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Bring It On-Line: Under Oath - January 11, 2017

If someone lies under oath and gets off, is there a penalty to pay in the hereafter? Are generational curses applicable when one has been born-again? Read Transcript

All right we're going to jump right into some

Bring It On viewer questions.

This one from a viewer saying, "If someone lies under oath

and gets off, is there a penalty to pay in the hereafter,

even if they confess to God that they did it?

Or do they get off scot-free in Heaven, too?"

Well, scot-free for all of us folks.

If you confess to the Lord and he forgives you,

you're forgiven.

You aren't necessarily forgiven for all the temporal problems.

I mean, for example if you kill somebody

in premeditated murder, you can ask God to forgive you

and he'll forgive you eternally.

But that doesn't mean necessarily

you will get off here, and the courts

may have you executed you know.

So that's the way it works.

But somebody lies under oath and you say well,

is he going to be a penalty in the hereafter, no.

God doesn't work that way, OK.

All right Isabel says "Are generational curses applicable

when one has been born-again?

There's a curse on my family because my mom and dad had us

before marriage and while my dad was still

married to another woman.

The first wife cursed us when she confronted my dad

about leaving her.

I am a sister of four, and all of us

are not married, no children, and not even dating.

Is this all due to a curse my father's first wife spoke

over my family?"

I have no idea.

I don't know you.

I don't know if you're attractive for spouses,

or you don't know what you're doing.

But, listen.

She needs to get Kevin's book.

But the Bible says, "A curse causeless does not lie."

So somebody tries to curse you, and if it has no substance,

it won't lie on you.

But at the same time, your father did some bad stuff.

And it could be that there's a curse.

You need to rebuke that and break it.

Those curses can be broken in the name of Jesus.

And so you have to speak the word and do it.

I don't know all the circumstances,

so I can't tell you specifically,

but I would say speak the word of faith in the name of Jesus.

All right.


All right, Gianna says, "Hi Pat.

My dad is a fanatical Christian and suffers

from mental illness.

He's so controlling and hard to deal with.

It's either his way or the highway.

All he does is pick up my brother and me from school,

and he might take out the trash here and there.

Other than that, my mom does everything!

She says that she would have kicked him out already,

but he hasn't had a job in four years, and he's broke.

He always uses the Bible to make excuses for himself

and demands respect when he doesn't give any to us.

What do we do about this?"

Well, here's the deal.

Give way to your father and mother.

He's the only father you've got.

So that's the way it is, that's the Commandment.

But at the same time, your father looks like a bum,

and the Bible says that if any man will not work,

let him not eat, and if he won't take care of his own,

he's worse than an infidel.

So he's not looking after the family.

He's shiftless and runs around.

He needs some help, and I think the idea

of asking for an intervention is very appropriate.

You could ask for a pastor or maybe some elders

in the church or something to deal with that man.

But if he won't shape up, your mother has perfect grounds

to leave him and you know, he's nothing but trouble.

So God is a God of restoration.

And in that case, there's a restoration.

So that's what you pray for.



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