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Bring It On-Line: Talking to the Dead - January 5, 2017

My son and daughter think the dead can come and talk to them. I have been giving my tithe to CBN instead of a church; does God acknowledge it as my tithe? What scripture do you recommend to memorize? Read Transcript

Want to answer some e-mail questions?

Let's take them.

Bring it on.

OK, here it is.

This first one comes from Genice, Pat,

who says, "My son and daughter have been deceived.

They think the dead can come and talk to them and teach them.

This is really hurting our relationship.

I've tried telling them the truth,

but can't get through to them, because their pastor also

believes the same."

"It's like they're bewitched.

How can their eyes be opened?


Well, I'll tell you-- the pastor,

that guy should get defrocked, or whatever.

He shouldn't be in a position to give spiritual advice.

The Bible says, "Shall a person turn

to spirits that peep and mutter, instead

of going to the living God?"

This is called necromancy, to deal with the dead.

And they're so-called familiar spirits.

They're demonic spirits that pose as departed relatives.

And it's an absolute deception.

These people will be deceived and lead into hell

before it's over with, because that's the goal of Satan,

is to kill and to steal and to destroy.

That's what the Bible says-- he hates you.

And so these people are giving their lives

into something that will destroy them.

And it'll get worse, and worse, and worse, and worse.

And before long, they'll be having terrible dreams.

They'll be having torment, and before long, something

will try to kill them.

But that's the way it is.

All right.

This is Megan, Pat, who says, "I've

been giving my tithe to CBN, as opposed to a brick and mortar


Does God consider and acknowledge it as my tithe?"

Well, I know a lot of pastors who will get mad at me

if I say other than what they believe.

They always say the tithe belongs to the church.

But I think the church is the body of Christ worldwide,

and their missionary programs that are part of the church.

They're humanitarian, like Orphan's Promise-- part

of the church.

There are evangelists-- part of the church.

There are teaching ministries-- part of the church.

And you go through the list, so your tithe

belongs to the church, sure.

But that's the worldwide, not necessarily-- I

don't know why the fact that 10 or 20 or 30 or 100 people

get together to have a congregation,

and suddenly that gives them superior claim on people's


If you made a commitment, you pledge so much, well, then you

fulfill your commitment.

But other than that, whatever the Lord is

speaking to you-- and the example

was Melchizedek and Abraham.

Abraham gave a tithe of what he had to Melchizedek

who blessed him.

And so the thought was, you give a tithe where you are blessed.


This is Bernadine, who says, "I'm

having negative thoughts from the enemy,

and unbelief in my mind.

I want to find a scripture that I can memorize to help me.

What do you suggest?"

Well, the 103rd Psalm-- "Great peace have they that love thy

law, and nothing shall attend them."

You know, "bless the Lord, O my soul,

and all that is within me, bless his holy name."

Read that over and over and over again-- Psalm 103.

All right.

This is Veronica, who says, "For many years,

I had many religious dreams.

Four years ago, I gave my life to Christ,

and now I have had many more dreams of Christ-- very vivid

dreams of my preaching.

Is this a sign from God?

Is God trying to tell me he wants me to be a pastor?"

I don't know if that's the case or not,

but you have a talent obviously to share the Gospel.

Well, bloom where you're planted, as the saying goes.

And start telling people about the Lord,

and maybe a small group will gather around

and that doesn't necessarily make you a pastor.

There are various offices in the church.

There are pastors and teachers and evangelists, and so forth.

So I don't know what your gifting or calling is,

but obviously God's put a burden upon you to share the Gospel.

And that-- do that and see what happens next.


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