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Look out for snakes!

Twice a day, every day, Jacinta and her two daughters took a rocky path down from their mountain home in Honduras to fetch water. When mom fell and hurt her back, Carol got this dangerous job. Deadly snakes and the sickening water were disasters ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Jacinta and her two daughters

live in this jungle community on top of a mountain in Honduras.

Seven days a week, twice a day Jacinta and her older daughter

Carol made their way down the steep slope

to collect water from a stagnant pond.

One day Jacinta fell.

INTERPRETER: My mama hurt her back.

I ran and tried to help her, but she couldn't stand up

for a long time.

NARRATOR: While her back healed, Jacinta sent her daughter

to collect water.

Carol now made four trips a day instead of two.

She didn't mind the extra work, she was afraid of snakes,

like this poisonous mangrove on the road near her house.

INTERPRETER: I am always afraid a snake will

come out and bite me.

I am always watching.

Mama told me that Grandpa Jose died when a snake bit him.

NARRATOR: Jacinta is a single parent raising two daughters.

She works on several coffee plantations

planting and harvesting.

Her greatest challenge has been finding clean water.

What they collect has always been dirty

and filled with bacteria.

INTERPRETER: Sometimes when I drink the water I got sick

and threw up.

I didn't like to drink it.

One day my little sister got really sick.

INTERPRETER: Every time my girls got sick, I had to borrow money

to take them down the mountain to the doctor.

NARRATOR: So Operation Blessing offered to help.

Working with the community, we uncovered an underground source

of water.

We then purified it and pumped it into a 10,000 gallon tank.

Now there is fresh water available for everyone

in the community, including Carol and her family.

INTERPRETER: When I saw the water,

I thought we will never go back and carry water from the pond


Thanks Operation Blessing for bringing us clean water.


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