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News on The 700 Club: December 20, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," December 20: Questions loom as authorities investigate Berlin, Russian terror attacks; 'We Did It!' Electoral College makes Trump victory official, and more. Read Transcript

Welcome, folks, to this edition of "The 700 Club."

Well, at least phase two is over.

The Electoral College has voted as they should have,

and they have nominated Mr. Trump as the next president

of the United States.

And all that's waiting now is to have him sworn in in January.

But you know, if the Republicans had done what the Democrats

have done, the media wouldn't-- you would never hear the end

of it.

It is shameful.

It is disgusting.

It is appalling, and not to mention

the fact they're sore losers.

I cannot believe it.

But what they did to try to turn the electoral college,

fortunately, those people held true.

As a matter of fact, they dislodged several electors

from Hillary to Trump.

So instead of taking them from Trump to Hillary,

they got some of hers.

But that's another story.

But listen, this thing is over.

These guys have got to get together and say, look,

we're Americans.

Let's make this country great.

They cannot continue this partisan stuff.

And if they do, they're going to get

less and less and less and less effect

in the general population.

They're going to continue to lose.

And instead of looking at themselves

and saying, what did we do wrong,

they are pointing their fingers at the Russians and hacking

and Assange and all these people.


It is the fact that they didn't touch the heartland of America.

Well, terrorists have unleashed more of their evil at Christmas


And this is their game.

It's a Christian holiday.

They want to destroy Christians.

This is anti-Christian.

You've got to name it what it is.

It's Islamic terrorism aimed at Christians.

A man drove a truck into a Christmas market

in Berlin, plowing over people.

He killed at least 12 and injured nearly 50.

And in Turkey, a gunman assassinated

the Russian ambassador.

Now a man has fired shots outside the US embassy

in Turkey, rattling nerves even more.

Charlene Aaron has more on these shocking attacks.

CHARLENE AARON: Christmas day festivities turned to horror

when a truck plowed through an open air market in Berlin.

It came in through the entrance,

hit the sides of the barriers, and then carried on past us.

CHARLENE AARON: Thousands of locals and tourists

were enjoying pre-Christmas celebrations.

It happened really, really fast.

I thought it was a runaway truck that was out of control,

maybe somebody who was drunk or didn't know how to drive.

CHARLENE AARON: Police say the driver of a delivery truck

intentionally jumped the sidewalk at a high speed

and ripped through shops and crowds.

German chancellor Angela Merkel says authorities

believe it was a terror attack.

The driver fled the scene but was later captured.

German media report that the suspect

is a Pakistani citizen who came to Germany

as a refugee in February, 2016.

In July, an ISIS terrorist killed 86 people

when he rammed a truck into a crowd at a Bastille Day

celebration in Nice, France.

Since then, ISIS has encouraged followers

to repeat truck attacks.

Last month, a man used a car to carry out

an attack on the campus of Ohio State University.

In another brazen act of terrorism, a gunman in Turkey

assassinated Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov Monday

in front of cameras, shouting Allahu Akbar,

and referring to Aleppo, Syria.

Turkish and Russian leaders say the assassination

was an attempt to disrupt efforts to repair ties

between the two countries, which have been strained

by the Syrian Civil War.

"The Daily Mail" reports the shooter is also heard shouting,

we are the descendants of those who supported the prophet

Muhammad for jihad.

Turkish media say that phrase is similar to the anthem

of Al-Nusra, which is Al Qaeda in Syria.

The gunman was later killed in a shootout with police.

President-elect Donald Trump blames Islamic terrorism

for the deadly violence in Turkey and Germany,

stating that we need to start thinking differently

about the threat from Islamist terror.

Trump said the Islamic State group

and other Islamic terrorists continually

slaughter Christians in their communities

and places of worship as part of their global jihad.

Here at home, Homeland Security officials

issued a warning that holiday celebrations could be targeted.

In New York, the NYPD is on high alert,

posting armed guards at holiday markets.

Charlene Aaron, "CBN News."

Do you realize the FBI anti-terrorism training manual

had 1,000 pages removed dealing with jihad,

anything that talked about Islamic, Muslim jihad,

or any anything, global terrorism,

springing from that operation was stripped from our books.

We were not allowed to use the term jihad.

That's a legacy of the Obama administration

that, thankfully, we will be free of in another 60 days

or so.

It's just unbelievable that they shut their eyes to this.

But now, Trump's naming it is what it is.

We know what it is.

And it's time we identify the enemy

and then go after it with both guns blazing.

Well, as I said before, it's official.

Donald Trump has won the Electoral College vote,

making him the next president of the United States.

John Jessup has more.

That is right, Pat.

