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Wearing Daddy's Old Clothes and Starving

When two brothers in China lost their father and mother, Grandma Sun struggled to provide for them. Wearing their daddy’s old clothes and shoes, they had little to eat and no way to change things. Amazingly, CBN partners enriched their lives ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Yu-Chun didn't mind that his father's coat was

too big for him.

He wore it anyway because it was all

he had left to remember him by.

Mr. Sung died in a car accident.

I missed my dad so much.

NARRATOR: Yu-Chun and his brother Yu-Hei

were even more devastated when their mother abandoned them.

Grandma soon took over, but she only earned $2 a day,

making it hard to buy basic necessities like shoes.

So I sold off my shoes for one off,

and the old shoes Yu-Chen gave me were too big.

NARRATOR: And there was never enough to eat.

We had no meat.

Sometimes all we had was pickles and rice.

My tummy was always empty and flat.

YU-CHUN: I was so hungry that I got dizzy and I couldn't walk.

I was worried that the boys would not

develop the right way.

I knew if their dad was still alive, we would be OK,

but I couldn't manage the farmland by myself.

NARRATOR: So Yu-Chun and Yu-Hei tried to help.

GRANDMOTHER SUNG: Every time I thought

about how I couldn't provide what the boys needed,

my heart ached.

NARRATOR: It seemed like the family would never

get out of poverty, until CBN came

to the Sung brothers' school.

We gave everyone warm winter coats.

Then we gave Yu-Chun and Yu-Hei some other things

they needed, like new shoes, new clothes,

and a pantry full of food.

Now we won't ever be hungry.

You treated us really nice.

NARRATOR: We wanted to help Grandma Sung take

better care of her grandsons, so we

helped her start a livestock business, which

will triple her income with a lot less work.

The day CBN brought cows to me was the happiest day

of my life.

Now I will have enough money to meet

all of my grandsons' needs.

I am so grateful.

Of course, I will almost miss my daddy,

but now CBN is kind of like a father to me, like family.

Thank you, CBN.

You are the best people in the world.


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