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Bring It On-Line: - December 8, 2016

My daughter has an anger problem, what do I do? How will President Trump's cabinet nominations be affected by the razor thin majority of the Senate? Is it a sin to donate your body to science? Read Transcript

Well, it's time to bring it on with your email questions.

And this first one comes from a viewer

named Becky who says, "I have one daughter and two

wonderful grandsons.

They only live 25 minutes away.

Yet my grandsons don't know where I live and have never

been brought to visit me.

I used to go see them all the time,

but it was always because I initiated.

My daughter has always been very disrespectful.

I allowed it to keep the peace.

I dread the holidays because I sit home alone now,

praying for my family.

I love my daughter, but her anger problem

is out of control.

And her husband says she needs space.

What do I do?"

You know, the Bible says that if you bring up a child

in the way that they should go when they get old,

they don't depart from it.

And you have to invest a lot in kids when they are little.

And if you do, when they get old, they don't depart from it.

I wonder if you love that daughter the way she should,

and part of love is discipline.

If you let some kid just do whatever

they want to do and run all over you,

then you haven't loved them.

You didn't bring them up in the way they should go.

So now it's there the way it is.

I know this is hurtful.

You know, Terry and I were just talking

about families that cut each other and hurt each other.

It's so wonderful to have family that loves each other,

and the children love one another.

And the siblings love each other.

That's the way it ought to be.

If you bring them up that way, that's

the way they'll be because they're serving Jesus.

So is it too late?

Not really, but I'm afraid in this one you've got no choice

but to keep on initiating.

If you want to see the grandkids,

you've got to go see them.

I'm sorry, but that's nothing else.

There's always a possibility to get counseling

for that daughter.

I mean, she's breaking the laws of God, you know.

But she needs space.

That's baloney.

Another thing is, just for your own personal heart

and well-being, you might find some young kids in your church

that don't have a grandma and that would love to have

somebody to bake cookies with and spend time together.

And initiate that.

You know, feel that gap in your life.

Start a new family, and make the others jealous.

There you go.

Well, that wasn't exactly what I'd intended, but whatever.

Well, that's part of it.

Marianne says, "if there's no sin that cannot be forgiven,

yet at the same time, if you do not forgive others then you

cannot be forgiven, explain that.

For me, that's a contradiction.

I know both are in the Bible.

But it seems to me that if you're

unable to forgive someone, this is a sin.

And you should be able to ask God

to add that to those things for which you need to be forgiven."

It's not a sin.

It's an attitude of mind and heart.

If you are not willing to forgive others,

then you have blocked off the power of forgiveness

that comes from God.

And in order to receive the blessings of God,

you have to be in a state of being born again.

And how you get born again is to ask for forgiveness.

And so it all is a process.

It isn't a question of sin and some little lie that says, OK.

I'm OK because I didn't do this.

It's the attitude of your heart, where you're

open to the forgiveness of God.

And the way to get open to the forgiveness of God

is to open yourself to forgive others.

That's the way it works, all right?

This is Steve, Pat, who says, "since the Republicans have

a razor-thin majority in the Senate,

how will President-elect Trump's cabinet nominations be


Well, we talked about with our guest earlier today, razor thin

is all you need right now.

All you need is a majority.

And you see, we've got the vice president.

Even in ties, he breaks the ties.

So that gives you a little extra edge.

So I think the Republicans, they've

got to jam these things through.

They cannot allow one or two people in the Senate to say,

well, I want to have senatorial privilege and all that.

I'm sorry.

We got an election.

Trump got elected.

He has a right to pick his own cabinet,

and he needs to get his government in place

as fast as possible.

They just have to, as I say, jam it through, all right.

OK, here's a quick last one. "I'm 54.

I have lupus.

I want to donate my body to science to help find a cure.

My question is, would it be a sin

to donate my body to science?

I don't see anything in the Bible

that says you need your body to enter the Kingdom of God."

Well, I think you're absolutely right.

I think that that's a noble thing

to do, to let science have a chance to help somebody else

after you've left this world.

When your spirit leaves, you know, the body, what is it?

$0.95 worth of chemicals, that's all it is.

And at the resurrection, the Lord can give you a new body

and clothe the spirit.

But it's the spirit that leaves.

So you're not going to donate your spirit to somebody.

That's going to be with the Lord.


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