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Can You Eat "Real" Food for 100 Days?

Author Lisa Leake discusses her challenge to eat real food versus processed foods and shares a few recipes! Read Transcript

Well, Pat, you're gonna like this

because we all know that eating processed food is bad for us.

But you're about to meet a mom who

decided to do something radical about it.

She and her family went 100 days without eating any processed


She recovered their real food journey on her blog,

and it exploded, from 50 readers to millions,

all around the globe.

Take a look.

WOMAN: Lisa Leake is a popular blogger and a busy mom of two.

Six years ago, Lisa got a huge wake up

call when she learned the truth about what

she was feeding her kids.

After extensive research, Lisa we

relearned how to shop and cook with real food

instead of processed food for her family.

In her cookbook, "100 Days of Real Food,"

Lisa shares how a typical suburban family can survive

and even thrive using recipes made

with wholesome and familiar ingredients.

Please welcome to "The 700 Club"

the author of "100 Days of Real Food-- Fast and Fabulous."

Lisa Leake, I love that second line, fast and fabulous.

Yes, that's what we all need these days.

Yes, what initiated all of this for you, Lisa?

Well, I got a huge wake up call one

evening when I was watching a TV program that talked about where

our food comes from.

And I realized I had no idea, and that

might be a big problem.

So I went on to do loads of research

and learned that a lot of what I thought was healthy at the time

was actually highly processed.

So I completely overhauled our diet.

So you came up with this idea of challenging

your family to 100 days of just eating real food.

How did they react to that?

Well, you know, actually they were very much onboard.

Once I explained, especially to the kids,

that we want to be healthy, we want to eat right,

you know, this will help Mommy and Daddy live longer,

they were onboard.

But I wanted to do the pledge as a way

to draw attention to how dependent Americans have become

on processed food.

I was hoping to get others to join us along the way.

Well, tell me, what are some of the things,

because it's probably true for all of us, that you thought

were OK for your family but you found out to be not so healthy?

Yes, that is right.

So we developed some real food rules,

and those are basically to eat 100% whole grains.

So no white flour or refined grains,

which I was eating a lot of, no refined sugars at all,

so we only eat natural sweeteners in moderation, honey

and pure maple syrup.

And also this is the big one, nothing

out of a package with more than five ingredients.

So I know a lot of friends and family

thought we might start with that one.

But again, that just shows how dependent

we are on packaged food.

I know this was an adjustment for your family,

but it had to be an adjustment for you, shopping as well.

Oh, yes.

How did you adapt to all of that?

Yes, I had to relearn how to food shop

and cook for my family, and it was not easy.

So that is why I started my blog and wrote my cookbooks,

because I worked so hard to figure out how to do this.

And without, you know, losing my mind,

I wanted to put all of the information

together that I learned and give it to others

to make it easier for them.

Were you stunned by people's reaction?


I mean, millions of people following you

around the globe, that's pretty--

I'm totally shocked.

I just started this because I felt very passionate

about sharing this message.

I had no idea, no clue, where it would take me.

But I never would look back.

Did you see any health benefits that

were obvious along the way?

Yes, very much so, so my younger daughter,

she struggled with constipation.

Like, a lot of children are on medication for that.

Within five days, it was like a switch had flipped in her.

I could not believe the change.

She also struggled with asthma a lot,

and we saw an amazing improvement in her asthma.

And then for the adults, my good cholesterol,

the HDL number that you want to be high, went up by 50%.

And at that point, I thought, I wasn't really eating

that bad before, was I?

But even my doctor was surprised.

And then also we have more energy.

And really a lot of the changes, you just

wonder what else is going on in your body

that you can't measure or see.

Well you've done the homework for all of the rest of us,

which is pretty wonderful because it's sometimes hard,

I think, with all the processed food to see what's good.

So let's start down here.

We're going to show you a typical day of real food,

starting with breakfast.

What do you have here?

Well, and actually breakfast is a great place to start.

People get overwhelmed trying to make changes.

But if you just start with breakfast

and clean that up first before you

move on to the other meals of the day,

it can really make a difference.

So this is avocado toast, and it's topped

with these lovely radishes.

And even if you aren't a fan of radishes,

I think this is a great dish to just try them.

You know, this is about trying new whole foods as well.

You could put cucumbers on there

if you didn't like the taste of them.

