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An App That Points Kids to Jesus

Laney downloaded the Superbook App and learned the Bible, impressing her 80-year-old neighbor. How could this 10-year-old absorb so much in such a short time? Discover the secret of Superbook and its impact on children around the world. Read Transcript


REPORTER: Meet Laney.

She's a 10-year-old aspiring artist.

LANEY: I love to draw horses, emojis, people.

REPORTER: One of Laney's favorite people

is her 80-year-old neighbor Skip, who's nearly blind.

They have a very special friendship

that began with their mutual love for animals.

Nothing I wouldn't do for that kid,

and I told her mother and dad, I said,

you don't have to worry over here,

'cause anybody bother her, I'd die for her.

REPORTER: Skip also and wanted his young friend

to know about Jesus, the man who did die for her.

He knew Laney's parents didn't go to church,

so he invited her to go with him.

In Sunday school class that day, Laney and the other children

watched an episode of "Superbook".

Pastor Kelly Westmark noticed that Laney had a lot of answers

for a girl who had rarely been to church.

And I said, Laney, how many times have you been to church?

And she said, well, this is my second time.

And I said, well, I don't understand.

How do you know about this?

And she said, well, I learned it all on the Superbook app.

I was shocked to find out how much she knew about the Bible.

She knows more about it than I do.

REPORTER: Laney explained that a year before, a classmate showed

her the free Superbook app.

She downloaded it onto her own tablet

and started learning Bible stories

and playing Superbook games.

Then she responded to an invitation she saw on the app.

LANEY: It says, are you ready to accept God.

I said yes, and then it told me a prayer to say,

and I told that prayer, and ever since then, God's

always been in my heart.

REPORTER: Laney looks forward to going to church with Skip

every week and learning more from "Superbook."

Her favorite characters are Gizmo and Joy.

LANEY: You wouldn't expect a lady to be strong,

but she would be really strong in mostly a lot of things.

REPORTER: Kelly says the messages

and strong role models found in "Superbook"

will make a big difference in Laney's life

and in the lives of other children

who need guidance and hope.

KELLY WESTMARK: We're trying to break through that

and just asking God, God, please bring Your love and Your light

and Your hope to these little kids.

And God did that for Laney.

REPORTER: Laney was recently baptized.

Now she tells everyone, including her parents,

about Superbook and Jesus.

LANEY: I tell my mom and dad that it's really fun

and it's really good for me to learn about God.

KELLY WESTMARK: And I'm so thankful for the Superbook app.

She would not have known the Lord without Superbook.

I think it's the best thing could happen to her.

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