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Praying For Your Needs: January 12, 2017

Pat and Terry pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing. Read Transcript

Patrick McGhee was hit on the bridge of his nose

during a wrestling match.

Months of painful migraines followed.

Patrick couldn't go to school or participate in any sports

until the day he was instantly healed right in his own home.

REPORTER: In 2013, Patrick McGhee

received a head injury while participating in a freshman

wrestling match.

A few weeks after his injury, he started

having chronic headaches.

It was constant pain.

I only got relief when I slept.

I couldn't focus on a whole lot.

It was hard to get things to take the pain off of my mind.

MOM: When you ask him what his pain level was,

it was around an eight all the time.

It was so hard, because you hurt when your kids hurt,

and you just want to take away the pain.

REPORTER: Patrick saw several specialists

and underwent surgery to correct a severe deviated septum,

but the surgery didn't relieve Patrick of his symptoms.

Medicine and pain management didn't help, either.

Eventually, the headaches prevented Patrick

from attending school.

PATRICK: I had to do online schooling.

I was away from my friends.

I couldn't do any sports, which was a big part for me.

And it just impacted me a lot.

REPORTER: Although the doctors couldn't

offer Patrick answers or relief, Patrick and his family

knew where to turn.

MOM: We prayed all the time.

He trusted that God would heal him.

He didn't give up on that.

Even when he was crying, almost on a daily basis.

I just had to have faith that it

would end no matter how long.

REPORTER: On June 11, 2014-- six months after his injury--

Patrick heard something on television

that caught his attention.

MOM: Since he was home, we often watched "The 700 Club"

together in the mornings.

And I saw Pat Robertson on the TV.

And the first thing that I heard him say

was that he was going to pray, and he

was going to reach out for people

with sports-related injuries.

So that caught my attention immediately.

And so, he started praying.

And I closed my eyes and I prayed with him.

Somebody got hit, like on the bridge of your nose

or in your forehead.

Right now just touch it and the pain will leave,

and whatever's there will be normal-- in the name of Jesus.

And he says by the power of Jesus Christ

and the Holy Spirit, let these people be healed.

And I got the tingle down my spine,

and I instantly did not feel any pain anymore.

It was definitely the greatest experience ever that I felt.

And it was amazing.

Just the fact that it just happened, so just like that.

So we knew that it was an instant healing,

that God just decided I'm going to do that this time for you.

REPORTER: Since that day, Patrick's headaches

have completely disappeared.

He's back in school and has even rejoined the wrestling team.

MOM: I know God hears all our prayers.

It's like, wow, we really got to experience

one of those truly awesome God moments

where he really does just let you know.

I hear you, and I'm here, and I care, and I love you.

PATRICK: It is really my favorite story to tell.

I think that God used me so I can tell my story to people

and that other people can strengthen their faith.

You know it never ceases to amaze me how specific God is.

You don't know, Patrick.

No, no.

And you said hit on the bridge of the nose.

--of the nose.

I mean, God-- I think I think the reason he's so specific is

he wants us to know he sees us.

He knows our need.

He knows our name.

He's our healer.

The thing is, God-- who is the author of the universe--

speaks to His people.

And everybody says, oh, no, no, no.

You can't hear God.

Yes, you can.

God speaks to us, and he's speaking all the time

and we just have to listen.

And it's so amazing what we're seeing.

But, folks, thousands, and thousands, and thousands--

you've got something there.

I do.

This is Allison.

She's from Guyana.

She wore glasses, but her vision was still very blurry.

She came to the United States on holiday for six months.

Her vision got worse while she was here.

One day she was watching this program

and heard you, Pat, say somebody,

your eyesight is not like you want it to be.

Right now, put your hand over your eyes.

God just healed you in Jesus' name.

She relaxed and closed her eyes.

She opened her eyes again.

She could see clearly.

She can even read without glasses.

She is giving God the glory.

PATRICK: Praise God.

Here's somebody else.

This is Betty, who lives in Rochester, New York.

She had terrible pain and cracking in her left knee.

She'd been receiving injections.

The doctor finally said, hey, they're not

going to do any good idea.

I've got to get you for surgery.

Then one day she was watching this program-- and Terry

you said someone with tremendous joint pain,

God is healing that.

You're going to feel a warmth come over your joints.

Betty put her hand on her knee.

She knew in her spirit that the words were hers.

She's had no pain or cracking in her joints sense.

Folks, we're going to believe God for you.

I stand in awe at the God we serve.

You know it's-- what did some minister said.

He's nearer than breathing closer and hands and feet.

I mean, he's like the breath that we breathe.

Terry and I are going to pray together and you pray with us.

Father, in Jesus' name, we thank you.

We thank you, Lord.

Please accept our thanks.

Lord, we stand in awe of your power.

And yet we know we're just touching

the hem of your garment.

We're just beginning to experience a little taste

of what you can do.

With you, all things are possible.

Now, Lord, we ask for people in this audience who

are hurting right now.

There's somebody that's got a thrombosis

in your lung of some kind.

There's some kind of a blood clot kind of thing.

God is opening that up and healing it.

Your lungs are completely healed.

Terry, what do you have?

There's someone else.

You have migraines, but you know why.

You have a brain tumor that is very deep, very

difficult to be treated.

God is healing that for you right now.

It's just not going to be there when you go back.

Just receive that.

The headache is gone now, in Jesus' name.

Someone else, you've damaged the phalanges in your hand.

It's so painful.

You can't write.

You can't open jars.

You can't turn handles.

Healed in Jesus' name-- just flex your hand

and receive that now.

Charlie, I believe you're with us.

This is being healed.

Your knee is going to be absolutely whole,

in Jesus' name.

TERRY: Jesus.

Lord, thank you.

We bless you.

Amen, and amen.

By all means, call, as you have received something.

You can pick up the phone if you need further prayer.

We're here for you.

Guys who are at-- ladies and gentlemen at the telephones,

they love God, love you, and they're there for you.

So pick up the phone toll free 1-800-700-7000.

It's easy to remember.

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