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News on The 700 Club: January 5, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," January 5: Capitol showdown: Dems, GOP face off over future of Obamacare; Six-year-old asks for Gospel preached at his birthday party -- then this happened, and more. Read Transcript

Well, welcome, ladies and gentlemen,

to this edition of the "700 Club."

You know, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House,

said we've got to pass this bill to see what's in it.

She hadn't read it.

It was 2,600, 2,700 pages.

She hadn't read the Affordable Care Act all the way through.

Said we got to pass it so we can find out what's in it.

Well, it's been a disaster.

You remember the president famously saying,

if you like your doctor, you can keep him.

If you like your health care, you can keep it.

Total lies, they said it over and over again,

and it was an absolute falsehood.

This thing was passed without one single Republican vote.

Every vote was Democrat.

And so Donald Trump has said, look, make sure

that those people own it because it's theirs.

It was a disaster.

The people's premiums went up.

The number of health providers collapsed.

The exchanges weren't working.

It was just an absolute disaster, and people hated it.

And that was one of the reasons Donald Trump was elected.

So he says, make sure that the Democrats own it,

but we've got to do something to repeal it.

So Congress is working very hard to first of all,

they've got to repeal the whole law

and then come back with a substitute.

And I'm not sure they've got it all together yet

but they're trying very hard.

But that seems to be number one on their agenda, Terry.

Well, that's not the only fight on the horizon.

Democrats are also saying that they could challenge Trump

on his Supreme Court nominee.

Heather Sells has that story.

HEATHER SELLS (VOICEOVER): Vice President-elect Mike Pence

went to Capitol Hill to huddle with GOP leaders

over Obamacare strategy.

The first order of business is to repeal and replace


HEATHER SELLS (VOICEOVER): Even the president made a rare visit

to Capitol Hill to fire up his party to defend his signature

health care law.

Democrats don't have the votes to block a repeal so they're

trying to rally public opinion.

Their main charge that a repeal would lead to health

care chaos.

They have no idea what to put in place of the Affordable Care


For years, they've talked about repeal.

But for five years now, they have had nothing

to put in its place.

We have a plan to replace it.

We have plenty of ideas to replace it.

And you'll see as the weeks and months unfold,

what we're talking about.

HEATHER SELLS (VOICEOVER): And the President-elect

weighed in via Twitter, saying, "Republicans

must be careful in that the Dems own the failed Obamacare

disaster, with its poor coverage and massive premium increase,

like the 116% hike in Arizona.

Also deductibles are so high that it is practically useless.

Don't let the Schumer clowns out of this web."

And Trump is also working on a plan

to restructure the office of the Director of National


The "Wall Street Journal" reports

Trump believes the agency has become bloated and politicized.

Trump has turned to social media to take on US intelligence


He's at odds with them over their investigation

into the hacking of the Democratic National Committee


Trump supports WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange,

who says Russia did not give him the stolen emails.

But many top intelligence officials disagree.

And Democrats are warning, Trump could face big-time payback.

Take on the intelligence community.

They have six ways from Sunday of getting back at you.

So even for a practical supposedly hard-nosed

businessman, he's being really dumb to do this.

HEATHER SELLS (VOICEOVER): The Senate Minority Leader

is also promising on MSNBC to fight Trump's nominee

to the Supreme Court, saying, "If they don't appoint someone

who's really good, we're going to oppose him tooth and nail."

Schumer also talked about fighting

to simply leave that Supreme Court vacancy unfilled.

Just last year, he attacked Republicans

for blocking a vote on Obama's nominee to the high court,

even though it was an election year

when Supreme Court votes usually don't happen.

What's clear, Democrats are prepared to oppose Republicans

on a variety of issues, which could make Washington's already

divisive politics even worse in the months ahead.

Heather Sells, CBN News.

Thanks, Heather.

Harry Reid, when he was majority leader of the Senate,

put through what was called the nuclear option.

He says we're going to jam through a measure that

does away with the filibuster on lower court nominees

and on other budget issues.

And they jammed it through the Senate,

and so the Senate is now operating

on a different set of rules.

We have a man named Mitch McConnell,

who is majority leader of the Senate in this new Senate.

He is a very smart tactician, and I

believe that if push comes to shove,

the Republicans can do exactly what the Democrats did

and say, listen, we're going to put through our Supreme Court


And we've been nice to you, and you've got Elena Kagan

and you've got Sotomayor.

We've put them through and voted them and put them on the court.

And now if we have nominees that go on and you refuse to do it,

we're going to use the nuclear option on you.

It's got to happen.

The Republicans have got to hang tough on this one

because that to me was one of the main--

there were a couple of major issues

that were before the American people.

One was Obamacare, which was terrible.

And the second had to do with Supreme Court.

And so many people were concerned about the courts

and what would happen if Hillary Clinton got in.

So the American people have spoken on this one,

and the Republicans have got to listen, those in Congress.

