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Former Pro Wrestler Makes Feature Film Debut

WWE Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels, discusses playing a church volunteer in the new movie, The Resurrection of Gavin Stone. Read Transcript

Well, you could call Shawn Michaels a modern day


His job was to knock out the other guy

and put on a show along the way.

In fact, he was involved in the match of the year 11 times.

Now Shawn has stepped away from the squared circle,

but his job of putting on a show for the audience still

very much alive.

REPORTER: Shawn Michaels emerged in the 1990s

as an international wrestling star in the WWE.

His legendary skills and rebel persona

solidified him as one of the most popular wrestlers

of all time.

Now a Christian, Shawn is open about his faith and stars

as Doug in the new film "The Resurrection of Gavin Stone."

The movie hits theaters January 20.

Please welcome back to "The 700 Club" Shawn Michaels.

Hey, Shawn.

Nice to meet you.

Thank you very much.

I see you wore your hat because it's so cold here right


Well, part of that-- I mean, it's sort of like half me.

I'm half still Doug in character.


I gotcha.

I've had a 25 year identity crisis.

I have no idea who I am half the time.

Well, Kevin Leman was in shorts,

and you've got your hat on, so that's cool.

Oh yeah.

All right, well, you were once one of the-- no,

the most popular wrestler on the planet.

What was life like for Shawn Michaels at that point?

SHAWN MICHAELS: Well, I don't know.

That might be a stretch, but I will

admit early on, younger, I-- you want it,

but I didn't handle it very well.

I mean, I really didn't.

It was-- it's the phrase be careful what you wish for.


SHAWN MICHAELS: And I did not hold up real well.

I put a lot of pressure on myself, and then of course

that caused me to get into a lot of trouble and--

WENDY GRIFFITH: What kind of trouble?

Well, gosh.

I mean, I was difficult professionally

to deal with, and obviously personally.

Gosh, you get into drinking, you get into drugs.

You get into womanizing, doing all sorts of stuff

again that just really--

WENDY GRIFFITH: But you were still

able to keep in incredible shape and do your job.

Yeah, well, no-- well, that's the thing is you're-- just

because you're good at it doesn't mean it isn't true.

I mean, that doesn't mean you have problems.

So that's one of the things.

It's pretty easy to convince yourself

it's not really a problem because you're not--

you're not homeless.

You're not living on the streets.


You've still got money in the bank.

WENDY GRIFFITH: Well, they called you the--

You live in a big house.

You got nice cars.

How can that be a bad thing?

WENDY GRIFFITH: They called you the heartbreak kid.

Why did you get that nickname?

Well, that actually-- it's a buddy of mine, Mr. Perfect,

Curt Hennig.

It was something that was used in a Chris LeDoux song,

and he just sent it to me one day.

And then all of a sudden when I went to my singles career

and was a bad guy and had a cocky and arrogant attitude,

it was just something that naturally flowed,

and then I just-- it's one of those things that you say it

enough times it becomes--


SHAWN MICHAELS: --a real thing.

WENDY GRIFFITH: Well, Shawn, what finally broke your heart?

Well, it was the combination of the prayers of my wife that

I-- again, met her, everything happened very quickly.

We got married, and then we started a family.

And honestly, it was holding that little boy

and realizing that the only way he

was going to be able to turn into a decent man

was by seeing it in his dad.


And it still took two years after holding him

for that to happen, but it was a night

where I was not in great shape.

And I could hear him say daddy's tired,

and that's the day that it really dawned on me that

he's beginning to see it now, and I cannot--

I can't raise my baby this way, and then eventually years later

had a daughter.

But it was that moment, it was that realization that he--

WENDY GRIFFITH: That moment.

I've got to change.

Yeah, and I went into Cornerstone Church

in San Antonio and, again, I said I need a Bible study

or I need something.

I knew what I was looking for was in that big building.


So, you literally went in there on your own.

Oh, yeah.

I did.

I went into their office looking somewhat like this.

I think they were worried I was going to rob the place,

and then it was like I need a Bible study.

And, of course, a gentleman invited me,

and then it just happened after that.

