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Talk Yourself Happy

Former 700 Club Co-host Kristi Watts chase with Terry Meeuwsen about her new book, “Talk Yourself Happy." Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Kristi Watts was known for her upbeat personality

as a co-host for "The 700 Club."

Shouldn't you be doing this with me?

And can I put these bands down?

One more time.

Come on.

NARRATOR: But after her divorce, Kristi was anything but joyful.

Many of us who have experienced divorce,

it's an excruciating, painful situation.

NARRATOR: That pain left her discouraged and disappointed

in her faith.

The every faith she shared on air with millions of viewers.

In her book, "Talk Yourself Happy,"

Kristi reveals how she found true happiness after heartache,

and shares how she used her mind and her words

to radically change her future.

She's back.


It's so great to have you.

Terry, I can't tell you how I'm so

thrilled to be here with you.

And Especially with you, because you're just the bomb.


We do have fun when we're together.

We do.

We do.

Hey, I love your book, "Talk Yourself Happy,"

because you have a gift of taking things

God's trying to teach us and making them

palatable with laughter and a lot of good wisdom in between.

This didn't come the easy way.


You know, it's so funny.

When people see us on television,

whether we're Christian ministers, or television

people, or whatever, they think our life is perfect.

TERRY: Yeah.

And it's so far from it.

We go through the same pits and the valleys

and the ebbs and flows like everyone else.

We just sometimes have to get in front of the camera

and smile when sometimes our heart is broken.

And for me, that happened.

Out of that, Kristi, comes such a rich well of wisdom

learned the hard way, for sure.

But that's the stuff that sticks.

You know, here you are.

You marry an amazing guy.

And you all have a son.

I mean, what could be more wonderful?

And then, your life falls apart the moment you have that baby.

I mean, most people at least have a little respite in there.

But I mean, for you it was like from the get-go.

Tell about the faith walk at that time.

And what God taught you and put you through.

That's a good question, Terry.

And you know, it's interesting.

It wasn't just the divorce.

It was all the things that came around with it,

and then continued to culminate as the years went on.

And what people don't know is that I

had my son on a Thursday.

Came home from the hospital Saturday.

Sunday, my ex-husband walked out on us.

And one of the last things he said to me was-- two things.

One, I never loved you.

And the second thing he said was, you used to be so pretty.

Look at you now.


And my body was swollen.

I had just given birth to the baby.

And it was all these emotional things.

So it wasn't just the divorce.

That was the beginning of me learning

about the power of words, the words that are spoken to us

and how we take those words in and how

they begin to define us.

Well, we start to repeat those negative words in our head


That's one of the things you write

about is coming to the place where you can stop and let

God kind of put you on rewind and learn to speak words


Because there's power in what we speak.

There is.

And you know, I kind of got to the point

where I went through the "not enough" syndrome.

"Not good enough" syndrome.

I wasn't pretty enough, thin enough, spiritual enough.

Who would want me?

TERRY: Surely, the problem is me.


Surely, the problem is me.

Because when those words are spoken to you,

that's what you kind of hold onto.

And that's what I did.

But it was through the journey of the rabbi, Jesus,

the teacher, teaching me who I am in Him.

You know?

And here's the truth, Terry.

I would be on "The 700 Club."

And my joy was real.

My smile was real.

My love for the Lord was real.

But it wasn't enough.

And what I realized was that joy came

from a place of circumstances.

But when those circumstances crashed and burned,

God wanted to teach me what true joy, what true happiness was.

We don't get there from here without going

through the valley.

I just really think it's not possible.

But then, on top of that, Kristi,

you had Chase, who is such a love.

I mean, he's just the joy of your life.

And he always has been.

He's just been such a great kid from the get-go.

But then to have to teach who your biological father is,

why he isn't here, who God is.

He's going to make a way for you.

I mean, as a mom, there must have

been such dark moments for you.

I'll share one of those dark moments with you.

Years ago, when I said that my ex-husband left.

And I was divorced for years.

And I thought that that chapter was closed.

Something that people don't know is that my ex-husband

wasn't a part of our life.

So it was just my son and I.

TERRY: At all?

At all.

When he walked out, he walked out for good.

11 Years later, I was already in this place of Lord,

what are you doing in my life?

And I get a phone call after 11 years,

and it's his voice on the answering machine.

And he says, Kristi, I need to come see you and tell you


Now, mind you, Terry, my son had never met his father.

I hadn't seen this man in 11 years.

TERRY: Mind you, you don't know what he is going to tell you.

How do you prepare for that?


And what he told me rocked our world.

TERRY: Share that.

He called and said, Kristi, I have stage four cancer,

and I've been given three months to live.

And I want to come see you and your son.

Our son.

And my first reaction, Terry, was this.

My son has never met his father.

Do I let him meet him, and then he dies?

