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No Presents for Christmas

Christmas without presents and no school uniforms was a way of life for Rocio and her six children. She and her husband worked hard, but they could provide only the bare necessities. They prayed for a solution that would pull them out of ... Read Transcript

REPORTER: Christmas in Rosio's home

was always a sobering reminder of how tough things

were for the family.

With six children, Rosio and her husband

barely provided enough food for everyone.

They never have been able to afford Christmas presents

for their children.

Rosio runs a small fried chicken business and her husband

makes crafts to sell.


INTERPRETER: I didn't have enough money

to buy the uniforms or school supplies my children needed.

Many times I felt ashamed not being able to meet their needs.

REPORTER: Operation Blessing had started a chicken project

at the school where Rosio's children attended in Peru.

They taught the kids and interested parents

how to raise chickens for food and to sell.

Rosio quickly volunteered.

Operation Blessing noticed her dedication.

We also learned about their struggles at home.

So we gave Rosio 65 broiler chicks and everything needed

to start a poultry business.

When they were old enough, Rosio sold them

and bought more chicks to raise.

The business quickly doubled the family's income.

Rosio has finally been able to buy those school

uniforms for the kids, and they were able to do something else.

For the first time, the family could afford

to buy Christmas presents.


INTERPRETER: This year, we had our first Christmas.

In the past, we never got Christmas presents.

REPORTER: Raising chickens has opened up

new opportunities that once seemed impossible

for Rosio and her family.


INTERPRETER: I am grateful.

I thank God and Operation Blessing

for the great help you have provided.


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