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Miracle Healing Sets Boy on Path to Football Career

Diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome as a boy, Stephen Johnson battled for five years before a miracle happened. Today Steven takes his resolve to overcome obstacles as the quarterback for the Kentucky Wildcats. Read Transcript

Missouri is gonna blitz up the middle.

And they do.

Johnson in trouble, quick [INAUDIBLE],

gets it off to Williams, breaks the tackle.

10, five, touchdown Kentucky!

Johnson coming to your side with [INAUDIBLE].

He's in the 50, to the 45.

Hurdles the defender all the way down to the Mississippi State

39-yard line.

Johnson, Steven Johnson, drops to throw, pumps fake left.

Throw it deep down the nearest sideline.

Baker's out there.

Did he hang on?

He caught it!

Touchdown Kentucky!

Right in the breadbasket of Dorian Baker.

Steven Johnson is the epitome of a tested quarterback.

In his first season of the FCC, he's

led the Kentucky Wildcats to their best conference record

in 10 years in their first Bowl appearance since 2010.

But hit the rewind button, and you'll

find a young man who has weathered the storm.

Steven signed with Grambling State out of high school,

only to lose his starting position to injury.

Through prayer and advice from his parents,

Stephen transferred and fought through the junior college

ranks before accepting a scholarship

to the University of Kentucky.

Coach Darin Hinshaw says it's clear,

Steven Johnson has been tested.

He's very unique in the fact that he doesn't

let a lot of things bother him.

You can tell that he has a good spirit about him,

that he understands about God.

He has his priorities in life.

And that's half the battle in life,

which helps him grow as a quarterback and as a man.

Steven's success comes as no surprise

to those who know him well.

He's a blue-collar, hardworking player familiar with adversity.

And adversity found him at a young age.

To really understand Steven Johnson, the SCC quarterback,

it's imperative to learn of his battle as a boy.

At the age of eight, Steven was diagnosed

with Tourette's syndrome.

A disease for which there is no cure.

Affecting less than 10% of the US population.

Stevens says he can remember living without it.

When you were younger, you were diagnosed with Tourette's.

When did you begin noticing the effects of that?

I just always remembered having it.

The different symptoms that really came along with it,

I just remembered since, in my first memory, really.

As a child, Steven excelled in sports.

In fact, there weren't many that he didn't play.

And athletics became a safe haven from the symptoms

of Tourette's.

The only time I really didn't see it was playing sports.

It was really odd.

I mean, starting of practice, it would stop, all the symptoms.

And then as soon as practice over, getting in the car,

it would start back up again.

Though the Johnsons were doing everything

they could, including administering

homeopathic medicine.

They hurt for their oldest son.

It was tough, thinking that he's

going to have to deal with this for the rest of his life.

It was painful.

As mothers, we want to fix things.

And he would come home and he would literally

sit on that couch right there, and all the tics

would come out.

To sit there and watch him and not being able to do anything

about it, it was a hard time.

It was a hard time.

Dealing with that all the time,

what does it do to a young kid?

It made me really kind of introverted and shy,

didn't have as many friends.

Kind of stayed to myself, knowing people looked at me

different, saw the way I acted even though I couldn't help it.

It was really kind of hard.

Stephen's parents raised him in a Christian home.

And they believed in the power of prayer.

One night, overwhelmed by his struggle, Steven prayed.

I broke down in tears that night,

asking the Lord to just take this from me.

Really just struggling friend-wise, with school,

I wanted to be normal and just wanted

to have it taken away from me.

The next morning, Stephen knew he was healed.

And went into his room.

And I said, Steven, wake up, it's time for your medicine.

And he woke up and he said, mom, I'm not

taking that medicine anymore.

I'm healed.

And it was as simple as that.

Woke up the next morning, I just felt a difference.

Lord heal me just right then and there.

He had such a peace about him.

They were like, Are you really sure that happened?

You have faith, but you also have doubts.

And so I was always asking him, how you feel?

How you feel?

How you feel?

Well, yeah, I'm healed.

And since then I just haven't had any of the symptoms ever.

And finally Paula had to tell me, stop asking him

how he feels.

He said he feels good.

And we just never asked anymore.

Did you know at that time that it was God that did it?

Oh absolutely, absolutely.

I mean, it was just no other way to describe

waking up that morning.

Really just divine, our the Lord really worked in it.

Through patience and his struggles,

and a dependence upon God, Steven

has become poised, fearless, and tested.

It's his right side.

Nope, four man rush.

Johnson's got time.

He is throwing deep, middle of the field.

Got a man open.

It's called.

Touchdown, Kentucky!

Playing in the SCC, being a Division 1 quarterback, that's

a really big thing.

You know, it is hard to try to humble yourself sometimes.

And you have to really stay in tune with the Lord

and read your Bible, even though everything around

here tells you that you're the man, you're the guy.

And you really have to put God first in all that.

And by putting God first, Steven

knows that even though life may bring adversity,

there is one who will be with him till the end.

I couldn't have gotten here where I'm at right now just

without my Lord.

I think everybody in the world should know about Jesus.

He's my Savior, you know he is my best friend.

It's keeping him close to me at all

times is something I have to do, just

to be able to continue going.

With everything I've done, everything

that I've gone through, He's been right there with me

every step of the way.

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