And they've got to hang tough on this one.

And certainly in the lower court,

Trump has over two, excuse me, over 100 potential positions

that could be filled with district court and circuit

court nominees.

It is a major opportunity, and the Republicans in the Senate

have got to get with him on that one.

Well, the Republicans in Congress

are also recommending a key budget cut,

stopping your tax dollars from going to Planned Parenthood.

John Jessup has that.

That's right, Pat.

A Republican House panel created to investigate

Planned Parenthood and the sale of fetal tissue

is asking Congress to stop giving the abortion

giant taxpayer money.

The panel's report accuses Planned Parenthood

of violating federal laws.

It says the organization altered abortion procedures

to obtain the tissue of unborn babies

that would later be sold.

A member of the panel, Tennessee Congresswoman Diane Black,

said, "The select panel's relentless fact-finding

investigation has laid bare the grisly reality of an abortion

industry that is driven by profit."

And Pat, she also said, "unconcerned

by matters of basic ethics."

Well, you remember when we were talking

about some kind of a budget reconciliation

and Obama was president.

And the one thing he said is, I'm going

to stand by Planned Parenthood.

I'm going to make sure they get their appropriation,

and I'm willing to shut the government down if you want

to take that away from them.

Now that's how bad it was.

And Hillary Clinton made the same thing in that debate.

It was unbelievable how far she went

in defending partial birth abortion

and these other things.

So I believe that the death knell

of Planned Parenthood, they shouldn't

be getting $500 million of federal dollars.

They shouldn't be doing it.

It's a private organization, and they have

rights like everybody else.

But they certainly don't have a right

at the federal financial trough to pick up a half a billion

dollars a year.


Pat, a new constitutional amendment

proposed by Senator Ted Cruz and Florida Republican Congressman

Ron DeSantis would impose term limits on members of Congress.

The amendment would restrict representatives in the US House

to three two-year terms and senators to two six-year terms.

Cruz and DeSantis say it's time for a change in Washington.

Cruz saying in part, "DC is broken.

It is well past time to put an end to the cronyism and deceit

that has transformed Washington into a graveyard

of good intentions."

Even though the measure is not likely to pass,

polls have shown the public approves

of the idea of term limits.

Well, a six-year-old Florida boy amazed his parents

when he asked to have the gospel preached at his birthday party.

Mark Martin brings us the story of a youngster who already

has a big heart for souls.

MARK MARTIN (VOICEOVER): Six-year-old Jacoby's Enge

wanted a superhero birthday party.

And as you can see in these photos, his parents

Rob and Megan granted that wish.

But that wasn't all Jacoby asked for.

He also wanted the gospel preached

so his friends from school could accept Jesus Christ

as their Lord and Savior.

CBN News spoke with Jacoby, Rob, and Megan

by Skype about his wish.

I wanted Peter Vandenberg to all the people

that don't know Jesus and I just really wanted to do that.


is the vice president of Christ for All Nations,

the ministry founded by evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

and where Jacoby's dad works.

Megan said Jacoby first mentioned

the idea of Vandenberg sharing the gospel at his party

on the way home from daycare.

And I said, oh, OK.

Well, why do you want him to do that?

And Jacoby responded that he wanted all of his friends

that didn't know Jesus to come into His kingdom

and know Him the way that Jacoby knows him.

There may be many of you here like me, who say, yes,

I want to give myself to Jesus.

I want Him to forgive my sins, the wrong and bad things I've

done, and come and live in my heart

and make me new so that I can belong to Him again.

And you can do that right now if you want to do that.


more than 15 children and adults accepted Christ at the party.

In addition to having the gospel shared at his party,

Jacoby, who attends a public school,

also gave his friends Children's New Testament Bibles.

The six-year-old signed them and wrote his friend's names

in them, along with the date.

Wrapped around each Bible was a tag reading,

"Jesus is your number one hero."

Rob believes Jacoby's faith is a lesson to everyone.

ROB ENGE: So when Jacoby asked this,

and it challenged me as a father.

It challenged us as a family.

And I think sometimes, like, the Lord

loves throwing those little things into our lives, not

religion but sincere genuine relationships,

to never lose focus on what really matters most,

and that's souls.

The very reason that we're here is for souls.

PETER VANDENBERG: And I will never be lost again.

PARTYGOERS: And I will never be lost again.


PARTYGOERS: In Jesus' name.



What a remarkable young boy.

Pat, back to you.

Well, I should say so.

That's amazing, absolutely amazing.

Some years ago, I had the privilege

in Beijing of being invited to speak to a Sunday morning

service of a Three-Self church.

The church was packed with people,

and they were so open to what my message was.

It was a thrill to talk to them.

Well, there's more that's going on now

with the government-sponsored Three-Self Church in China.

Well, you will be happy to know that they're lining up

to worship.

They're being baptized.

They're receiving the power of the Holy Spirit,

and it's happening in a very unlikely place.


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