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Fired for taking a soup bone

Mother and son earned only $3 for a 15-hour shift at a meat packing plant in Cambodia—not enough to feed them for one day. Then the boy took a soup bone and he and his mom were out of work. Without a job they would starve. But you gave them ... Read Transcript


Every morning at 4:00 AM, Chinoo

went with his mom to work at this meat processing

facility in Cambodia.

Chinoo dropped out of school to help,

even though his mom was the only one who got paid.

Because of Chinoo's help, I earn a little more money.

Without his help, we would all starve and die.

Kiyo with help from her son, still only earned $3

for a 15-hour shift.

I don't make enough for three meals.

We never have breakfast.

Sometimes they resorted to eating weeds from a swamp

just to survive.

One day Chinoo was so hungry, he

stole a bone to make soup for his family.

When the boss caught me, I felt so ashamed, and I cried.

Then Chinoo's mom got fired.

We left that place filled with shame.

Kiyo was out of work for months,

and food was even more scarce.

She tried to get a job at a sewing factory

where she'd once worked, but it had shut down.

Then Kiyo met a Christian pastor supported

by CBN's Orphan's Promise.

First, we gave the family a supply of food.

Then we gave Kiyo a new sewing machine

and supplies to start a business.

With a machine, I am repairing clothes, making table cloths,

and I make lots of good school uniforms

like I did in the factory.

Now my boys will never starve again.

Chinoo has now gone back to school

with a uniform made by his mom, and his grades are soaring.

The family has also prayed to become Christians.

CBN's Orphan's Promise gave us the sewing machine, food,

and uniforms.

I want to say thank you for helping us with everything.


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