR: Steph Curry is basketball's

distinguished sharp shooter, an NBA champion and back-to-back

MVP, after becoming the league's first unanimous selection

to win the award.

His growing acclaim raises expectations.

And it definitely become harder to stay at that level,

because you have a bullseye on your back.

You're under a bigger-- I guess you

could you call it a bigger microscope.

And there's much more scrutiny, criticism, praise, all that,

that you have to deal with.

NARRATOR: Steph had to first deal

with being overlooked, attending small Davidson College

when big universities offered no recruiting interest.

NBA scouts then questioned his size and skill set

prior to the 2009 draft, before the struggling Golden State

Warriors took him with a seventh pick.

Are there days when you come in here and you're thinking,

how did I get here?


There are times where I think back

to when I was drafted and didn't know exactly the direction we

were going, a losing team, and to now where we're

playing for championships and have a huge stage

to play on every single night we step on the floor.

So it's an amazing journey and something

I'm very grateful of the entire journey to get here.

NARRATOR: Here is Oracle Arena, home of the Warriors

and hub for a rabid national and local fan base.

For a Carolina kid, what makes the Bay Area

a great place to play and to pour into?

STEPHEN CURRY: There, it's so culturally diverse,

and there's so many different people

from different backgrounds, and it's obviously

a beautiful landscape.

You've got, obviously the Bay.

You've got San Francisco, Oakland.

So there's just a lot of variety in a very small space.

You can tell the people who live here love it,

and they receive us on the basketball floor so well.

They support us.

They're passionate fans and care about what

the Warriors are up to.

NARRATOR: A team that's up to being the league's

elite, with Steph's signature three-point shot

resetting his own NBA record in each of the past three seasons.

What, for you, is the most important component

to your outside shooting?

Consistency with your base and fundamentals.

So you look at the greatest shooters in basketball history,

not one person shoots like another person.

They all have a very unique form.

But they're the ones that can repeat that form over and over

and over again with little change each time so

that they are a more accurate shooter when it's pressure time

or when they're open, not open, whatever.

INTERVIEWER: On your release, what are you

looking, at where's your focus?

It's on the rim as I'm shooting.

After I shoot, when the ball is halfway up

towards the rim, I kind of stare at the ball

just to see how it's rotating, see what line it's on.

You usually know at that point whether you're

going to make it or miss it.

And then you lie it back on the rim

to hopefully see that ball go right through the net.

His scoring skills are on a fast break

of their own, quick enough to earn Steph

a reputation as the NBA's greatest shooter ever.

But of all the shots that the billboard wonder treasures,

it's the sure a shot that anchors his soul.

I've learned well from my parents.

They set a very, very high standard of who you are

and what you believe and how Jesus

can work through you on a daily basis

should be at the forefront.

And that should be able to navigate you

through whatever life situation you're in

and to not be ashamed of that.

NARRATOR: His dad, Dell Curry, played 16 NBA seasons.

Growing up in a basketball family

gave Steph a nurturing model, shared among teammates.

The brotherhood that is on this team runs deep,

and we know there are a lot of guys that are similar in faith.

How does the Christianity, the brotherhood among brothers,

play into that?

You ask anybody in their walk of faith,

it's all about finding accountability partners

and finding people that can encourage you in your walk,

knowing nobody's perfect, that we all

have very similar temptations, struggles

through our entire walk of faith.

So for us and on the court, we all

grind and compete on the floor, so why

not grind and compete in our spiritual walk

together as well?

NARRATOR: The overlap, for both player and person,

becomes intention.

We have a group chat.

We call it the Discipleship Group,

where we share Bible verses every single day and kind of

do a Bible study through text message Every game day,

we have 10, 11 guys show up for the 30-minute Bible study

and prayer service.

Daily encouragement, that's the biggest thing.

NARRATOR: Steph shares encouragement

from his platform, donating chemically

treated bed nets internationally by every three-pointer

he makes, with the Nothing But Nets campaign.

How satisfying, Steph, is that for you

to be able to impact lives a half a world away?

STEPHEN CURRY: It's definitely gratifying

to know we're saving lives.

Malaria is a devastating disease, especially

for kids under the age of five.

So families in Africa, who are in malaria prevalent areas,

those parents can't protect their young ones

from a mosquito bite and the negative effects of malaria

without our help and without these nets.

And this is an issue that we can eradicate.

It's something that's preventable,

and we're on that mission.

NARRATOR: Steph Curry, the basketball shotsmith,

double dribbles his discipleship into the game he plays

and into the lives he influences outside of it.

STEPHEN CURRY: That's the hardest part--

how crazy society is and the pace of our life right now.

You have to be able to continue to get fed every single day,

because there are distractions left and right.

Find ways to impact people with how

you walk, whether you say anything or not,

that they can see something that's

different about how you carry yourself,

and that's the Father, Jesus.

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