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Water, Electricity or Food—Which Bill to Pay?

Brian was a slave to his alcohol and drug addiction. He was in such debt that he had to choose which needs he could pay for, and which he would go without. See what he did to turn his life around and how it can help you too. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Brian Bryce was making a good living

as a chef at a little Italian restaurant in Killeen, Texas.

But no matter how many hours he worked,

the bills didn't get paid because Brian's top priorities

were alcohol and drugs.

I was a slave to my addictions.

They were in control, and not me.

NARRATOR: So he started borrowing from his boss

against his paycheck.

Once I bought a little money from that check,

I ended up with less money on the next one.

So it just kind of snowballed.

I kept having to borrow and having to borrow.

And it got to the point where I was deciding which

of the utilities, which ones are going to get cut off.

Water was getting shut off on a regular basis.

NARRATOR: One night when he felt like he couldn't take anymore,

Brian broke down and prayed.

I cried out to God to kill me.

I asked Him to take me home.

Because if this was my life, I didn't want to be here.

And as I was crying out to Him, that's when

I fell His arms wrap me up and lift me up saying,

you're my son.

I'll never let you go.

He had been right there with me the whole time.

And I just had failed to see Him.

NARRATOR: Suddenly, all of Brian's addictions were gone.

He healed me in a second.

It was like being alive for the first time.

NARRATOR: Without his expensive habits,

he was paying down his debts.

He even started giving money away.

BRIAN BRYCE: I was down to my last $5.

And I said, Lord, this is for You.

I actually mailed that one in to CBN.

He says your heart.

He sees your pain.

He sees your tears.

My only source of spiritual food

was basically watching pastors on television

and watching the CBN.

NARRATOR: While Brian was paying off all of his debts,

he started going to church and tithing

and continued to give to the 700 Club.

I just loved a lot of the ministries that I saw about

wells being dug for people in third-world countries who had

nothing, and seeing the work that Operation Blessing was

doing across the world and right here at home.

It made me feel like I could be a part of that.

NARRATOR: Brian says as he gave, he received.

As one of the members of my congregation

decided that she was going to move out of nowhere,

she gave me new furniture, and she saw me in need.

I was paying for a taxi to go to and from work-- over $300

a month.

And instead of selling her car, she

decided just to give it to me.

NARRATOR: Brian still works as a chef,

and he's pursuing a bachelor's degree in ministry.

I would love to specialize in addiction ministry.

Not a lot of people get the same chances that I got.

NARRATOR: He says he's seen firsthand what trusting God can

do for your life.

When he says tithe to me, it means

to give Him the first fruit.

Make your offerings to Him.

He deserve the best.

He gave me his best.

He didn't send one of His servants to us.

He said His son.

He sent the first born.

He sent us His first fruit.

Why shouldn't we give it to Him?


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