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Bring It On-Line: - December 7, 2016

I want to leave my husband. As a Christian woman, what should I do? Why did the wise men give Jesus the gifts they did? I fell in love with a woman that is in a relationship. Should I move on? Read Transcript

Well, it's time to bring it on and Pat is ready.

Peggy writes in she says, I've been

married to the same man for 38 years,

but lately this marriage is wearing me down.

We're currently living in a fixer upper house

but I have been two years now without a hot water

heater, proper heating, and no insulation.

I told my husband, before winter began a year ago, I could not

continue living like this, but now one year later everything

is the same.

I seriously want to leave my husband

and go rent or buy a home with these basic needs.

As a Christian woman, what should I do?


As a Christian woman you've got

to remember you've made some vows,

if you had a Christian wedding, and you said in your vows,

for richer, for poorer, for better, or for worse,

in sickness, and in health, and till death do us part.

And you made those vows, and now you're

obviously living through them.

You picked a guy who apparently is a loser, but you did it.

You made a decision, and then you've

been married to him for how many years, 30-some years.

38, But just the last two she's

been living without hot water.

So she hasn't got hot water, tough luck.

I mean sickness and in health, for richer or poor.

It looks like to me though, in all seriousness,

you can get that guy some counseling about how

to handle money.

And you have to have hot water.

You have to have heat.

I mean this is ridiculous, you're

living in the United States of America.

This isn't some third world country.

And I don't know what's going on but this isn't kind of like,

get up, leave off the key, Lee, and get out the back, Jack.

I mean you're there.

You've made that decision, and you have to live with it.

But what I do recommend is somehow

you get some financial counseling for your husband.

There's got to be something.

I can't imagine that you don't have some kind of welfare,

or something, that would help you get a hot water heater.

I mean you know these things really aren't that expensive.

A hot water heater, it's not big money,

and so you can get one maybe on credit or something.

But I don't understand you got to live on something,

doesn't make any money at all?

I mean there has to be something behind the scenes on this one.

How come you're doing what you're doing?

I just want to get a hold of this guy

and say, take care of your wife.

God gave you a wife.

Take care of yourself here.

Coal, for heaven's sake.

You've got to have some heat in your house,

or it's going to be cold.

By the way Chicago, can you believe

they had the biggest first of the season snowstorms

they've ever had in their history to yesterday.

No way.

Yeah it was six inches of snow, first snow, biggest

they've ever had, and it's going to be a freezing cold winter.

So please get some heat in your house.

OK, what's next?

All right Blake says, hi Pat.

When was our Savior born and why did the wise men give him

the gifts that they did?

Good grief, all right well, we think that he was born,

you can go back in the Hebrew calendar

and see when these things would have happened.

The winter solstice is when the pagans began

to put December the 25th, so there

was shepherds out in the field.

So it couldn't have been freezing cold,

the chances are it was more like in the spring.

So the wise men came a long time after the birth of Jesus.

I mean they saw his star and it was probably a couple years


And what did they-- well, the gold has to do with the king,

the frankincense is a worship to God,

and the myrrh was bitter and had to do with the death,

and so it was preparing him for death and honor him as a King.

All right.

All right Nick says, I have been in love

with this girl for two years.

I fell in love with her before I knew she has a boyfriend.

I asked God to show me signs if she's the one.

I got the first three signs in my favor, but I kept doubting.

I thought it was too good to be true.

Then I asked for two more signs and they didn't come about.

Should I move on because I failed in having faith

that she will be my wife?

I know one person who got married to the wrong person

and told me, well I heard chimes,

and the wind blew through the chimes,

and I took that as a symbol that he was the guy.

He wasn't the guy, and they wound up getting divorced.

So what are all these signs?

I mean, the girl is married or engaged to somebody else,

so you might ask her if she would be interested in getting

involved with you.

But I think in my opinion, decide

are you going to wait for three more signs,

and God's going to give you.


At some point you've got to put your faith into action.

Go up to her and say, you know, hey.

There are ways that God speaks to you.

He speaks to you through visions, through dreams,

through the word of God, through godly counsel,

through all those things, and through the anointing

of Holy Spirit.

Let the peace of God be an empire in your heart.

All those things, and I don't think you've got any of that,

it doesn't sound like.


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