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A Trusted Solution When Your Finances Crash

Mike and Lee's business lost a lot of income in a short amount of time. With debt and bills closing in, they turned to one strategy they knew they could always trust. See what it was. Read Transcript


NARRATOR: Since 1971, Mike and Ladell Briery

have supported CBN.

And last year, they decided to increase their pledge.

But just one week later, they were challenged

to honor that commitment.

Mike had his own business selling insurance.

And suddenly, people started canceling their policies.

It dropped our income about $2,000 a month,

which is very substantial, because like most people,

we still had house payments.

We had car payments.

We had our monthly obligations of insurance

and the light bill.

We had all of that.

It was scary.

I really had to fight the negative thoughts in my mind.

You aren't going to make it.

You won't make the pledge.

You're going to lose everything.

It's like this.

You've got doubt and you've got the answer.

Which one are you going to choose?

I choose the answer.

NARRATOR: Mike and Ladell honored their pledge to CBN.

And then just a short time later, Mike

got a surprise phone call.

He had inherited a small tract of land

out of state a few years earlier.

Now an oil company wanted to buy the mineral rights to it.

Two weeks after that, the Brierys

got an offer on a property they'd

been trying to sell for years.

So within a four-month period, God supplied over half

a million dollars.

Our mouths were just open.

We were just stunned and so excited,

but we were just amazed at what God was doing in our lives.

NARRATOR: Not only did the money cover their pledge,

it also restored their finances.

In the material world, you can't explain it.

But if you're a child of God and you

have the confidence that He is going to take care of you,

you just know that you know.

He is always going to be there for you.

He's always going to help you.

He's going to always give back more to you

than what you give to Him.

NARRATOR: Since then, they've given

above and beyond their pledge.

They say giving is more than a responsibility.

It's a privilege.

I have to do for Him.

I have to give back to Him.

My obligation to God is to be able to share with other people

what God can do.


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