And that vote officially makes Donald Trump the 40th president

of the United States.

The voting mostly went off without a hitch

despite some angry protests and attempts

to overturn the election results.

Vote sanity and stability, no Trump.

Never asked for this.

I never ran for it.

I never held my hand up for it.

It's a scary thing.

We're afraid of what's going to happen with this guy.

JOHN JESSUP: In the final tally, Trump

finished with 304 electoral votes,

while Clinton ended up with 227.

Two electors from Texas refused to vote for Trump,

while Hillary Clinton had four electors who also defected.

Trump tweeted after the vote, we did it.

Thank you to all of my great supporters.

We just officially won the election

despite all of the distorted and inaccurate media.

Trump will officially take office

on January 20 of next year.

Well, North Carolina lawmakers are

preparing to overturn the state's controversial bathroom


It sparked a national debate and boycotts, opponents

calling it an attack on transgender rights,

while supporters say it is a protective measure

to keep sexual predators from attacking women.

The law required people to use bathrooms

based on their biological sex.

Outgoing Republican Governor Pat McCrory

has called a special session to repeal it by December 31.

He's taking the step because the city of Charlotte just repealed

its nondiscrimination measure that

started the whole controversy.

McCrory says this new move proves

it was all politically motivated,

saying, this sudden reversal with little notice

after the gubernatorial election sadly

proves this entire issue, originated

by the political left, was all about politics

and winning the governor's race at the expense of Charlotte

and our entire state.

Well, warmer weather is on the way, welcome news for states

that have been suffering with subzero

temperatures and dangerous travel conditions.

The icy cold left the northern half

of the country in a deep freeze, causing

deadly accidents and thousands of flight cancellations.

About 1,600 car crashes resulted in at least 19 deaths

over the past few days.

And all the airport closures have threatened holiday travel.

But now, the record low temperatures

are heading up, which will help to thaw out those roads

and airports before Christmas.

Well, if you've noticed your clothes

feeling a little bit tighter than usual,

you're in good company.

That's because a lot of people pack on the pounds at Christmas


But Lorie Johnson has a few tips on how

to avoid that all-too-common holiday weight gain.

LORIE JOHNSON: Those delicious goodies

we love this time of year carry a price.

The average American gains about eight to 10 pounds from

Thanksgiving until New Year's.

LORIE JOHNSON: Ideally, come January, we'll lose them.

But all too often, that just doesn't happen.

So dietitian Kelly Freno shares tips

on how to avoid gaining in the first place,

starting with strategies for food-laden get-togethers.

Some things we can do is make sure we're choosing healthy

foods, so making sure that we enjoy lean sources of meat like

turkey, ham, and salmon, making half of our plates non-starchy


LORIE JOHNSON: Also, choose smaller portions, eat slowly,

and no seconds.

The best way to avoid overdoing it at your holiday gathering

is to eat something healthy and filling beforehand,

like a handful of nuts, a hard-boiled egg, or a salad.

Drink plenty of water before and during the event.

Cautious, though, on the high sugary beverages, so careful

on the eggnog.

Also, watch out for our alcohol intake.

One five-ounce glass of wine has 120 calories.

If you have two or three of those throughout the evening,

this calories really add up quickly.

Make time to exercise.

It not only burns those extra calories,

it also acts as a stress reliever,

minimizing your temptation to stress eat.

It's hard to eat healthy when people twist your arm

with words like, come on.

It's the holidays, or I made this myself just for you.

But don't give in to peer pressure.

Kind of preparing yourself with a healthy, happy,

no thank you, or the dish looks great, but I'm full.

It's been a delight.

So learning how to politely say no

can be very engaging during a holiday party

without being overbearing or insulting.

LORIE JOHNSON: Finally, weigh yourself every day.

Research shows this reality check helps

you minimize your weight gain.

Lorie Johnson, "CBN News."

Thanks, Lorie.

Pat, holiday weight gain-- that's

something you don't have to worry about.

Well, I really, I don't.

You should have seen my dinner last night.

We got some of those Omaha Steaks.

And I said to my wife, well, let's

get one of those patties that is a hamburger.

And you give me half of one.

You know how big that was?


It was about the size of a quarter.

You asked for it, you got it.


I said, honey, that's exactly what I asked for, so.

I'm, oh, so full.

That's right.

That little helping of kale or whatever it was my dinner.

That's all I wanted.

But you know, it's amazing.

Your appetite just goes if you do it right, and yeah.

A little bit frequently, right?

Yeah, or a little bit period, you know.

But in any event, it's staying down.

I hit the scales, and boy, it's coming off, but.

Good for you.

Good for you.

Well, remember that this holiday season, right?


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