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100 Degrees in Class and No Water to Drink

Ariela’s classroom in Honduras often reached 100 degrees and the kids had only filthy water to drink. God bless you for doing something about these unimaginable conditions! Hear what Ariela and her grateful classmates have to say to CBN partners. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: when the temperatures reach

100 degrees inside their temporary classroom,

eight-year-old Ariella and her classmates

still have to attend school.

It was so hot at our school that I couldn't even study.

NARRATOR: The walls are made of black, plastic sheeting.

It's the only material the community

could afford in this extremely impoverished area of Honduras.

Our classes are supposed to go from 8:00 'til 3:00,

but we can't stand the heat.

I have to send them home early.

NARRATOR: To make matters worse, the school

has no clean water so they have to get it

from this pond that's polluted with both human

and animal waste.

So Operation Blessing provided some help.

First, we built the children a brand new school

using concrete blocks with windows

that stretch across two entire walls to provide ventilation.

This school is much better than the other one,

and it doesn't bother us anymore.

NARRATOR: Next, we discovered an underground mountain spring

near the village.

We then ran a pipe from it to a 5000 gallon holding tank

that we also built. Finally, we ran pipes

to each home and the school so that everyone

has clean water to use for drinking, cooking, and bathing.

Now we have fresh, clean water at home,

and my little girl does not get sick any more.

NARRATOR: And of course, the kids at school

are glad they have clean water too.

Thanks, Operation Blessing, because you built our school

and brought clean water to us.


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