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Leap of Faith Leads to New Frontier

Richard's law practice suffered after the military base near his home closed. Funds dwindled, but then hope came—on the condition they start a new life from scratch. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Richard Jason had a successful law

practice in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

for most of his career.

I was very good at disability cases.

I did Social Security Disability and Worker's Comp cases.

NARRATOR: But in 1994, a nearby military base closed.

As the local population diminished, so did his income.

His wife Lynn worked with him and remembers that time.

There'd be less and less appointments,

less and less ability for people to pay their bills.

RICHARD JASON: I discussed it with my wife,

and I said that, you know, if things continue the way they

are, that at some point I don't believe

that I'm going to be able to make a living as an attorney

here in the Upper Peninsula.

NARRATOR: Although their income took a hit,

Richard says he wasn't worried about the future,

because he knew the secret to financial stability-- tithing.

RICHARD JASON: I continued to tithe through it all.

I really do believe that, you know,

the blessings that come from tithing

are something that if we put into practice

in our daily lives now, that God will bless us for doing so.

NARRATOR: The Jasons believe that happened when Richard

got a phone call from a friend who told him about job

opportunities in Austin, Texas.

The idea of moving and starting from scratch

in a new part of the country seemed daunting,

but Richard and Lynn believed that God

would provide for them.

RICHARD JASON: Right from the start,

I had a steady source of referrals.

In the long run, I think it did better financially for us

and for me to really grow.

RICHARD JASON: You know, the way things

worked out for me, in hindsight, I

could not have ordered them any better myself.

NARRATOR: The Jasons are now enjoying retirement.

They continue to tithe to their church

and give to ministries they believe in, like CBN.

LYNN JASON: Oh, I really like CBN.

They're into so many things that I couldn't possibly do myself.

And it's so cool that I can help in some way.

RICHARD JASON: And one of the things that I really like

is when they drill for water.

You're improving, like, their health and their daily living.

NARRATOR: They are quick to say their success

has come from doing things God's way with finances.

LYNN JASON: You have to have trust in the Lord.

There is no other way.

You do have to tithe.

And you may think that you can't afford it,

but you can't afford not to tithe.

If you're having financial difficulties,

one of the fastest ways that you can do that

is start honoring God by giving Him of your first fruits.

Give Him of your first 10%, no matter what it is,

and see what He starts to do with it.

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