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Seeing Through the Eyes of Hope

In her book, Through the Eyes of Hope, Lacey Buchanan tells the story of how her family's lives took a dramatic turn with her son's birth, and how God turned a tragic situation into something beautiful. Read Transcript


Well, Lacey Buchanan didn't plan on making a viral video.

In fact, she didn't even have a YouTube account at the time.

So when Lacey hit the record button on her phone,

she didn't really know what to expect.

All she wanted to do was tell people about her beautiful son.

An ultrasound halfway through Lacey Buchanan's pregnancy

showed her unborn son Christian with a cleft palate.

For the next several months, Lacey and her husband Chris

remained hopeful about the birth of their son.

But in the delivery room, Lacey and Chris

were shocked to see Christian's cleft so severe

that his eyes didn't form, leaving him blind.

In her book, "Through the Eyes of Hope,"

Lacey tells the story of how their lives took

a dramatic turn with Christian's birth,

and how God turned their tragic situation into something


Lacey is here with us now, and we welcome you

to "The 700 Club."


Thank you.

You and Chris, your husband, were Christians.

This is your first baby.

You're excited, and you're praying through this pregnancy.

You did know because of an ultrasound

that there were going to be some issues for Christian

when he was born, but you really had no idea the depth of them.

What was that pregnancy like for you as you waited for the baby

to be delivered?

There was a lot of nerves during my pregnancy.

But overall, I enjoyed it.

it's such a special thing to carry a child,

and so I really enjoyed that special time.

But there were some scares.

It was scary to not know what was going to happen.


Well you say in the book that at the point

that the baby was born, of course, they whisked him away.

And Chris went over to look at him, and he came back to you,

and you said, tell me it isn't bad.

And he said, it's worse.

What was that time like for you--

not just for you, but for your husband?

Where do you go as people of faith with the fact

that you've prayed and prayed, and asked

God to contend with this condition of your baby?

Where do you go with that spiritually, Lacey?

The time was a little bit unreal almost.

It was a time of mourning and grieving,

because we had lost something.

But we had to learn to grieve that loss and move forward.

Your accounts of what your son had to go through in pain

and procedures are gut-wrenching in the book.

I just can't imagine as a mom having

to stand by and watch that.

But God used that in your life.

You really toughened up through all of that.

Yes, yes.

Talk about that process.

Christian has taught me to go from a mouse to a mama bear,

I call it.


I have learned to really be a voice,

and stand up, and advocate and not just stand back and be

so timid.

That's been helpful to Christian, too, I'm sure.

Because to be too overprotective is to not let him fly,

and be who God created him to be.

But God had to teach you that, didn't he?

There's a balance.

So now, one of the things that I know you've contended with

over the years, you said it was a blessing thing to leave

the ICU and go with your baby-- the NICU--

and go home and bring your baby home.

But at the same time, in the ICU,

people were not staring at him.

They weren't gawking at him.

They weren't calling names or looking at you

like you had done something terrible by giving birth

to a child with special needs.

How did you adapt to the public response

to a little boy who had severe facial needs?

I had really no choice but to adapt.

I did have two choices--

to let it hurt me, or to learn from it and grow from it.

And so I chose to grow from it, because I

wanted to be an example for Christian to follow.

Because one day when he's older, he will hear the comments

that I have heard, and I want him

to know how to deal with them appropriately

and to know that who he is is not defined

by those negative comments.

A mother's heart is so touched by her child.

I mean, there's a bond and a love there

that is almost difficult to explain to someone

who hasn't experienced that.

You must have felt so many different emotions as people

reacted to this little boy that you adore.

How did you handle that?

At first, it was painful.

It stung to hear negative comments,

because I saw a beautiful child.

And I guess I was naive to the fact

that other people would look at him and not see the same thing.

But I decided that I would react gracefully, and teach people

and educate them, because getting upset

with them was going to drive them away,

and that's not what I wanted.

I wanted to be accepted.

I wanted Christian to be accepted for who he is.

And I felt the best way to do that was

to give that acceptance and to give that grace.

Thus the video.

How did that come to be?

Well, I had some negative comments online,

and they were very painful.

They were some of the most hurtful.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: Cruel, cruel.

LACEY BUCHANAN: Very cruel, very cruel.

And they were some of the most hurtful comments I'd heard.

And I just thought, man, I need to do something.

I need to tell our story.

And so I just had the idea, God-inspired idea

to make this video and to share our story with the world

to really explain to people who Christian is.

And what reaction did you get?

I know you were shocked.


An unexpected reaction for sure was what we got.

It just blew up quickly, within days.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: Around the world.

Around the world, yes.

So much so that I couldn't even keep up with it.


I want our audience to meet Christian,

because he's such a special guy.

So Chris, will you come in and bring Christian with you?

And I know he's probably wanting his mom for a few minutes,


Christian, welcome.

It's so nice to have you here.

LACEY BUCHANAN: Can you say hello?


I hear you are a lover of superheroes.





TERRY MEEUWSEN: Who's your favorite one?

Do you like Superman?


TERRY MEEUWSEN: Batman, and Spiderman

and all those good guys?

I understand he also plays piano.

He does.

One of the things you outlined in the book

that I think was so enlightening is

when you have a child with special needs,

how that dictates your day, your schedule, your focus.

In the middle of all of this, you earn a law degree, girl.

You are like supermom.

But tell me what you want people to take away from the book,

"Through the Eyes of Hope," but also having

the video available for people to see,

and just even being here today expressing your thoughts.

What do you want people to take away from your story?

I want people to know that Christian and other kids like

him are human beings first.

They are people.

And his disability is a part of him, but it doesn't define him.

God defines him, just like He defines me and you.

And I also want people to know that they can trust God

through the difficult circumstances.

And no matter what the struggle is,

God is big enough to handle it, and he will.

And he's always working things together for our--

And in your own faith, you saw that.


That though there were no answers to the question,

why, there was strength, and courage and faith for the hour.


TERRY MEEUWSEN: Yes, exactly.



I have a plaque in my house that I

love that says, "Boys are just superheroes in disguise."

And you certainly are one.


It's great to have you both with us.

Thank you.

I want you to know you can learn more

about the Buchanan story, which is amazing,

by getting Lacey's book.

It's called "Through the Eyes of Hope."

It's available in stores nationwide.

And Lacey and Christian, thank you for being with us.

Thank you.

On the heels of the news story that we just

heard about the special needs person who was just

put upon by people who didn't understand,

we all need to understand to see the priceless gift of beauty

in every human being.

Great to have you.

Thank you.


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