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Military Couple’s Urgent Need

They were facing their own financial crash—a cross-country move to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, tuition toward Melissa’s degree, plus their third child was on the way! Ned and Melissa were proud to serve their country, but they needed help. ... Read Transcript

In the midst of war, Marine communication specialist Ned's

job is to capture footage and photos of combat

where civilian reporters are not allowed to go.

As a Christian, he believes God has saved him in battle.

NED: I have stepped on a bomb that did not go off.

The only reason I must be here is because God had plans.

During deployments, Ned relies on his wife,

Melissa to handle the household at Camp Lejeune, North


With two kids and one on the way,

he feels her job is just as important.

NED: It's almost unbelievable what she's capable of doing.

I feel like she genuinely could handle anything.

MELISSA: There's a sense of national pride

that comes with being married to somebody who

chooses to make that sacrifice.

Not long ago, Melissa started taking online courses

to finish medical training for her midwife license.

She looked forward to landing a job

and contributing to the family's income

but until then, paying bills and tuition on Ned's single salary

was tough.

On top of that, the couple had to open a credit card

to pay for moving expenses the military didn't cover when they

transferred to Camp Lejeune.

NED: We realized that we were using credit cards

to pay for things like groceries because we just

weren't getting by.

MELISSA: Panic really kind of sets in.

The huge picture of everything that

seems to be falling apart all at once.

Even after Ned took on a second job delivering pizza,

the couple couldn't get ahead.

They prayed that God would get them

through the financial crisis.

NED: Somewhere along the way, something

is coming that's going to get us out of this.

That God isn't finished and isn't just

standing around waiting for us to wallow into self pity.

Their church contacted CBN and asked for help.

PASTOR GREG SCHMIDT: I was just so thankful

that Helping the Home Front is willing to be an agent for God

in expressing his kindness and his generosity.

Calvary Chapel's Pastor Greg Schmidt

told the couple CBN was reimbursing them for the move

and paying off a portion of Melissa's tuition.

MELISSA: I don't even know what to say.

Thank you.

NED: Yeah.

I was going to say that, too.

MELISSA: I guess to start there.

Pastor Greg had one more surprise.

PASTOR GREG SCHMIDT: And we have a financial mentor

to help you [INAUDIBLE] through spring.

NED: Oh, my.

MELISSA: What do you say to that?

NED: I guess we could say God is good.


Really, really good.

Ned and Melissa met with a financial advisor

and mapped out a plan to get them through until Melissa

gets her degree.

They got their family budget on target just in time

to greet the arrival of their new son.

MELISSA: I can't even harness all the thoughts that are going

through my head right now.

I feel like the biggest burden has been lifted.


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