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Bring It On-Line: - December 20, 2016

My husband no longer loves me, what are my options? What is the Wailing Wall and what are the Jewish people praying as they rock back and forth? What is the difference between a tithe and an offering? Read Transcript

Time to bring it on.

You ready?

Let's do it.


Pat, this first question comes from Helen who says,

"I found out my husband has told an old girlfriend that he would

like to have cuddle time with her,

and that he's at the end of his rope with my nagging

him about possibly having an affair.

He told his family he's not in love with me

and is not sure he wants our marriage to work.

I love him, but this has become overwhelming.

I can't trust him.

What are my options?"

Well, your options are that he doesn't want you,

and he doesn't want your marriage.

And this is spiritual adultery that he

wants it have cuddle time with an old girlfriend.

Come off it.

Cuddle time?


That's a preliminary to other time, believe me.

You know, I just want to cuddle.

Yeah, sure.

Technical term.

Technically, yeah.

All right, it's what it is is spiritual adultery.

Now, what are you going to do?

You love him.

Well, that's nice.

But do you want a marriage like that

that'll break your heart day after day after day after day

because he doesn't love you?

Not being loved is not the a in the Bible for divorce,

but what he's doing is.

So if you want a legal separation,

I think you have every right to get it.

And I would advise you to get an attorney

and-- but this guy-- well, it's just the way it is.

I mean, you know, he doesn't love you.

He says so, told his family he doesn't.

That's crazy.

And maybe you can fix it.

Maybe there's something in the way you

live that would win him back.

I don't understand the dynamics, because I

don't know either one of you.

But I would do everything you can.

God is on the side of restoring, not destroying.

So keep that in mind.

All right.

This is a viewer who says, "Dear Pat,

what exactly is the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem?

And what book are Jewish people praying

from as they rock back and forth and pray?

What are they praying?

Is it biblical?"

Well, I think so.

The Wailing Wall is at the other side-- you know,

the Temple Mount is a wall at the support

columns of the Temple Mount.

And the temple is up on the other side.

But the Jews have been so often forbidden

from going up on the Temple Mount, and there's a war,

so they come into that square.

And here's this thing, and they pray there.

And they put little prayers inside of it.

The rocking back and forth doesn't-- I mean,

that's just the way they do it.

I mean, it's the way they pray to show I'm sincere-- bowing--

bowing back and forth.

Does that make their prayers more effective?

If they think so, maybe.

But I don't recommend it as something-- a practice

that's in the Bible.

But it just is I'm bowing before you.

I'm asking for this.

And I'm bowing again, I'm asking for that.

All right.

This is Penny who says, "Dear Pat,

what's the difference between a tithe and an offering?

And where are your tithes and offerings supposed to go?"

Well, that's a little complicated.

A tithe is a tenth of your income.

An offering is whatever--

It's like a gift, right?

Like a gift on top of the tithe.

And where they're supposed to go,

the example in the Old Testament was Abraham

was blessed by Melchizedek.

And he gave him a tithe of his possessions of his income.

So that says that your tithe would be where you're blessed.

So that's the Old Testament.

And what about-- offerings can be really to whatever--


That's right.

And a lot of churches think, well, your tithe

belongs to the local church.

Well, that's a good deal for them.

But I think there's so many-- the Church of God

has got so much-- their educational, their missions,

their broadcasting operations.

There are all kinds of things that

are part of the Lord's church, and you

give where the Lord leads you.


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