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Celebrating Christmas with the Musical Shedd Family

The Shedd Family visits The 700 Club to discuss their faith, family ministry, and will sing some Christmas classics. Read Transcript

Well now we have another special treat for you,

a medley of two classic holiday songs,

"The Carol of the Bells," and "Sing We Now of Christmas,"

performed by the Shedd family.



Well before the break, we heard the Shedd family

performing a medley of Christmas carols.

Now we want you to meet Brad and Allison

Shedd and their amazing eight children.

Take a look.

NARRATOR: For many, the Christmas season

is about filling the home with lots of family.

For Brad and Allison Shedd, their home

is already filled with their family of 10.

The Bible talks about what a blessing children are.

And we didn't know if that would mean

two children or 10 children.

But we definitely wanted to allow God to determine

that family size for us.

NARRATOR: When Brad and Allison aren't home schooling,

they're using their training in classical music

to teach at the Shedd Music Academy.


Music is at the center of who we are.

We met in music school.

And so it was going to be in the center for each

of our children.


It really grew on us when we discovered how talented they

all naturally were.

NARRATOR: Now, seven of their children

are classically trained musicians

that play a variety of instruments,

while their youngest one sings.

I just like singing a lot, and yeah.

My name is Brennan.

And I'm six.

And I'm going to play the cello.

Hi, I'm Juliana.

And I am eight years old.

I play violin, piano, and I sing.

I'm Stephen.

I'm 15.

I play drums, guitar, and viola.

It's our art form.

And that's why we love it.

My name is Susanna.

I am 12 years old.

And I play cello, piano, and I sing.

NARRATOR: And there's 17-year-old Sophia,

who plays the harp.

With the message that we bring with music,

we try to bring the light of Christ into it.

And so we hope that that message is portrayed every time

that we play a song.

I'm like Lara.

I am 10 years old.

I play viola, piano, and I sing.

My name is Ava.

I'm 13 years old.

And I play the violin, piano, and I sing.

I'm Olivia I'm 19.

And I play the violin.

Music is the one thing that brings us all together,

and do something that unifies our family,

and brings us closer together.

So I think that's why it's most important for our family.

NARRATOR: During the Christmas season,

the Shedds enjoy performing holiday classics

as a family orchestra.



The Shedd family, an amazing group.

Nine of you are classically trained musicians.

And little Brennan is the singer with the future of-- you said,

cello, right?

Is that what you said?



All right.

Well do you practice together every day?

How do you pull this off?

Well it is intentional with a musical crew like this.

I write up a lot of the vocal parts.

Brad writes a lot of the instrumental parts.

And they practice individually.

And we say, no sleep overs on Friday night.

We're practicing as a family.


And that's the key to what you do.

Brad, I want to mention that you're a graduate of Regent



--and an adjunct professor there.

And Olivia is currently a student at Regent University,

and also the reigning Miss Chesapeake, I might mention.

But doing things as a family is the hallmark

of what's knit you all together and given you

the opportunities you have.

That's correct.

We have worked hard.

And as they get older, it's even more difficult.

I can imagine.

I have seven.

But yours are all together here and enjoying being together.

You home school Allison, right?

I do home school the younger children, yes.

In your spare time, right?

In my spare time, yes.

Good grief.

I know Christmas has to be one of the busiest

times of the year for a family this big.

It is for mine, as well.

But how do you handle the whole gift giving part of Christmas?

We have a wonderful tradition that started several years ago,

when we realized it was too much for all of the children

to get a gift for everyone.

So when we go on our mountain trip,

they get a chance to draw and get a secret sibling.

And it's probably the most moving moment on a Christmas

day when they each bring their gifts for their secret sibling.

Oh, how fun.

And do you help with that a little bit, mom?

ALLISON SHEDD: Oh, yes, yes.

Transition of all of that?

Yes, yes.

We do have to give provision there for the younger ones.

And I know also that there are things-- traditions--

things that you do as a family that really knit you together

that are very impressive.

Talk a little bit about some of those.

Well we started many years ago by playing at the nursing homes

and the retirement facilities.

And that still is at the heart of so much of what we do.

That's where it began.

So whether we're playing there, we're playing here,

or we're at churches on Sunday evening services,

we're going to continue to serve the least of these.

You know, there's a message in that I think for all of us

that really, they say the family that prays together

stays together.

But the family that plays together as well

stays together.

That doesn't mean you have to be a cellist or a violinist.

That's right.

But I'm just saying.

But you are wonderful.

You all sound wonderful.

You've got many, many talented children

here and two parents committed to bringing it all together.

So we want to thank you for being with us today.

And we're eager to hear the next song that you're

going to play, which features a solo by Brennan,

the future cellist.

So once again, here the Shedd family with "For Unto Us."

Merry Christmas to all of you.



SINGING: For unto us a child is born.

Unto us a son is give.

God is with us, Emmanuel.

For unto us a child is born.

Unto us a son is give.

Hallelujah, a savior has come.


SINGING: Away in a manger, no crib for a bed,

a little lord Jesus lay down his sweet head.

The stars in the sky looked down where

he lay at little lord Jesus, asleep on the hay.

He shall be called Emmanuel, wonderful counselor,

mighty God, everlasting father, the prince of peace.


A savior has come.



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