Or do I not let my son meet his father and he dies?

What do I do?

TERRY: Big questions.


TERRY: Big choices.

It's not just about right or wrong or good or bad.

It's about, what would Jesus do?

And seeing as God sees.

Loving as God loves.

TERRY: Forgiving.

Forgiving as God forgive.

And here's the truth of the matter,

that book isn't all sunshine and glorious moments.

That book was God teaching me how to have a heart for Christ.

And in that process, God gave me a heart to forgive,

and a heart to have compassion, and a heart of trust,

so that I could look at the very person who hurt me the most

and love him.

TERRY: Yeah.

And teach your son to do that.

And teach my son to do that.

How did that work?

He came.

They met.

What happened?


TERRY: Another book.

That picture-- right.

That picture right there, just so that you guys know,

is the very first time my son met his father.


KRISTI: The very first time.

And what was so daunting about that situation was that,

as I said, my ex-husband had stage four cancer

of the esophagus.

So he was unable to drink or eat or even swallow his own saliva.

So he went from 190 pounds to 108 pounds.

TERRY: Good grief.

So the first time he meets our son, that's what my son sees.

So we met at a restaurant.

And I tried to prepare my son.

But how do you prepare your son for that?

And what was so crazy was because he couldn't even

drink his own saliva, every five seconds he would throw up

into a cup.

And so I'm looking at my son and my son's looking at me.

And I hold my son's hand under the table.

And I tell you, it's something about the love

of a child that's in God-- that God's love is in a child.

Because my son wasn't traumatized.

He was OK.

He just loved him.

He loved his father right where he was.

TERRY: And you gave him closure to something very important

in his life.

That whole idea of, who's my other parent?

Where did I come from?

I mean, there are lots of kids who don't have closure

on that for many, many reasons.

But that was a gift that took some sacrifice on your part.

Another thing that took some sacrifice

was when your ex-husband died.


You went to the funeral with Chase,

who had never really been a part of his family's life.

I mean, there are so many levels of--

Girl, there is so much stuff.

Just forgiveness and growth.

But Kristi, what I admire so much about you is you

entered it with trepidation, but with determination.


TERRY: And God honored that.


But the truth of the matter is, Terry,

I wouldn't have had the ability to do that years before.

And because I went through the valleys, and the pits,

and the challenges, that I had to turn my life truly over

to the Lord.

That God used these opportunities

to transform my heart.

So talk about talking yourself happy.

Because you're right, this is not

a book that's full of fluffy sunshine and roses.

But God has made a way for us in the midst of the herd,

in the midst of the pain, to speak

into existence His goodness and His positiveness.

How did you do that?

Well, here's the truth of the matter.

When I sat on "The 700 Club" for 14 years,

there was a level of arrogance in me

that I didn't know was there it was really easy for me

to sit on the 700 Club and say God is good

because my life was good.

It was very easy for me to say trust God

because it was easy to trust.

Everything was going my way.

But when I got through a situation or series of years

where nothing happened the way that I

thought it was going to happen, my trust was wavering.

And I say this, my faith was faltering.

And my hope was depleted.

And I thought, how arrogant I was

when I would minister to people and say, oh, it's good.

It's good.

It's good.

Sometimes, it's not good.

Sometimes, life hurts.

And that's why we've got to hold on to the heart of God,

have the mind of Christ, and love Him.

But I think of the prophetic word that

was given to you by a pastor who spoke to you and said,

you know, God is going to use you to bring healing

to the lives of people.

That mandate came forward that day, but the training for it

came forward through those years.

What a great question.

Thanks for reminding me that in 2001,

I was called out in a church.

And he said, Kristi, you're going

to be a voice of hope for those who are in adversity

and those who are in pain.

At the time, I remember when he stood me up and said that-- I

was like, I didn't get it.

Because pain and adversity were two things

I really didn't know.

Hadn't experienced.

But the voice of hope came from the word, the word of God.

The word who is God.

And the word that I had to get deep

down into the depth of my heart, so that I could

hold on to the promises of God.

And aren't you glad he doesn't show you what the journey is

going to be ahead of time?

Girl because I would have said, Jesus, you better

pick somebody else.

You better pick somebody else.

Listen, I just want to say to those of you who

are struggling, suffering in places of maybe what

feels like darkness and loss.

I want you to learn how to speak the promises of God

over your life.

And you can do that by picking up Kristi's book.

It's called "Talk Yourself Happy."

It's about speaking forth the promises of God

that are your inheritance as a child of God.

This is available wherever books are sold.

Get a copy.

It's worth the read.

Thank you.

Girl, I love you so much.

You are so wonderful.

And can I say this one last thing?

Thank you for being my friend.

You always have, and I just adore you.

It's a joy to be your friend, girl.

It really is.


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