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A Father’s Promise

“No one gets left behind,” was Brian’s promise to his two daughters after their mother abandoned them. Their uphill struggle was made worse when Brian was injured and unable to work. They had no place to live. Who would help this father ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Brian and his two daughters, Pearl and Daisy,

have experienced hard times.

No one get left behind.

We came up that because their mother left us

when they were three and five.

NARRATOR: Soon after, Brian was injured on the job

and could no longer work.

He couldn't make his rent payment

and his young family was evicted from their apartment.

Consensus was, hey Brian, you can't do this.

And I said, I'm not going to leave my girls,

because nobody gets left behind.

Daddy's not going anywhere.

Am I?


NARRATOR: While his daughters stayed with relatives,

Brian slept behind gas stations and rode his bike

around town looking for work.

There were weeks where I didn't know what were going to do.

I really didn't know what we were going to do.

I was get pretty desperate.

NARRATOR: After months of searching, Brian landed a job,

but he and the girls still needed a place to live.

BRIAN: We got a call from River of Refuge.

It was a big load off my shoulders.

STEPHANIE: Many of these families,

they don't have anybody.

NARRATOR: Stephanie Keck, executive director

of River of Refuge in Kansas City,

Missouri, met Brian and his daughters

during their search for housing.

STEPHANIE: They need people.

They need love, and they need support.

And they just need someone to believe in them.

NARRATOR: River of Refuge provided

Brian transitional housing to keep his family together.

Pearl and Daisy also got new school clothes and supplies.

BRIAN: I don't have to worry about where

we're going to stay.

And the rest just falls in place.

My favorite thing about the house

would probably be most of the stuff we didn't have to buy.

CBN has come on board with River of Refuge and provided

financial assistance to continue to help families like Brian's.

Silly Daddy.

Savian has been wonderful.

Gordon has been a great support.

We're trying so hard to create this safe haven.

For this family is truly the refuge,

for them to be safe, for them to feel loved.

Because we're given this little leeway.

My attitude has gotten even better at work.

I just got a promotion.

I'm getting a raise.

With these two little girls-- everything

starting to-- our blessings are starting to come in.


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