I received Christ as Lord and Savior.

I bawled like a baby.

And the greatest thing--

WENDY GRIFFITH: That's when you know it really happened.

Oh, yeah.

See, the best thing is that, I mean, they took care of me.

They nurtured me.

It wasn't just salvation and see ya.

They discipled me.

I got into a good group.

I went to my Bible study.

They were constantly with me.

They helped me.

Because there was so much going on and so fast,

and I didn't really know.

I was raised Catholic, so I knew "church," so to speak.


But, I mean, my goodness, the first time I walked

into a Christian church and da-da-da, I mean, I was like,

oh, my goodness.

What's going on?


I was the same way.

It freaked me out, and oh my goodness.

I actually felt electricity in the air.

I mean, after you've been in dead churches all your life

and then you come into a place like that where everybody's

raising their hands, it is a little freaky at first.

SHAWN MICHAELS: Yeah, it scared me at first,

and then of course all these years later I'm da-da--


Now we're one of them.

I'm the worst.

Get up in the-- [LAUGHING]

WENDY GRIFFITH: Now we're one of them.

Well, you are back in the limelight.

You've been out of professional wrestling for how many years?

I retired in 2010.

WENDY GRIFFITH: OK, so, now you're back.

I still go back every now and then,

kick somebody, yell at somebody, get yelled at, whatever.

Well, you've got to.

I mean, it's just fun.

Sure, yeah.

So you're doing a feature film, your very first one.

It's called "The Resurrection of Gavin Stone."

I watched it.

It's an amaze-- I cried so much at the end.

It's a great movie.

I mean, you laugh and you cry.

Tell us about-- well, first of all, what is the movie about?

SHAWN MICHAELS: Well, it's about a former child star.

Brett Dalton from "Agents of Shield"

just does a phenomenal job--

WENDY GRIFFITH: He's a great actor.

SHAWN MICHAELS: --as Brett Dalton.

He really is.

WENDY GRIFFITH: A great actor.

And I have to say he was so much help.

He was so awesome to me.

I had no-- you know, I was very honest with everybody.

I don't know what I'm doing.

But everybody-- Dallas Jenkins, the director-- everybody

was spectacular.

But it's about a former washed up child star.

He gets in trouble again and trying to get out

of doing what-- his service.

He's like, oh, I'll do community service.

It's the easiest thing to do.

I can do it in the church.

And then while he's in the church,

he takes it a step farther.

He's trying to get out of even doing his work at the church

by pretending to be a Christian and then sees

that they're putting on an Easter pageant

and, like, I'll help you guys do that.

And it's much like "Sister Act."

It's somebody that comes from the outside

and trying to use the church as a ploy

to get by with something, but then the people in the church

have an effect on him.

WENDY GRIFFITH: Your role is a little bit smaller,

but it's an important role.

You play an ex-con who's now a born again Christian.


And you're a friend to him, friend to the--

And it is.

I mean, I play Doug, and he is.

He's an ex-biker, an ex-con.

WENDY GRIFFITH: Did you like acting?

I did.

I loved the process.

It was fascinating.

Clearly I've done some acting before in wrestling,

but this was very different, much, much more challenging,

more intimate.

And, again, I did.

I mean, it was a great thrill to do,

and obviously we're proud of the film coming out January 20.

It's in theaters and-- WENDY GRIFFITH: I loved it.

SHAWN MICHAELS: --hopefully folks will go out and see it.


You've got to see "The Resurrection of Gavin Stone."

Where can we see it?

When does it come out?

SHAWN MICHAELS: It opens in theaters January 20.

It's next Friday.

WENDY GRIFFITH: Ah, Inauguration Day.


And it is.

It is.

It's got a pretty decent release and be in the theaters.

I'm very excited about it, very excited.

Well, I wish we had more time.

It's great to see you.

SHAWN MICHAELS: Thanks so much.

And congratulations on your acting debut.

You can also hear more from Shawn Michaels

today in our exclusive Facebook interview.

To watch that, just go to

Shawn, God bless you.

Thanks so much for joining us.

SHAWN MICHAELS: Thank you, ma'am.


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