You could.

You could, or you could just leave the radishes off.

But I really love this combination.

And even my kids, they will devour this, believe it or not.

I'm sure it's good.

Take a chance.

Make a change.

And then you've got lunches here.


A school lunch and a business lunch.

Yes, that is right.

So this is just an example of how you

could pack this into lunches.

This is veggie cream cheese.

I actually love cucumbers on sandwiches.

You could also have this veggie cream cheese

with crackers or as a dip.

And I share pictures on my Facebook page

quite often of what I packed my kids for lunch.

Little snacky, dried fruit.

Yes, they would totally gobble up a lunch like this.

What is this?

This is a whole wheat couscous and tomato salad.

So this is pearled couscous, so it's a little bit bigger.

I absolutely love this dish.

It has tomatoes and feta cheese and cucumbers.

If you had to pack a lunch for work,

this could be more for an adult taste.

You could put this together with some hummus and pita bread.

I want to be sure we get to the dessert.

Tell me about your dinner.

This is a roasted pork tenderloin, so,

so quick and easy to do this.

You mix together some spices with olive oil,

brush it on, and just put it in the oven.

And you're serving it with--

Yes, I call this a rice pilaf because it's actually with

whole-grain orzo pasta because brown rice will take 30 to 40

minutes to make.

This only takes 15 minutes.

So again, I'm all about saving you time.

And now we have Brussels sprouts.

Yes, the secret ingredient in this Brussels sprout dish

is actually apple juice.

So you make the bacon, and then you saute the Brussels sprouts.

And you steam them with the apple juice.

It adds some great flavor, and try that one

on the kids for sure.

Yes, and dessert, you don't want

to feel like you can't have dessert.

So tell me.

We're going to actually do this here, correct?

Yes, we do.

We are.

We do.

We're starting with some butter.

Yes, we do love a sweet treat on occasion.

So we want to put the butter in there.

We're going to make cinnamon-glazed bananas.

And right here, I have some pure maple syrup.

And so you're just going to melt all of this together,

and we're going to put some cinnamon and vanilla extract

in here.

And if you don't like bananas, you

could do this with another fruit, like strawberries.

You know, you could get creative.

And so as you can see--

Are we needing that, or did you put it in already?

No, that was the cinnamon, so I think we're good.

So we're just going to let this melt,

and then what you're going to do is

wait for this mixture to bubble, bubble up.

That smells so wonderful.

Yes it does, especially this time

of year with the cinnamon in here.

And so once this bubbles up, which it's already

starting to do, we're going to throw in the sliced bananas.

Real food.

You can eat this just by itself.

But if you really want a special treat, you could serve this.

Probably had breakfast first.

Oh, yes, you could eat this for breakfast.

So you could eat this by itself, or you

could serve it over ice cream.

Now most store-bought ice cream is

going to contain refined sugar.

So that would be a special treat,

which now that our pledge is over,

we'll have a special treat like that on occasion.

Or I make homemade ice cream, and you can then--

Which is fun for the whole family.

Yes, so fun, and you can sweeten it

with more natural sweetener, and you can also

put less sweetener in there.

So here we are.

So you're just going to spoon.

Here's a spoon if you want to do that.

And you're just going to spoon it over some of this ice cream.

We'll turn that heat off, and we'll spoon it right over top.

This smells divine.


That's OK.

Think of it as decoration.

I know, but we can eat it without the ice cream, too.

That's beautiful and smells delicious.


So the whole theme of all the recipes in this book

is to be very quick and easy.

See how fast that came together?

But pretty as well, everything that you've shown

here is beautifully displayed.

Well, I like good food, too, so I wanted to take--

I'm going to pull this out of here because your cookbook is

pretty, too.

Oh, thank you.

I collect cookbooks, and this one is so nicely done.

It's spelled out so simply.

I mean, the recipes that are in here,

if you want to simplify your life,

make things healthy for your family,

there are 100 real food recipes in Lisa's

book, along with the shopping tips she has to share

and much more.

It's called "100 Days of Real Food-- Fast and Fabulous."

Every mom and dad wants that.

It's available where books are sold.

Plus, we have a web exclusive interview

with Lisa on our Facebook page.

So if you'd like to watch that, go to

We'll be right back after this.

Thank you so much.

Thank you.

What a great treat.

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